The UGLIEST Playing Cards in the WORLD!

– Welcome to a very special episode where today I’m gonna be reviewing the ugliest decks I have ever seen. Like, what the (bleep) is this? Really? Some of these decks make me physically ill and I had them in my collection. I don’t know what to do with them, so I thought I’d put together a little playing card review for the
ugliest decks that I have. Now, I know a lot of you
are thinking, well Chris, that’s pretty arrogant
because maybe some people will like these decks. Well, you know what? You’re entitled to like the
ugliest decks in the world. In fact, at the end of this video, I’m gonna give these decks away. So if you want to win, stay tuned, and you might be lucky enough
to take these eyesores home. So without further ado, let’s get into looking
at these ugly decks. First up on the chopping
block we have floral. (vomiting sound) Sorry. Floral comes in this purple, purple box. Pretty gross. We have, god, look at
these, these are terrible. There’s purple all the way around with this silver seal,
which is also pretty gross. Floral deck by Alloys Design. Yolanda, sorry, Yolanda. I apologize in advance. All right, let’s have a look at them, see if they’re really as
bad as we think they are. Err, oh, what is that? (bouncy noise effect) What the (bleep) is that? Oh, coming soon. Hello. Coming soon. Peafowl. Peafowl, coming soon. Looks like peafowl to me, foul and pee. God, really? All right, now here we
have the back design. Let’s fan these out. Oh, that’s not a bad fan. These look pretty good
when you fan them out. Considering they’re pretty gross. Oh, we got a blank card. Hello, perfect for magic. Let’s look at the jokers. Oh, god, what the hell is
that font, what is that? What is that font,
focus, what is that font? Oh my god, look at that. You know anything Comic
Sans is a bad font? This is far worse. We’ll give them a chance. What is that, what are these even? These are probably gonna be
some of the ugliest jokers I’ve ever seen in my life. But we haven’t seen the other decks yet, so let’s give it a chance. The ace, the ace is actually pretty cool. I like the ace. Not bad. So they took their time
making the core cards, which is pretty cool, I mean they actually went out of their way to not make standard core
cards, which I do appreciate. The jack of clubs. The jack of clubs looks
like a girl, just saying. Let’s take a look at the back design here. On the back we have, I don’t
know what that pattern is. It’s like a mix between a koi
fish and Barney the dinosaur. ♫ I love you Not exactly sure about these cards. This is the floral deck. So let’s go ahead and
have a look at the rest of whatever we have going on. But don’t forget, coming
soon, the peafowl deck. Can’t wait. All right, next up we have
Red Core playing cards. These babies, check these out. Look at this box, Red Core since 1885. Well, I think that’s Bicycle since 1885. These look a little bit newer. Red Core playing cards, ooh,
recyclable and what is that?
in case you want to snag these while they’re hot. Air-cushion finish. United States playing cards. Let’s open these up, poker, ooh. A deck for poker. If you want to invite your
friends over for a poker night, don’t use these cards if you want to keep your friends, that is. Let’s see what’s inside, here we go. Oh! (chuckling) Oh! They’re facing the other way. They’ve inverted the eyes, hold on. Red Core playing cards. (chuckling) Why? So, they took the time to
change the font out from filled font to like hollow font. And we’ve got both the eyes, right? We’ve got both the eyes
here looking at you that spacial grid going on in the back. Oh God, is that the back? Is that the back design? Oh my, look at the back design. Look at that. It’s terrible. Okay, see how these fan out. Ooh. Looks like some digital
snake coming at you, with that red center in the middle. Look at how nice that looks, huh? Disgusting cards. Okay, let’s take a look. We’ve got the jokers out of the way. Oh, the ace, look at that ace. What is that? The ace of spades. This is the most ridiculous
deck I’ve ever seen. Okay. Oh, wait, we have a fan
pattern this way too. For your fanning pleasure. These, uh, I don’t know
what to say about this. Look at the core cards, what are they? Oh, okay. The standard core cards with
a laser beam in the middle of their bodies. And that laser beam theme
is consistent throughout the entire deck, I believe. Yes it is. Look at that diamond. It’s like they just literally
took a picture of normal playing cards and just made a negative. You know, like in photos
you make negatives? Lets just make negative playing cards. Yeah, invert them. Wait, I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we add like a
red laser dot in the middle and call them Red Core. Because the core of the
cards are going to bed red, and then it’s like
we’ll put a spacial grid in the back of them. That, that will do so well. And also lets make them
borderless so that when you ding them up you can
see that they’re dinged. And let’s not forget to
write poker on the front of the deck so that people know
that you use these for poker. I feel like this is the
result of like a 1980s sci-fi movie experiment. Where they tried to predict
what the future would look like in the 1980s. This is what came out of it. Red Core playing cards. Lastly, and leastly (chuckles) stained glass playing cards by Bicycle. Look at these stained glass beauties. (whistles) They went out of their way
