The One Where Pantaleo Mucks Up –

James Hartigan: At European Poker Tour Barcelona
in 2010, Spain’s Jesus Lizano was the last hope of notching up a home win. He found himself
up against the spirited German, Guiseppe Panteleo, in a crazy showdown. James: So 2 big stacks go to the flop. Flop
is queen high, nothing for either player. William: This is a fairly safe flop to make
a continuation bet, this only hits a queen and a club flush draw. He can bet and take
it down. Or he can think about it and check back.
James: Another queen comes on the turn, it’s also a 3rd club and Lizano, feels like he
can steal it. William: Guiseppe slowed down on the flop,
Jesus is going to take a stab. James: 230,000. William: Well again Guiseppe is going to think
about this. James: We saw him happily float against Shander
de Vries. William: Yep and it looks like that’s what’s
going to go on here, Guiseppe has a cunning plan in store, he is going to float this turn
with nothing, to try to win this pot on the river.
James: They both have the same hand! Queens and deuces with a jack kicker. William: The aggressor will probably win this
pot. James: Lizano has not shut down, he bets a
2nd time! William: And Giuseppe is reaching for chips.
It looks like his plan is falling into place. He’s going to raise Jesus off this chopped
pot. James: Makes it 790,000. Jesus thinks Pantaleo
is on the steal, can he find the courage to re-raise him?
William: Well Jesus can’t possibly call this river raise., he could only be good if Guiseppe
was calling his turn bet with a complete air-ball, to bluff the river. to win he needs to re-raise.
James: He’s called! William: Immediately! Well it’s going to be
a chopped pot. James: Whoah, Pantaleo has just mucked!
[Applause] William: Guiseppe just forfeited the pot by
mucking his hand, it would have been a chopped pot.
James: Yeah but you don’t think someone is going to be calling you with the same hand
do you? I can’t believe Lizano called there with jack high and I can’t believe he just
mucked! If you love that hand click to vote, then
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10 thoughts on “The One Where Pantaleo Mucks Up –

  1. Well you can understand why he mucked. You never think that someone is gonna call you with Jack high, it's insane.

  2. Oh yup you're right. I didn't hear the dealer before. In that case he probably mucked because no-one would ever expect to get called on the river and win/split with J-high.

  3. gross. He must of thought if I call he insta muck and he takes it down with jack high that is so sick. Honestly on a another level of play.

  4. Yeah, we can give this guy a hard time but in the end he's been called by a better hand about 99.99999% of the time. The cost of showing that he ran a bluff on a two pair/flush board is not worth the rare chance he's actually splitting or winning the hand.

  5. I've seen people do that countless times.  Their opponent has them on an absolute bluff, and figures their high card is good…and someone mucks the winning hand, because it's slightly better than their opponent figures.  I mean…you don't want to give your opponents information unless you want to/have to, but don't muck until you're sure you lost.

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