The TRUTH about the South Point Poker Room!

I’m under the gun and I look down at
Ace King of Spades could go for the limp batteries but we get enough callers
let’s build a pot right now I make it $10 and I get four callers the flop
comes ten deuce deuce one speed two diamonds
feel like I gotta take a stab here I’ve backed over straight draws back to our
flush draws and over cards I can also rep aces or kings it’s gonna be hard for
them to continue unless they have a flush draw or a ten rare they have a
deuce in this spot so I just bet small $20 and I get four folds we take it down with blinds at $1 $2 onto the gun with
pocket sixes so I put in a limp this hand plays best multi-way everyone likes
to see a flop will see a flop and his set aggressive asian aged 25 to 50 on my
left raises to 12 get five collars so of course I flicking the call the flop
comes ten six three with two clubs the blinds check i check asian checks cut
off checks and the button that’s 100 he has about 160 total action folds back to
me I don’t think anybody else is gonna come along in this hand so I show up all
in for 280 person who bet 100 on the button calls the turn is a three and he
says both COPI doesn’t have pocket tens rivers a brick and he shows 10 three
suited six is full of threes is better than threes will attends again the table is ten handed which isn’t with
the times most of the more luxurious rooms and even tournaments are a resort
going to nine handed at this point well they kicked me out of the casino
for filming and they say it’s private property and they don’t want conceited
casino employees faces on tape I completely understand but we can
continue our review outside of the South Point the chairs not good quality
they’re on rollers they’re like office chairs that aren’t comfortable they do
have Auto shufflers which is nice get more hands per hour
there are cup holders or ten handed so each cup holders in front of each patron
the room is relatively clean but very outdated looks like it’s something from
the 90s the color scheme there are no USB ports at the tables for charging
your phone there are a variety of TVs but they’re also outdated and pretty
small compared to some other poker rooms the air quality is decent it is very
open air environment adjacent to the main casino floor where the slot
machines are and of course the noise pollution is relatively good you can
still hear some slot machines going off and it’s kind of a relative close
proximity to the sports book the Southpoint does have a wide variety of
beer and cocktail selections when I asked about what beers they have they
have at least one IP a in the bottle and they have at least one IPA on tap log
house something like that not sure as far as a high-end top-shelf alcohols
they said they have them all so I did get a White Russian with Grey Goose but
when I asked if they had mckellen twelve she definitely didn’t think I was being
serious and said no as far as I know there is no food delivery to the poker
table although Steak N Shake is right next
door along with zenshin Chinese restaurant they have a full buffet and
I’ve eaten there midnight specials you might think they’re good value for two
to five dollars for a variety of breakfast items pancakes steak and eggs
even for five dollars the quality is very very low so starting at midnight
these specials are available if you want to gamble you can try them for yourself
as far as staffing the dealer’s chip runners and the floor we’re all very
competent quick lot of veterans at this casino probably not a high rate of
turnover for the employees they know what they’re doing they know what
they’re gonna expect from an average day the average lower skill clientele and
they do a good job as far as the profitability of the poker room the rake
does cap at four plus two dollars two dollars for the promotional jackpots
there is no high hand jackpot I mean there is many high hand jackpots
but there is no bad beat jackpot so your chances of winning a huge score are
non-existent but you might win a few extra hundred dollars if you’re very
lucky I don’t know if the two dollars per rake hand makes up for the few
hundred you can win on the rare occasion here are all of the jackpot rules and
conditions along with all the promotions they have going to me it’s very very
confusing especially if you’re new to the game I don’t know how you’re going
to keep track of always promotion the tickets the three rolls the high
hands the it’s just a little bit too much and I can see why more luxurious
casinos like the Wynn Bellagio they don’t really bother and
they think these things are pretty petty they’d rather just have a standard rake
and if they think that’s a classier way of doing things
food comps are $1.00 per hour these food comps can be used at all the restaurants
at Southpoint they even do have a steakhouse very expensive and they have
like an old-school steakhouse they got a prime rib joy Steak and Shake buffet all
the standard casino stuff as far as strength of competition I’d rate them
pretty low it’s a lot of locals not many professionals if any so you can beat the
rake if you can enjoy poker to not be very comfortable in the environment I
highly recommend South Pointe as your non strip more local type casino this is
Jeff Boesky with the Boesky break down the overall ratings are as follows as
far as location goes it is off the strip so if you’re staying on the strip you’re
going to have to over a taxi to find this place about ten minutes away and
just off the freeway but it’s more of a locals joint it’s not a bad walk from
the parking lot which is free and the bathrooms are right next to it so good
convenience there it seems pretty inviting these new players it’s a very
open poker room it’s not like a secret Club so you can just go in there and
gamble overall is in terms of location I’d give the South Point a six out of
ten when it comes to comfort the chairs substandard the table being ten handed
cup holders are nice better than no cup holders Otto shufflers are plus it’s
relatively clean but overall just seems pretty dirty dingy I guess you could say
there are no phone chargers there’s some TVs air quality’s decent but there’s
been problems here in the past I’ll give the overall comforts four out
of ten food beverage selection she seems to be above average they have pretty
much any beer you can think of along with all of the import import beers
Coronas Dos Equis the Perrier or Perrier water I believe so I’d go with the food
beverages selection a6 just because the lack of food options directly to the
table you could always get Steak and Shake and bring it to the table it’s a
very short walk as far as the dealer’s floor and chip runners they do a great
job they’ve got it all down pat they know what to do they know what to expect
from their players I’d give the staffing about an 8 out of 10
profitability should be pretty profitable if you’re a competent patient
poker player a lot of these players really love calling they’re not going to
get too aggressive unless they have it unless they’re a certain player type the
$1 an hour food comp could add up to something decent better than nothing the
jackpot dropped value is probably an overall negative unless it’s really
attracting a lot of recreational players to come and chase these few hundred
dollar bonuses that they might get maybe once a week overall profitability I’ll
give it a 6 out of 10 compared to the other options on the
strip and the off strip off options like Green Valley Ranch and that gives us an
overall Boesky score of 30 out of 50 for the South Point poker room you