to make a stain glass seal, appreciate that. Appreciate that, guys, look at that seal. Oh God, look at this. Really? Air cushioned finish. Bicycle stained, also by So we’ve got a theme going on. I think this is uh, I
think we might be looking at the same creator here. That’s unfortunate. Let’s give these a go. Pop that seal. There we go, oh what have
we got on the inside here? Oh my (beep) God. What the? (chuckling) What is this? Woo, look at that. If you’ve ever wanted to
be a priest and a magician. You know– (record scratching sound) Here’s the thing, stained glass
is innately only beautiful because of the amount of
work that goes into it and when the light goes
through stained glass, it like illuminates and
becomes super colorful and reflects off the other wall. Making an opaque stain glass
deck doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not stained glass, it’s
shitty kaleidoscope pattern with black borders. This looks terrible. This is the ugliest deck, by fair. Again with the black borders. Oh, we’ve got some add cards here. Make sure you check these guys out. Free shout out, you’re welcome. Alright let’s take a
look at the jokers here. (chuckling) Again, we’ve inverted the,
we’ve inverted the fonts. So we’ve got opposite
fonts, pink and purple. Traditional stained glass coloring. Oh, the ace of spades, look at that. Look at the detail on these babies. You know if you’ve had
like too much chocolate and then have a nightmare? That’s what this feels like right now. It feels like I’ve been
drugged with an LSD tab that someone found in the
back alley of a ghetto. This deck makes me physically ill. I think I’m going to be sick. I don’t even know what’s going on here. This has got to be the most
terrible design I’ve ever seen. There’s the ace. Let’s take a look at the other cards. We have a consistent theme
going on with that pattern, what about the court cards? Here we go, here we go. (chuckling) What is that? What is happening? What is happening there? What is that? What is this? It’s like the universe
is opening itself up and then swiftly closing
itself with embarrassment. This is terrible. The ace of diamonds,
they worked hard on that. Again with the clouds in
the back, look at that. (retching sound) The clubs, look at the clubs, huh? Huh? Huh? Hmm? Pretty nifty. Oh, and the heart so much color. Much wow. Such gradient. And then what is, oh this is the add card. Oh, I see what you did
there little double backer action. In case you want to
perform with these cards, they do come with a
double backer so you might be able to fool your audience, but you’re not going to
impress them with your cards, that’s for sure. Imagine, can you imagine
showing up to a gig with these cards? Can you imagine that? Ladies and gentlemen,
my name’s Chris Ramsay, I’m a magician. Here, please pick a card. I’m sorry, “What are those? “What are you holding right there?” These, these are my playing cards. These are a stain glass design. Yeah, get the (beep) out of here. Why would you ever consider using this? Maybe it’s just for flourishing. Huh? Maybe a fan, look at that fan. Look at this fan, look at this, look at these cards. (laughs) my life. (solemn music) I need to re-group after that. I think this video just
turned into a public service announcement. You’ve got to be out of your
damned mind, first of all. These are expensive to make. Who is putting up money for this? Who is dishing out, being like, “You know what? I like your
style, here’s an unlimited “budget for you to
print anything you want. “We’re just going to let you
(beep) shit up for the next “couple months and– “How many do you want, 10,000? 20,000? “You name it, it’s yours.” Ladies and gentlemen, please,
before putting out a deck use Kickstarter ’cause at
least you’ll know if it’s shit and it won’t get funded. You’ll be stuck with a
warehouse full of stained glass decks and Red Core’s. Guys, again, I don’t mean to
shit on the actual designers, but these are the worst
designed cards that I own in my collection. Some of them were close
to making the list, but these are the ultimate worst. Now’s your chance to win
these decks if you want them. So I am giving away,
happily giving away three– We’ve got the florals,
we’ve got the stained glass, and the Red Core playing
cards up for grabs. They will be opened and they will be used. I will gladly send you each
and every deck of these that I own, which is probably one of each, but it might be two. All you have to do, like
this video and let me know in the comments which
deck is the ugliest out of the three. And maybe let me know what
you thought about these kind of playing card reviews
and if you want to see more because I literally can’t do this again. I will not be able to do
this type of review again without getting ill on camera. But nevertheless, maybe
some of you out there are dying for a deck of Red Core. God, I can’t keep a straight face. So let me know what you
think in the comments and I will get back to some
of you and I will gladly send these out to whoever I
choose and I’ll announce it sometime in the next video. So guys, let me know what
you thought of this episode in the comments below, smash
that like button if you liked it and don’t forget to
check out the other videos I’ve got going on down here. We’ve got tutorials,
we’ve got performances, we’ve got all sorts of shenanigans. So let me know what you
thought and we’ll see you next time guys, peace out. (upbeat music)

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100 thoughts on “The UGLIEST Playing Cards in the WORLD!

