The Hi-Talk: “I Play 18 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week” | Jin Jun, Pro Gamer

Now, on average, I play 18 hours a day. I play almost seven days a week. 18 hours a day? Yeah. When do you sleep? I go to sleep after playing for 18 hours and
only to wake up and play some more. So… you eat and play? Yeah. OK. Meet Jin Jun, our gaming night host. Hello, Jin Jun. Hello. What game are we going to play in Shanghai today? Today we’re going to play PUB-G. PUB-G? Yeah. So, what do you think is the most important thing in a computer or console when you’re playing a game? I think when you play games such as PUBG, the most important element are the sound effects. Oh. Sound effects are so important, since, in reality, they are the link between the environment and our ears. We can hear the enemy and environmental changes. The sound effects allow us to have a more immersive and better game experience. Have you ever played a game without sound? Yes. How did you feel? I didn’t know what I was doing then. You can’t hear the people approaching, can you? No, I can’t. Well, you think the most important thing is the sound. When did you start playing games? How old were you? I started playing when I was eight. How did you become so passionate about them? I had a computer. When I came across some Internet games, I became addicted to them. Now, you’re a game host. Have your parents ever said anything like, why don’t you study instead of playing games? My parents were open-minded. At the beginning, they had some doubts, like you said. They may have wondered why I didn’t study hard instead of playing computer games every day. But, as I worked hard and started earning money as a game host and they learned more about it, they looked at me with fresh eyes. Since then, I have earned more achievements and rewarded them. They didn’t expect you to make money from gaming, right? Yeah. A lot of parents actually think that playing games is a waste of time and energy. They think that those who are addicted to games have no future. It is better to become a civil servant by passing the examination. Well, how much time do you spend playing games every week? In the past or now? Now. Now, on average, I play 18 hours a day. I play almost seven days a week. 18 hours a day? Yeah. When do you sleep? I go to sleep after playing for 18 hours and
only to wake up and play some more. So… you eat and play? Yeah. OK. Do you still remember the first game you became addicted to? Well, the first one was Tencent’s Chuanyuehuoxian in 2008. Does it have an English name? Crossfire. Oh, why were you so addicted to it? Because it was the first time I saw a visual game and I was shocked. When I came across the game at that time, I thought: Wow, it is cool to have a gun, and we can fight each other with a gun, which brought more real experience. During that cold winter, we huddled up and played the game in thin clothes. I was really addicted to it. You said you play games for 18 hours a day. Have you ever dreamt about playing games? Yes, when I was still practicing. To become a professional player, I practiced for a month, put in many hours every day. I was very tired. It was just like going to work every day. So when I fell asleep, I was so tired that I dreamt I was skydiving and had found a real gun. That’s scary. Skydiving. Yeah, I also dreamt I was killed. And then you woke up. You thought, oh, still alive! Yeah, I was not dead. You talked about practice. So, being a gamer is like being an athlete, isn’t it? Yeah. How do you practice? Ah… Do you do weight training? Weight training? Impossible. It is too tiring for the arms. Then, how do you practice? Well, for shooters, the key is to practice mouse control. Oh. Your hand acts like a real gun. The longer you play, the more accurate it becomes, and then, the more stable it is. You will not miss anymore, like you did with your first shot. We practice mouse control for a long time to become that stable. For example, if there is an enemy on the left who suddenly attacks me, and I react fast enough, I could crash his head in an instant. You have to react fast. Yeah, you must improve the flexibility of your fingers and your brain response. ou also have to do complementary practice in real life besides playing games. Do you play the piano? No. But it is like playing the piano, isn’t it? I played the piano when I was a child, but I don’t play now. Ok. So, what are you going to do before you start playing tonight? Not much, I’ll put on my headphones and get ready to play. And take a deep breath? No, I’m not that nervous. I’m nervous. I’d be if it was a world league championship. Ok. I will have to wait to enter the game. When it starts, I get focused and then I look around to see where the enemies are. Then I go over there, and kill them easily. Ha, kill them easily. Well, I won’t bother you. Get ready to play. Thank you, Jin Jun.

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