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100 thoughts on “The TRUTH about the South Point Poker Room!

  1. Mark your calendars 📆! 9:30pm on September 5th @WynnPoker will be the inaugural $1/3 Mugshot Game. @PeteManzinelli and I will be the hosts. (The Wynn/Encore poker room has no affiliation with us nor are they liable for anything related to the Mugshot game)

  2. Be nice to know the poker rooms with the least amount of rake… I hate the high rakes at most of these places, I just stopped playing because of it.

  3. It look like you threw away pocketfives with a $10 bed out there is that true and how much is a shot of that Macallan 12 love the vlogs

  4. Many of the Locals Poker rooms (South Point, Santa Fe, Red Rock, etc) are exactly how Boski described..there is money to be made..just because you're local doesn't mean you're good

  5. I'm loving the new Boski scoring system for poker rooms. Maybe the Boski scoring system will crossover into restaurants, bars, strip clubs…endless possibilities!

  6. dang it, won't be there until Sep 12. give a bit more advanced notice for the next mug! Good info about the noise from the slots cause they're a distraction at planet hollywood when playing on the main floor.

  7. Jeff ,Great job and thanks for the vlog. This is very helpful for those who are low stakes players . Really nothing for them out there on Youtube done as well as you do. Best of luck 😉

  8. the Doug Demuro style review!!!! can't wait for the quirks and features of all the gentleman's clubs and asian spas with your favorite models. i highly recommend doing the daily vs weekend comparison as well.

  9. Yo. J Bo. Do you ever try playing the Orleans friday 7pm tourney. Its like 130 buy in with like 5-7k first place. I haven't played in a while but it used tp be a really good weekly tourney

  10. I enjoy your reviews of card rooms. I have watched you for awhile now and trust your judgement and will help my decision easy when I fly out there this winter.

    Are you liking cash games more than tourney games? Keep up the good work.

    One suggestion, when you breakdown the rating system maybe after giving your scores toss those bad boys up on a screen with all the numbers and maybe do you conclusion by doing a voice over?

  11. See what I mean about 5 or more to the flop…10-3 pre for 20. You wanna see dated, go to florida, pompano park…front of the casino has the multi colored diamond pattern sign just like it's still in 1965. In relation to the profitability you talked abouy, this old man locally who plays at cherokee said once "I just sit there and wait…they come in here and gamble and I just wait on em". Where you are there's a million of em coming in a revolving door trying to punt it all off.