  1. I seriously really like the Redcore deck a lot. It is actually on my long wishlist of decks to hopefully one day get. However, a deck that is not on my wishlist is the Momento Mori deck because personally Im not much on them at all. I find them to be very bland, boring, and look like a bad attempt at a stained glass skull and I really don't see how someone could have put almost a whole year into designing them, but somehow Chris did. No disrespect to Chris, I think he is definitely awesome, we just have very different taste in cards.

  2. 12 minutes of enormous face judging smoll cards i couldnt even see that well… Srsly dude this video deserves a spot in cringe magic. (Not for the cards.)

  3. Stained glass = worst. Just for simple readability. Red Core at least you can see the pips. Floral.. reminds me of grandmas couch upholstery.. in the 70s.

  4. I had to stop and like this when he said Shitty Kaleidoscope, I own red core and stained glass decks just for collection purposes

  5. Man i like your vids and i start watching them 2years ago so keep up the good work.. I acctualy liked 1st cards that you reviewed the floral i think its called so yea you can send me those ones if i win ty💙👍🏽👍🏽

  6. More card reviews! Definitely the stain glass, but I have seen some uglier ones and regularly practice with a few. You should do some videos of how to handle your card to not destroy them or like deck life and what to expect. I notice you have tons of decks and I wonder how many you go through and at want point do they just retire? Anyway cool stuff bro!!

  7. The worst deck I own is the Ali Ali deck I hate it I got the deck before I even watched your video on the unboxing and when I open the box for myself the first time I realized that cardistry is good when you have cards that work and look good these are a gold piece of s***

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  9. Ok I have to say it
    I hate bicycle rider back/ standart back design
    I don't own them so maybe in real life they look better but from videos I just really don't like them….
    It's something about the angel…. If that angel wasn't there I would probably like the design a lot more

  10. I really like the floral deck, but that's probably because it is a bit feminine while so many decks are super dark and broody (Dragons! Warriors! Gangsters!) I know that most card people are dudes though…

  11. This makes me wanna put out a deck of cards just so i can show up bicycle. These are like the decks that you would take camping as a fire starter

  12. I was hoping that you mentioned the bicycle age of the dragons deck by Anne Stokes. that deck is just pure garbage, looks like images took from a google image search and printed into a deck, is the worse i have on my collection. the worse is the back, it
    reads "age of the dragons" in a giant font, is just horrible.

  13. (for the giveaway)
    honestly the flower and glass one really suck because the back designs are just ugly as fuck but I kinda consider the red cores one "charming" with the laser-ish theme

  14. I actually like the second deck. It's different and kinda crazy. If you have a fitting trick or want to have something different on your shelf… I like them

  15. I dislike the way you did this video. You should have done this video the way you normally do your card reviews. You get to see all the detials that way.

  16. Those cards fan beautifully! I've seen other decks whose designers didn't know what to do for design so they make plain-Jane cards. 1st cards come to mind. It's like they didn't give a crap and just slapped some crap together and called it good. 1st 's black version is a good example of being underdeveloped while simultaneously over the top and gaudy.

  17. Couldn't tell you if they were ugly or not because all I could see is your face & dude…please, please, please change the music cause that was worse than anything I attempted to see in that microscopic screen. Show it again in the big screen plz.

  18. I think the STAINED GLASS is TOTALLY the ugliest, because there's so much complexity, you can't even see what card it is.

  19. Personally think the Ellusionist vintage decks are ugly and feel horrible, was not worth the money IMO.Will always love Talley Ho Viper and David B Split Spades

  20. Have you seen the "stargazer deck series" by bicycle? I actually really like the stargazer deck, the back of the cards are a gorgeous teal or turquoise mixed with purple, grey, black, a little shade of a few different types of blue and the grey color has a few variations. The center of each hole inside the figure 8 is just black with little tiny white dots you can barely see they're so small so because of all the colors and the pattern with a figure 8 it represents space and it's endlessness as well as making the back look like a black hole vortex, one in the top circle of the 8 (or infinity sign) and the same for the bottom half. They're gorgeous cards. I bought 3 packs lmao. One pack I practice cardistry with and stuff, the second deck I use for cardistry as well but I'm a little rougher with it. So, last but not least, I use the third deck for everything basically that's the one I carry on me at all times. I almost always have a deck of cards on me

  21. omg his face when doing the flourish with the stain glass cards HAHAHAHA I'm dead!!!!! Fkn love Chris Ramsay, he is my spirit animal <3

  22. All the decks are pretty cool. Also negative cards would be really really cool. Also also criss angel cards should be the only ones here.

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