100 thoughts on “The Most UNIQUE Playing Cards!!

  1. Does anyone have a suggested number of tricks to go through when doing street magic? I’m planning on going out this weekend for the first time and I’m trying to set up my performance.

  2. I just made a video exploring if magicians are actually cool? You were a huge inspiration for this so I'd love it if you'd check it out! And that goes for anyone who loves magic, I'm sure you can all relate to my most recent vid! Keep killing the game!!

  3. You make cards look classy and sexy. I wana get into it. Super sexy card play. Not in a sex way. Like a classy car that is sexy.

  4. you are the reason I began a collection of decks. in my personal collection my top three are 1. Bicycle Aurora 2. theory11 National Green 3. 1970s Thomas Kincaid (fun fact, I found these at a church rummage sale for a U.S. nickel) you're awesome, Chris keep doing what you do.

  5. The Medusa deck is on track to be funded in the next 20 days and it looks magnificent. It has 7 different marking systems on it all connected around the mnemonica stack

    Currently doing a massive deck giveaway, here's the link ( https://youtu.be/AoNXpqJ6bTo )
    Rules are given in video description! 😁

  7. Hey got the new Austin deck, it’s quite beautiful. But as an English major nerd I’d love to see you develop a trick that takes advantage of some these character based decks like a meant to be or destiny or whatever. Think that element introduces a nice storytelling angle To a routine and would open some doors creatively.

  8. The only reason I clicked on this video was to see the cards that were on the thumbnail cause I never seen light up cards…..I got fucking clickbaited

  9. Awesome Colorgrades. I've got a few at home.
    But- I need to point this out- the BREAD is supposed to SANDWICH THE THING, not cards sandwiching the bread.

  10. Hey Chris I was wanting to buy the mystical creatures card deck but I don’t know how they handle. Can you do a review on them.
    I found them on amazon

  11. hey man love your vids but i do need to say something somethimes your focus moving shots can get a little overdone im not saying to stop doing it its a great to display something but maybe change it up by widening the focus or make it come from part focus to whole focus just some points to maybe try out

  12. I have been noticing that Chris never seems to mention fontaine. Not in the context of collaborations here, not in his Cardistry videos, not in his Deck collection videos. The question is – why?

  13. How can I send you playing cards? I made a special card box by hand, And im going to make a better one. But I was wondering how I could send one to you.

  14. Three great decks are the art of play “maidens” “into the weird” and also the Orbit V5s. Absolutely love all three of these

  15. Piff the magic dragon's brother is STEVE GET IT RIGHT >:O

    jk Ily bro thanks for everything u have taught me.


  16. Thanks for the Amazing channel dude! Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the Christian Lacroix designed 'Maison de Jeu' Decks? I can't seem to find much at all about them, you'd be the guy though!

  17. You flashed those passes pretty hard in the sandwich trick, although the erdnase color change was clean. I know this is a review but thanks for the tutorial m8 xD it's a pretty cool trick

  18. Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a deck of cards with performance cars on them. They are available in both plastic and paper.

    Plastic: https://www.amazon.com/ARTISTICPX-Plastic-Playing-Featuring-Performance/dp/B0778W93GK/ref=pd_bxgy_200_img_2/142-8960739-9428035?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0778W93GK&pd_rd_r=a631edc2-3462-11e9-a14f-a70c0b1a4a17&pd_rd_w=RNJ76&pd_rd_wg=qtkgU&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=HW3A83RGG319BYKEVQWE&psc=1&refRID=HW3A83RGG319BYKEVQWE

    Paper: https://www.amazon.com/ARTISTICPX-Custom-Playing-Cards-Featuring/dp/B01IJA1CMM/ref=pd_bxgy_200_3/142-8960739-9428035?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01IJA1CMM&pd_rd_r=a9a31fbd-3462-11e9-a7ce-41eeabb24b55&pd_rd_w=ro5eY&pd_rd_wg=dBaCu&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=863B5YW6HZ8EEPD9YX22&psc=1&refRID=863B5YW6HZ8EEPD9YX22

  19. So I see you learned that cascade you really liked! Any chance you did a tutorial on it? (The one you reacted to on a video)

  20. I just watched the video where you said you wanted to learn the waterfall trick and then this one you do it 🙂 you're so cool.

  21. this might be a bit late, but im from the netherlands and a dutch company called "the dutch card house company" are making the "tulip cards" (on kickstarter as well) and they look REALLY beautifull and perfectly represent the netherlands but subtle enough so its not over kill! looking really forwards to this deck!

  22. Been watching you for awhile. If you ever have an over run of cards I run a small group for homeless and at risk vet's and I'm sure we could use any you can spare

  23. hey Chris! could you do a video on decks that you would recommend getting? keep up the great work!

  24. I've never bought a deck of cards, I've wanted too for a while but didnt know which ones to get… but those art x machine card, I want them so bad. Imma get em.

  25. I feel like when you make the first bread disappear
    You are doing it wrong
    It’s better to pull the deck towards you instead of pushing the first card out
    Like to make it go under the first card

    But good trick though
    Keep it up

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