The World Series Of Poker $1,500 Event

Poker tournament selection much like life is all about decisions one decision could lead you down the correct path while another decision could Spiral you out of control into Bustoville today There’s a $700 Planet Hollywood day one see that might overlay There’s a 1500 at the World Series of Poker There’s a 400 at the wind and a 1600 at the Venetian Out of all these choices my friends have advised me to play a 1500 due to the overflow of contestants from the 1k double-stack and Of course the seniors event Hopefully most of them are still in town firing this 1500 chasing that prestigious World Series of Poker bracelet that if you’re lucky enough to win it’s a Faux pas or gauche to even wear in public. Oh the irony So let’s hopefully pick up a lot of dead money bagged and tagged is 1,500 at the World Series today freeze-out no reentry’s Let’s get it Lucho could use a few Browns pants points With Blinds at 75 150 25 under the gun limps. I’m under the gun plus one with pocket aces I love pocket aces! So I make it 550 action folds around to the limper Hopefully he’s going for the old limp raise but I have all the Aces so he’d probably is it he puts in the call? flop comes seven six six Started the hand with 6,000 chips He doesn’t respect my preflop raise in fact, he leads out four thousand We have no choice but to go all-in if he’s got us beat. He’s got his beat We’re all in he calls and he shows pocket eights turned his attend and The river is a deuce. We double up twelve thousand ships I Was assured I think you boys are own son way up high No, yeah, yes, I swear I could find on break I’m like eh, come on sit down with me for a few minutes If two good friends are three handedly, they’re probably not gonna go as hard each other as The blinds at 150 300 I’ve got moved to a new table and I haven’t played one hand for 45 minutes I’m under the gun plus one with pocket eights make it 700 big stack calls in the cutoff and European male age 30 subs all in for 6300 Action folds back to us in our 12 K stack And I shove all in original caller folds and we’re up against pocket jacks flop comes nine five deuce Turn is a six put the rivers a queen and we’re now at six thousand chips With wines at 150 300 with a 50 ante I looked down at Ace King of Spades under the gun Raised it up to 700 Under the gun plus one calls her heads up to a flaunt the flop comes ten seven deuce one spade. I bet 800 He thinks for a minute and min raises to 1600 Sometimes you just got a man up and go for it. I shove all in for 7,000 any snap bucks We had all the back doors and cold equity We got him 11,000 on dinner break With blinds at 200 400 with a 50 ante I’m in a middle position with pocket threes and 11,000 ships Make it 1,000 action folds to the small blind who has 30 thousand ships Four-year-old Caucasian male u.s. Origin makes it’s 2,700 The three is a great hand to shove all in with in this Situation with the stack sizes and the higher frequency three bet from the small blind But I think we can find a better spot so we fold pocket threes two or three bet The blinds at 200 400 under the gun plus one European male, 25 to 30 years old makes it 1,000 volts to a pro that grinds the mopped or he makes it 2500 I’m in the small blind with Queen Jack of Clubs and 11,000 chips Stack size is pretty good for a cold for bet jam Suited Broadway’s play well in all in confrontations But I think someone has it so we fold with blinds at two hundred four hundred to the fifty aunty European male under the gun plus two opens to 900 action folds to a Polish German 25 year old male on the button who makes it 2500 I’m in the small blind with ten eight of Spades and ten thousand ships Another prime spot for a cold four ball Think about it for about twenty seconds and I put in the fold Hands do go to showdown Original RAZR head pocket kings, but of course the board ran out eight eight six six ten What he got the full double. Oh well with blinds at two hundred four hundred under the gun recreational player Lynch under the gun plus to Euro rigged with some sort of patch on blimps Good play around the button limps. I’m in the small blind with ace Jack offsuit Fifteen thousand five hundred ships to start the hand. So I make it two thousand big blindfolds limper folds over limping euro with a patch Shoves all in 14300 chips action folds back to me. I have him covered by about a thousand chips And I think about what type of hands he would over limp back raised in this situation It could definitely look like I’m raising wheat to attack all the lumpers from the small blind So he doesn’t have to have a premium hand to do this and Bri steal my steal So further narrow is value range, I think he’s going to raise and under the Gunn limper with a skiing ace queen big pairs so that only leaves hands like small pairs that would over limp try to flop a set and Then once they see my raise they don’t want to just call and miss a flop They’d rather use the fold equity and get it in pre with all of his pairs say deuces through tens So In tournaments you got to win flips. You got to build chips You could even have a suited ace ace five through ace deuce suited these all play well in all in situations So a man up and put in the call ace Jack offsuit he shows Ace King off suit Nice trap nice trap Pretty unorthodox line paid off for him perfectly, but the good news is there’s still five cards to come flop comes ten seven three The turn is an eight and the rivers of four We double him up and lose a 30k pot. We now have about 1200 chips Shortly after we get in King Queen of Spades versus the same guys pocket aces Flop a queen but it’s not enough and we are out of the World Series of Poker $1500 freeze-out It’s about 9 o’clock at night after a long day of play Time to go home and play with my dogs, but thanks for watching. Make sure you hit the subscribe and alerts button And give me a thumbs up if you like the content of the video Not the results. I’m gonna lose tournaments 99% of the time so don’t thumbs down just because I lose I understand See you guys next time

