The TOP 100 Moments of 2018!

what’s up guys Jeff Boski here you may
know me as Jeff’s Sluzinski or more famously for my youtube channel come
with me to the Aria today we’re at the Bellagio the Venetian Green Valley Ranch
just another day at the Rio $10,000 main event another year another $10,000
contributed to the Main Event champion the devastation is palpable and we are
out and we’re out and we’re out what’s up guys jeff boesky here no they’re not
dancers they are using bonus code Madusa let’s go to the 2018 avian expo oh my god is that check those cute holy
shit bagged and tagged just curious what is that about
watch that boesky on youtube and we are out I win a hand get high hand and then
I go take a quick break I took the guy out
oh nice good now you know he is actually more of a tournament specialist than he
is cash game player so it’s but yeah I know Jeff he’s it makes make some videos
snap call casual sampling at night he’s got the no gamble hat go to Jeff Bosque
calm or you can get a variety of clothing we’re good night guys thanks
for reading I might go on tilt here because most
keys like playing all $1 kiss right now I’m like four months ago by now
yeah with blinds at with blinds at with blinds with blinds at 75 150 an
aggressive asian male an Asian male aged 25 to 35 asian male with a 8 of clubs
tattoo and a gold Rolex asian male aged 25 to 35 conservatively the good euro
raises an elderly Caucasian female elderly Caucasian male an elderly man in
the loge a glimps small blinds an 80 year old Caucasian man the man on my
right looks familiar although it’s 70 degrees outside in the
Encore it’s getting hot in here that’s right none other than Nelly is sitting
to my right here to turn a 10k satellite into 300k
tournament entry making dreams come true all thanks the exposure from the poker
vlog and we are out let’s go to the Aria and play a $25,000 buy-in tournament and
we’re out $25,000 tournament day three of the
$1,000 World Series of Poker tag team event but I’m out in 12th place the win
$400 40k 8 on the river and we’re out of the win $400
I had to breathe in this large Ukrainians horrible body odor for over
two hours it’s Sunday you know what that means
Church time no I’m just kidding I’m not going to church
Oh in seventh place we go into the wind to play a two hundred and twenty five
dollar rebuy and we’re out of the win two twenty-five rebuy and we’re out I
did not run it up and I’m out of the REO daily day two of the win six hundred
dollar 250 K and we were out in 22nd place two thousand eight hundred and
fifty dollars seven is no good and we are out after towers of play do you have
any phobias I’m afraid of mosquitos and stinky
Frenchman has an odor of fish and chips e10 sits down and he smells like rotten
fish and chips we’re back from dinner break stinky on my left has not returned
yet the floor tells him to go buy some deodorant I don’t care about you clearly
don’t care about anybody at the table Elsie shower who has the worst poker
blog the trooper by far he’s a horrible
person with blinds at one – oh no no I mean – five No one three one three are the blinds aren’t you guys excited that boasts keys
talking about poker and that fucking crab legs at buffets you guys all think
this guy’s a nice guy wait till you get slow rolled when you have a straight and
this guy is the nut straight chicas gun Co we call it the King Tut in
Las Vegas but it’s actually two girls for hands $50 for an hour hell of a deal
you know I love great deals sometimes just got a man up and stick
$10,000 in the middle and hope they fold so we pod it sometimes you just got to
go for it let’s do it guys I check raised to $8,000 pretty hard to be 75%
on the flop in PLO being ill intent to 6 or being able to forward the three OC
he’s doing it I think when Jeff bets this large here that he’s going to have
some very strong hands so we got the first round and uh Jeff takes that one
down and takes a second one guy you can still make you know twenty thirty
thousand dollars on your trip or go to zero they know it’s a gamble
you’re obviously behind a lot and you block them from how that just is going
for it this is a cool spot Phil’s going to fold this and I think this is a very
reasonable fold yeah it’s always like weakness oh my god I guarantee you that
Jeff picked up on the reach for chest wow I can’t believe Jeff got away with
that I just played quite well yeah is there bangin MXL themself what’s up guys
no mom this time I was more prepared did a lot
of research and study on pot limit Omaha you walk away with just over thirty
thousand US dollars it’s not surprising that Polsky’s done well Ace King suited
ten blinds all the guys Ace King suited I love Ace King we’re at the final table
ace Queen suited playing a winner hit what’s hit speed speed Oh jack no
seventh place for $34,000 let’s win all right we need a seven put a seven out
there oh my god he wakes up with tens the other shorter stack and we’re out
$45,000 yes hold hold
Rick Rick victory oh the rush of 692 dollars and 90 cents
going into my account let’s win ace 10 Eastern hold 10 10 10
we got it first place six thousand three hundred and
forty-five dollars I go Boesky style go deep or go home
does he have aces or kings can we get away from Queens here of course we can’t
get away from Queens we’re all in he snap calls and shows Ace King off suit
let’s hold and I do believe gotcha Covered I win $22,500 the host bought in for $200 cashed out
one thousand three hundred and forty dollars maybe I should start playing
more cash games the Bellagio five hundred and sixty dollar mega satellite
a little pocket aces I love aces the summer is winding down but the food
still keeps on cooking why wouldn’t that be sent all the prime
stakes here lightly charred on the outside
Silly Walks pepper crust nothing he’s crying guys welcome to the jeff Bosque
livestream hmmm mom Jeff both skis been CB seven eight nine owner of razor edge
poker training welcome to the live stream ask and you shall receive remain silent
and you will remain forgotten we did it 151 thousand dollar vehicle all ours
72 hours the maid offenders are the Amish and the
Mennonites don’t buy from an Amish puppy mill the holidays can be a lonely time
for many I’ve been unemployed for 12 years now it’s not easy being a single
dad raising two boys Clyde and Duke I played Magic the Gathering go find the
homeless and give them your clothes Merry Christmas you

