9 thoughts on “The Goonies Adventure Card Game Final Thoughts

  1. Every single time you said pandemic I lost interest in this game. 😂. The one time I vote for a winner. 😉

  2. Rahdo, I don't understand why you'd like the wooden treasure/booby-trap tokens to be cards. I mean, I understand why you'd want them to be cards, but I don't understand how their being what they are impairs the game being fit for travel. Would you mind elaborating on this?

  3. Thanks rahdo! Always assume that people that are watching the Final Thoughts and so, show the parts/cards/components more slowly. While we truly appreciate your enthusiasm's, sometimes it's too quick visually.

    And btw, tyvm and forever for your review-at the time-for Gloomhaven. woot!

  4. Love the look of the game but just looks way too hard. I'd definitely have to house rule it – I don't cope well with losing all the time! Thanks for another great run through.

  5. I'm going to follow your suggestion and get some sleeves, print up some booby trap/treasure cards, get a tuck box, and Boom! Instant travel version!

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