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100 thoughts on “The World Series Of Poker $1,500 Event

  1. Its very frustrating to watch for 45 minutes an parade of rag hands then finally catch something you can push with. When you are involved in a game where 90% of the entrants fail it is very difficult to bust thru at times. Your making intelligent calls just reaping the wrath of better showdowns. Hang-in we are behind you.  Keep flopping the nuts.

  2. Your play is fine bro
    Honestly you're running like shit in flips.
    Whether you have the 77 or the AK the other hand always wins. You haven't had any luck in flips or big pots late stages. Seems like the guys who beat you never respect your play. Yours Is comin bro

  3. Jeff you the worst poker player on youtube why the f___ would you go all in with pocket 8's that's a stupid move and the people you play against know you on youtube. Wow!

  4. Question/comment on the AJ vs AK hand: what % of the time does someone limp raise All In with a non premium hand? If this number is very small, then folding is a better option (they may bluff a small % of the time). Maybe this number is higher than 50%, in which case you made the correct call. Something to think about, Jeff. All the best to you.

  5. Fold 8s pre pretty easily, how strong is his shove over an UTG+1 open and a call from a big stack in MP… Would love to hear your shoving range if youre in the JJ seat

  6. You're going to lose tournaments 99% of the time, But you're never Trooper 100% of the time. It's how you look at life.

  7. Went on a date last night with a European female. Raised it up under the gun. She went deep into the tank then shoved. I snap called. Runout came all blanks.

  8. Hey Jeff I went busto a while back but I'm repaying my debts and I will be back with a smarter bankroll management and your inspiring me daily with your attitude and perseverance.All I know is that you'll be sitting on the top of the hill looking down on weirdo symbol guy & co in time.Never ever give up.

  9. I love poker tournaments and have had a few deep runs in local, larger field, low buy in tourneys. I know this may be a donk question but is open limping not recommended? I am just wondering because I will often open limp a wide range of hands from small pairs to monsters especially when there are hyper aggressive players to my left.

  10. …you have endurance, no question
    …poker skills and experience obviously shows throughout your vlogs with results etc
    …just like to add from the outside looking-in that should you wish to play everyday then maybe a ‘late-reg’ in one or two of the tourneys could be an option for more rest beforehand?

    Soz for the Grandmother&eggs above, we are all guilty of not seeing the wood for the trees on occasion. Very entertaining content nonetheless, and really appreciate your insight into your decision making….. (not least your AJ v AK). From the subscriber numbers, thumbs-up and comments you must be stoked with your ‘cyber-railing’ at least !…. final table please at the WS of B !!!

  11. Dude love your vlog but why do you over play questionable hands aggressive is one thing….8 8 a j I don't get it a couple of times I've seen you do this in other tourneys are you looking for the hero call…..put them on the ropes make them call you!think your a great player just don't understand

  12. Have you had any marginally deep runs during this mad stretch? I feel like you’re pressing. But i ain’t there and you would know better than me homie. Good luck man. Would love to see you final table one of these.

  13. Your style would be frightening to face in a cash game (seriously, your persona and skill would crush live cash), but in tournaments your inability to read critical situations with patience and accuracy makes you a frequent cast member in The Drawing Dead.

  14. Appreciate the double shift you're putting in grinding all these events then editing when you're not playing theres a big one coming your way i can smell it!

  15. You are the hardest working man at the WSOP! Although I would never buy you dinner, I definitely would buy you a beer. Wish you the best and good luck! Run good… no bad beats and no whammies!

  16. Cant wait to be at one of your tables. I wont say anything at first as I would like to know the description you give me lol

  17. your descriptions of people at your table along with humor so dry you make the grand canyon look like a pond are the only good thing in my life at the moment love these videos keep up the great work

  18. just got back from a job counselor apparently aspiring to be an awkward extra in boski's videos isn't a career path option??