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100 thoughts on “The TOP 100 Moments of 2018!

  1. If this video gets 25,000 views, I will give one person that comments $100.
    If this video gets 50,000 views, I will give away another $100 to my favorite comment.
    Subscribe, like and share this video for maximum exposure!

  2. With the time at 9:18am a Caucasian male age 25-40 uploads a poker vlog. We take some time out of working to watch it…….and we are out of employment.
    For me I think the best moment is a toss up between your mate choking that guy out and the stinks guy saga. Looking forward to 2019

  3. Heey Boski!
    Rlly like your videos !
    Keep them coming in 2019🤘🤘
    We are coming to Vegas in June, mainly to play poker but we wanna throw some strikes too🎳🎳
    What bowling alley do you recommend on or near the strip?

  4. You the man Boski, love the content, love your dogs, love your style, love your results, love the humility at the end there too. 2019 the year everybody else contributes $10k to your WSOP ME prize pot!

  5. Really enjoyed this, a great review of your year and thoughtfully put together. Congrats on the success you have had and here's hoping 2019 is even better

  6. If i get the most liked comment, i will share 50$ to one of the persons who liked my comment. Just reproducing, you know.

  7. Cant believe you left the trip 4 staying up on the deck in the reel lol. 🙂 . The rest were all crushed though! Good end to 18, hope you stay hot all of 19

  8. This was an amazing year Jeff, looks like poker, youtube and sponsorships have been good for you because of the bigger buy ins you are playing. Love the content big score coming in 2019 I can feel it!

  9. What a year 2018 was! Thanks for bringing it to us Boski. May 2019 tournaments be filled with bags and tags, the fine scent of pot pourri and the biggest heater of your life!

  10. My best Boski moment of 2018?
    When you ditched that 70's porn stache!
    Hope you have a great 2019, Mr. Magnum XL!
    p.s. send that $100 to my ACR account

  11. This was some great snips of some of your clips i had so many laughs. There was way more than top 10 of some of your calls(not hand calls speaking calls)
    Was there any more said about stinky?It just stoped lol im in hospital after spinal surgery it actually hurt me to laugh but was well worth the pain. Your editing is getting better after every vlog.
    Time to get some more pain meds into me from the nurse and go on a Boski marathon start on some oldies.
    Keep it up Legend.
    Jonny Scoot.

  12. This video is so good the rest are stupid…Crushing dreams 1 idiot at a time on the felt…seen more tits than any plastic surgeon…BOSKI, JEFF BOSKI

  13. Watched every vlog, every emotion. Keep going, your game has got tremendously better in 2018, less punts, more discipline and less runbad. Get a 6 figure score in 2019!

  14. High Jeff, regular watcher here. Just wanted to say congrats on living the dream and add that I found your video on the homeless to be one of the most compelling of 2018. May your steaks always have a perfect crust, may your wine always linger on your palette with fine appreciation and may you continue to be blessed so that you may be a blessing to others.

