The Venetian $1,100 MSPT $500,000 Tournament!

ask and you shall receive remain silent
and you will remain forgotten ask and you shall receive these are underrated
words that are not applied often enough don’t be afraid to ask for what you want
the worst thing they can do is say no I went over this analogy in an earlier
video maybe 50 vlogs ago where it’s always worth it to ask that hot girl out
in high school because she might just say yes what you gonna do laugh and say
no yeah that hurts for a few minutes but at least you tried
look at the positive possible upsides of asking a few days ago I went to the
Tesla dealership to go on a little test drive of their Model X SUV Oh God everything went well crunch some
numbers priced it out didn’t commit to any type of purchase but I just threw it
out there you know what’s up out of 24 hour test-drive guy said no problem
when do you want to win do you want to pick it up I said maybe the weekend
maybe Friday drop it off on Saturday he goes sure no problem
I said what about if I wanted for the whole weekend
pick it up on Friday drop it off on Monday 72 hour test drive 140,000
vehicle impossible you say not in this simulation we made it happen
we’re going to the Tesla dealership driving it to the Venetian for the $1100
500k guarantee might hit a million who knows that’s right
it’s Friday we’re picking it up 11:00 a.m. dropping it off Monday afternoon
sometime full weekend don’t know how many miles I can put on it but we’re
gonna get the most use out of it as possible zero dollars to do this all you
got to do is put it out there it’s better to light a candle than curse the
darkness let’s win this Venetian $1100 M SPT special event so we can put a down
payment on this Tesla Model X with ludicrous mode we did it 150 $1000 vehicle all ours 72
hours let’s win at the Venetian with blinds at 5100 under the gun makes
it 250 he’s European fronted the gun plus 2 with Jack 10 of Hearts oh we put
in the flat call under the gun plus 3 calls and were three ways to a flop the
flop comes Queen 10 3 1 heart under the gun see bets 400 we’re not folding we’re
not raising so we put in the call and the third player puts in a raise to 1200
he’s wrapping something like king queen ace queen maybe a combo draw original RAZR calls
and we call due to our backdoor equity draws hearts straights trips boats you
never know what can happen on the turn we’re deep the turn brings the king of
clubs now there’s no way we have the best hand under the gun tank checks I
kind of put them on East King at preflop and on the flop now I’m really putting
him on East King because he doesn’t know what to do with top pair at a scary
board I check flop raiser checks their ranges our caps if the rivers are brick
we’re betting big the river is a three pairing the board under the gun checks
now we could put in a fake value bed of around 70 percent of the pot but I think
the likelihood of us getting called by one or two pair type hands is very high
so we’re gonna go for the gusto we can have a stack jack nine pocket tens
pocket threes a variety of flushes so our range is actually much stronger than
theirs based upon their weakness on the turn so we bet seven thousand almost
double pot three better on the flop folds and under the gun folds we take it
down turning our third pair into a bluff twenty six thousand from twenty thousand
going on first break in the jack ten of Hearts hands we have very important
blockers with the jack and the ten so we can wrap pocket tens Jack nine or East
Jack we bet big to have a polarized range because we can’t really have any
Bluffs on this run out so only way they can calls if they’re putting us on to
turnin third pair into a blow with wines at 150 300 with a 50 ante
middle position makes it 800 he’s from England 10k stag flats the cutoff and
we’re in the big blind with five nine of hearts we flick in the 500 with our 30k
stack the club comes Jack eight seven rainbow we flop the disguised double
belly check it to the razor who bets 1200 late position calls 1200 my gut
says to check race here and get it in if we have to against the short stack but I
think a call is also fine so we put in the call let’s see what happens on the
turn the turn is an off suit three we check original RAZR bets 1900 a very
small but considering the pot size three ways late position tank bolts action is
now to us we’re getting about the right price to call and try to hit a straight
hour 9 or 5 is probably never good here we’re putting original rays around
something like Queen Jack King Jack a check it’s like it’s a top pair type of
hand so instead of calling the 1900 we put in the check raise this flop hits
our range very well how often do people check rates turns as a bluff
not very often he knows this so we’re gonna take advantage of it
he immediately reacts with disgust and folds he assumes were never capable of
check raising as a bluff on this turn and it worked out perfectly we take it
down currently at 40,000 chips going to 250
500 two more levels before dinner break 30 minute dinner break lost jacks to
East King for 35,000 five minutes before break we currently have 60,000 chips
instead of 95,000 coming back to 500 1000 still in the zone gonna bag and tag
in four and a half hours and drive this 150 thousand dollar vehicle home I’ve
been playing for nine hours and thirty minutes my a game in the zone I went
from sixty-five thousand to thirty thousand raised and miss every flop
raise and get three but every possible unfortunate thing that could happen
happened but that’s okay coming back to 1000 2015 blinds which is plenty to open
shove or rish of get a lot of dead money and chip up table is soft we’re gonna
bag up in two hours at the Venetian $1,100 MSP T great opportunity to win a
ton of money with blinds at 1000-2000 we’re under the
gun plus two with pocket sevens and forty thousand ships seven or eight handed it’s a profitable
Jam we’re all in a lot of money out there to win not a lot of good flops if
we get planted the button snap up calls and the big blind also calls that’s a
problem the flop comes ten four deuce all hearts we do not have a heart the
turn is attend they check again the river is a Queen of Hearts they check it down button has pocket
kings with the King of Hearts Oh big blind has pocket jacks sevens no good
and we are out after 10 hours of play at the Venetian $1100 gone I did sell 45%
at one point to do the math on that one poker is brutal in order to make friends

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