  19. With 40 bbs out of the sb you call off to a limp shove with AJo ??? Yeah you want to defend your raises and in that spot but does he really limp shove just to get you off a marginal hand? Maybe he does. I'm just not sure about calling off for most of your stack with AJo. Your dominated by JJ+ and AQ+. Behind but racing vs pkt pairs. Only ahead of Ax <10. Idk, not being critical trying to learn. Isn't there more combos your losing to here?

  20. The river seems to be a deuce way more than expected in the hands that you play. You're like the Anti-Barry Greenstein

  21. hey jeff, love the vlogs, esecially the daily World series you have been putting out, but i must say that call with the pocket eights was a horrible call. Even if you are up against two overs, why risk 50% of ur stack in that position? anyways, good luck and keep up the great work!

  22. Love the daily vlog! But fuck off for a week focus and come back with a final table! I️ know it’s coming! Keep your head held high

  23. Lol I was going to give you a thumbs down because u lost and i felt bad but then you said what you said at the end and I agree it's still a great vlog and your first place I. That category even if you don't Wynn you'll get em next time

  24. Is the losing percentage really 99% of the time?? My Lord, how can you take that punishment? I would think the percentage should be a little more like 75 or 80%, at least to cash. Still like watching, thanks.

  25. Hang in there, Jeff. Keep your mind right and keep setting your intention to win. Hope to see you next week.

  26. I am sorry to say this Jeff, but wtf were you thinking on the pocket 8's? Dude, you beat someone with pocket 8's. Your odds preflop against Jack's was something like 8%. It is the same with pocket 3's that you folded.

  27. Thumbs up for the video – good vlog. But your game is pretty poor at the moment, what happened to the Boski who was getting back to back final tables and crushing the field?

  28. I often see these 3times the pot donkbets with a sh***y overpair, only thing is, it's when I'm playing 1$ buy ins on my computer and not a 1500$ tournament ! Wish you the best

  29. Bro, I like u and ur vids so Im just guna say this. Ur tryin to play like a Fedor Holz 3 and 4 betting AJ and shit. Do this for me and play a tight, solid style and I think you will make deeper runs. Just play tight and solid Boski. 3 bet ur big big hands like Jacks plus. call when ur getting the right price with ur 10-9 suiteds and such and still try to bust people. I just think ur trying too much bud.

  30. like your vlogs jeff, watching every day, great question whats the thing with the european, 30 year old males?.:) do they play too loose or too aggresive? I‘m 30, from europe and in Vegas next week😎

  31. Hey Jeff.  You definitely are one of the bravest players I have seen.  Love your videos, please keep them coming.

  32. Best quote of video "if two good friends are three handed, they probably aren't going to go as hard at each other"

  33. I enjoy your great vlogs ! I follow you everyday and pulling for you to win a few of these tournaments . You seem do do better when your the bettor rather than calling a big bet that could put you out .

  34. Played with Joseph Cheong back in April over at Venetian. He gave me choke tips as I live in Hawaii and been playing +/- 3 times per year for the past 15 years. More of a cash guy. #cashgamecrusher

    Joseph gave me a great foodie tip. Place is called Milos at Cosmo…get the prawns from Madagascar, Blue Crab and the Milos Special. The Milos Special will be the first 10/10 Boski food score.

    NNTTMAPOTF (No Need To Thank Me All Part of the Friendship)

  35. Beware Boski this lousy rec is firing in the Monsty again. It’s my event. I’m calling it here and now. A deepy to day 4 or 5 will put all the other lousy recs on the Twitch stream chat to root me home. Or I’ll bust quietly and return to the Marriott in Summerlin tail tucked hard. 😢

  36. Beware Boski this lousy rec is firing in the Monsty again. It’s my event. I’m calling it here and now. A deepy to day 4 or 5 will put all the other lousy recs on the Twitch stream chat to root me home. Or I’ll bust quietly and return to the Marriott in Summerlin tail tucked hard. 😢

  37. if you had ACtually called with the Ts8s would the board have still given you 2nd Boat? … (something to think deeply about in this simulation)

  38. been on a boski binge for a couple weeks now … something i keep wondering … do you memorize each hand? or do you have it written down somewhere?

  39. Whenever I look down and see a jack and an ace I tell myself not to be a jackass and play it right :-D!

  40. Despite the AK bad news, enjoyed your cerebral showcase on your AJ call. Some educational content here and perhaps some insight on when not to strain the brain.

  41. Yo Jeff if you stake me, I'm only asking 5% of what I win I keep. You keep the rest! Give me a shot bud! I'm really skillful @ Texas Holdem No Limit and Limit. We can Cash in some serious dough.Try me and test me if you don't believe me. I got your back bro, Peace and Great Luck

  42. Yea Ive always wondered if anyone has ever actually worn their WSOP bracelet(s) in public, or anywhere for that matter.

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