    Brian Cox

  15. you should'nt disrespect the trooper on social media , don't forget he's been doing this a whole lot longer than any of you , but having said all this i have leaned so much from you Jeff and you have improved my game ten fold . keep up the good work mate , phil from across the pond

  16. No clip of Manz coming up with "NO" spontaneously on live stream, nothing from the "Leaving Las Vegas" episode. That's the video that got all the fence sitters to come over. Pleas Update. 🤓🤓🤓

  17. Brad (63K SUBS) and Andrew (101K SUBS) have a lot of subscribers because they put out a good product. I've liked them since their first vlog–subscribed immediately (in their 1st 1,000 subscribers) –and still manage to see most of what they post. Ok. Boski same way–saw his 1st vlog and sub d right away. I truly thought that his channel would explode with subscribers, more so than either Andrew or Brad because he was both a crusher, and he is funny as fuk. HOW CAN HE BE AT 16K?
    Jeff is more my style, and his videos are just a hair more enjoyable to watch as they can make you laugh out loud sitting alone with your laptop. I found myself checking Youtube every day for anything new from Boski until I found out about the bell… I actually think it's possible something funny with that 16k number is going on????? Any thoughts????

  18. Looks like '18 was a hell of a year for you! By far my favorite poker vlogger and I'm grateful every time I see you at our tables. Keep it up!

  19. Can you please bring Clyde or Duke to a FT someday? The tiny lap dog thing is played out. They’re everywhere these little dogs. On planes, in shopping carts, sticking out of backpacks. It’s time for the Big Dog to bring out the Big Dog and give them their due at the FT.

  20. Boski where are you? You've been my favorite as you've been posting 2-3 vlogs per week compared to others' 1/week.

  21. Well Jeff I got to say wasn't sure when I first started watching your vlogs but kind of all the poker blogs that I've really seen. I find urs most entertaining but what I just saw at the end of this Vlog has a special place in my heart to most people the homeless are nothing more than a irrational irritation. Which I find deeply disturbing I've always looked at everybody regardless of their personal beliefs to be equal in the hearts of men and I never really questioned that thought until it was me who was homeless 6 years three and a half of it in Santa Monica to Santa Barbara and then just under 3 years in Las Vegas not all of it completely homeless but quite a bit of it I met a lot of Lifetime friends I've did a lot of crazy s*** I lived in the underground the tunnels there at Old industrial and Flamingo right next to the Rio I imagine you can go there today and someone in those tunnels will remember me because you'll see one tunnel that's got some smoke damage and that smoke was the belongings of someone who f** with this guy more specifically five somebody's. I did have people I met along the way who were locals and courts gave me a place to stay but I've never been much about a inside living kind of guy I'm from Houston Texas and Outdoors was a huge part of my life for a very long time and of course I'm a veteran disabled unfortunately with two kids and insurance that take way more than is entitled to take and I'm left with some $430 a month but I make do. But I want you to know and I hope it makes a difference that it was people like you and the things that you do even though you don't have to that kept my sanity and my belief in humanity not only alive but it's driven me in my new endeavors in which I've been mildly successful course I'm a poker fan and I played poker when I was on the streets of course disabled veteran so I didn't hurt for money and I never hurt for food I had great respect from all the Metro Authority with the exception of two who didn't like the fact that I was a bit higher decorated then they were and they felt the need to try to shame me for being homeless and having it accolades in my career which meant nothing to me based on what we did where we did it and how we did it I have no misgivings about who I served and what I did and I hope the great people of this country can one day forgive us we were too young to know better and to brainwash to notice the hatin Devastation we spread across this world. you know I'd you have a blessed day man and I appreciate your humanity and your vlogs. I'm a spiritual guy not at all religious and I also appreciate that about you any reason find you in the Houston area we don't have casinos here but we do have card rooms with cash games and tournaments be more than willing to share some felt with you play with guys that own or run most major oil companies or Road contractors and such you know people with more money than sense kind of people, you like to round with I imagine.

  22. Nice video Boski. After watching you for so long, I'm really glad I decided to only play 1 tournament a month for less than $400. So usually qualifiers. I don't have to worry about losing all of my cash games winnings now because I'm capped at a loss. To replace tournaments, I do day trading where the risk reward is so much better. Have you looking into day trading? I think you would be pretty good at it.

  23. yeah mon. keeping it real & your videos is fkn funny as fuq. maybe Iʻll see you at a tournament in Vegas this summer if I can recycle enough cans to get me a decent bank roll & plane ticket. I donʻt need a room, Iʻll just sleep at the poker rooms or with the homeless on the streets & shower in the casino pools. stay kool & real.

  24. little known trade secret, used ingeniously by method actors. prior to filming, cecile, loaded herself w botox, in order to build immunity to the drug

  25. You are a funny man bosky, you would make a lot of money making funny movies/skits, fuck poker, I AM OUTT

  26. While I enjoy Jeff's comments, I'm tired of hearing "I'm Out" all the time. Sure hope the cash games go better than these tourneys.

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