  12. We ate at the expensive steakhouse last time in Vegas. I'd give it a 7 or 8 on the Boski scale, so quite good. The hotel room exceeded my expectations and the fees on room service and prices on room.service were very reasonable.

    I played a tournament there and the players were rather predictable and exploitable and generally poor. (I busted on the bubble so I don't know what that says about my play!)

  13. Like the report JB…comprehensive and well thought out. South Point has never been the first place for me to go when I am out there and your review confirmed that there are better rooms out there. Thanks for the review- keep that format going! Nice cash out too! 👍

  14. What app do you use when you are playing poker? I would like to use an app when playing poker. I like the Wynn, Venetian, and the Bellagio to play poker. Nice win.

  15. Lol, the B man’s claws are out… hehe.. “they are,,,umm competent” lmao… 🙂
    By 6 he means 3… overall meaning 2…

  16. Holy Shitzzz!!! Was there a Fire Drill going on? The place was Empty!! News At 11:00??? #gtzpdzgtzldz #StaxNRax 😎♣👯♦👍♠🎰♥💰

  17. Did security staff immediately kick you out for filming or did they just inform you that there was no filming allowed inside and you left? If they went straight to kicking you out, that's a really dick move on their part.

  18. You were running well too.
    Love how you pointed out they had IPA, which is my favorite brand of beer.
    Love to see a video from you every day

  19. Excellent video, Boski!! Thank you so much for this series of Las Vegas poker room reviews—im really enjoying it so far. Can you please do a review of The Orleans soon? Thanks man. Keep up the good work! #NoGamble #NoRamble

  20. Wow I actually played at South Point this week while in Vegas for a conference and it was great. Too bad I missed you I would have bought you a steak.

  21. You can park in the garage for free so your car doesn't bake and if you play 1 hour you get a ticket for a free hot dog. Competition is indeed poor, very non-aggressive but will call a lot.

  22. Only two good things about South Point in my experience- FREE PARKING and cheap thrills. Everything else looks like it is right out of the early 90's in that casino!

  23. Ha it’s an ok card room valets are good as are dealers n floor staff
    We stay here quite a bit
    Sunday night tourneys the best 6 pm $100 for $10 k gtd

  24. The hourly comp rate can be spent in the shop
    Bit more food at the sports book grill !
    Steakhouse is good
    Buffet is the worst I’ve had in Vegas with the lowest choice
    Blus sur oyster bar is pretty good
    General Casino comps are generous
    Rooms are being refurbished
    Rooms are pretty good n comfortable n not to expensive
    Plenty of casino bars for a drink
    Outside pool areas fine never too busy

  25. Theres a vlogger named CharlieBo313 that just drives around bad parts of town in various cities. I liked this vid dude. You should do more of these. Critic all the places you play.

  26. Jeff-fat boy timmy taking HUGE SHOTS at you in his latest tweet. I KNOW you're not going to let the man child get away with this jagged barb.

  27. mannn this got me jivin to play some live poker again. been playing micros online just for fun/practice but theres nothing like being at an actual poker table with chips and cards. that 6s full hand cracked me up, other dude just could not fathom that 3s full was no good hahaha. cheers!

  28. Awesome job Jeff, love the reviews. Get ready soon enough with enough of these being done you will be seeked out and compt everything for a good review. I can see it now, top floors, best food, best drink and the WOMEN. 🙂 lol

  29. Look at the deep breathing chest of the 10-3 guy. He was so sure he won he already spent that money before he saw your hand.

  30. Looks like you're playing with a new review format just wanted to give you a small bit of feedback you tended to repeat yourself a lot when you went over the scores you're probably better off doing the scores during the initial breakdown to remove all that redundancy. Good luck to you.

  31. There are USB chargers at the table. Also to the left of the coffee machine you can order room service menu to table for delivery.

    Could not agree more about standard rake and overly wordy promotions. I play there often as it's 4 minutes away

  32. Come to Pittsburgh and rate The Rivers! I used to deal there and think it's great. Hope this happens. Please let me know if you do!

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