The One Where The Bluffer Bluffs The Bluffer –

James Hartigan: This hand comes from the Asia
Pacific Poker Tour, from Manila, Philippines, in 2007, with the title to play for. Rep Parise
and Ira Blumenthal are giving it their all in their first, heads-up hand. [Player talk] Daniel: Parise is raising to 60,000. I like
this kind of hand, jack-10 suited. He’s in position which means he’ll act last, for the
remainder of the hand. Paul Khory: Ira with king-3 off suit Daniel: Now the king high is better than the
jack high, but I’d rather have Parise’s hand. It has a lot more potential to make a straight,
make a flush. Of course, with position, that’s also a powerful thing to have. Paul Khory: And the flop is ace-4-3, all clubs. Daniel: Well this gives Parise nothing. Blumenthal’s
flopped bottom pair with his 3s. Paul Khory: And both players check. We go
to the turn. It is a repeat ace of spades. Daniel: Now Blumenthal well in front with
his pair of 3s, he’s going to check again. Paul Khory: And the chip leader will fire
out 85,000 and Ira quickly calls. Daniel: Insta-call there, he wasted no time
making a call with bottom pair, clearly feels that Parise is trying to push him around here. Paul Khory: And the river is an 8 of diamonds,
so Blumenthal with the check mark. Daniel: That’s odd. That’s an odd bet. 150,000
now from Blumenthal after just calling on the turn, now he’s taking the lead — wow!
Amazing play this is! This is awesome, amazing, excellent — I don’t
have an adjective bigger to explain how great a read this is, with absolutely nothing. Jack-10
high. Parise has picked up on the fact that Blumenthal doesn’t have the ace and is willing
to risk it here with a big raise. Impressive. Paul Khory: Well Britt Parise playing some
big stack poker, makes it 300,000. Daniel: Totally a read. Now you see when you’re
bluffing it doesn’t even matter what you have. It’s all about whether you think your opponent
can call and right here Parise doesn’t think Blumenthal can call. Trying to get a stare
down — what are you going to see, he’s wearing sunglasses, he’s not moving. Paul Khory: And Blumenthal folds. Daniel: Well I can’t say enough how impressed
I am with that play from Parise. Really going forward, going with his read. [Player talk]
Daniel: You liar! [Player talk]
Daniel: Oh you liar!! Paul Khory: How can he lie with his mother
sitting there? Daniel: Mamma, Mamma your boy is lying now. James Hartigan: If that hand made you a believer,
click to vote, then send it to your friends to see if they believe.

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41 thoughts on “The One Where The Bluffer Bluffs The Bluffer –

  1. U mean bad river bet. I guess Blumenthal is an amateur so who cares, they are supposed to make bad plays to keep the poker economy balanced. I guess Blumenthal wanted to look where he was at with a feeler bet, lol. Amateurs love that stuff. After he faces aggression, he feels he is behind so he folds, that's the way alot of amateurs approach poker.

  2. I thought it was goanna be a bluff then bluff then rebluff like the title said. I was sadly disappointed. Still OK video i'll upvote.

  3. Or like the originaly bet wasnt a bluff then the raise s was the bluffer then shove. That what i thought which can kinda be percvieved that way anya lol ok im done lols

  4. I thon John is to slow in the head to understand poker. We are glad that people like him exist so we can still make moneyon poker 🙂

  5. Why is this "bluffer bluffs the bluffer"?

    He just derped with K3, you're getting called by better and folding out (or inducing raises) with worse. Stack control, check/call (like everyone in comments is saying), and that way you lose minimum to better and win max against worse (inducing a bluff with worse if his opponent doesn't want to give up the hand).

    Then again, they are there and we are here… there are dynamics and leveling wars going on that we cannot see 🙂

  6. something a lot of people dont realize is that when u look like ur bluffing and stealing someone is going to re bluff u with absolutely nothing. that guy played it so weird and was almost surely bluffing or weak and the guy picked up on it but he should have realized he picked up on it and hero called but i guess its easier when we see the cards and dont have the history and such.

  7. I don't understand why you would want to donkbet that river? was he thinking parise was going to hero call with like K high or something?

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