The Worst Online Pokémon Games! (Weirdest Pokémon Flash Games – Pt 2)

previously on Zachary is rap is totally pointless because the candy wrappers my life sir so seriously what I don’t remember any of that but I do remember playing some terrible pokemon arcade flash games and I know what you’re thinking that those last game for so terrible and bad how could it get any worse well I got some news for you the internet is a dark and scary place but the last years were pretty rough so let’s just take it easy and play something a little more chill first like up Pokemon ice cream shop doesn’t that sound like a pleasure little game selling ice cream is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend so I should be pretty good at this alright time to open shop it’s time for some ice cream oh hey Charmander OPM you up Jigglypuff she is it black friday or something we already got a line so the point of this game is just make ice cream for all these little Pokemon and it’s pretty simple however whenever you make something that no one once you have to throw away the whole ice cream which is pretty wasteful but it doesn’t make this sweet sound effect which makes it way worth it her I’ve got to use that sound effect more often hey maybe some ice cream oh you don’t want any food waste and joke right there kids now I’ve never sold ice cream in a fictional Pokemon world but you can make bank doing this apparently check it out I’ve been working for maybe five minutes already made a hundred bucks now that is some straight-up gangster cash you better slow down this like is a time I ice cream stand I’ve been open for like 12 minutes now I’m making ice cream for fictional characters as much as the next guy but I think it’s time we move on now what was the biggest problem with pokemon go the fact that you had to leave your house to play duh well this next game eliminate that step and lets you play pokemon go without even leaving the couch writer pokemon go come on you remember writer you know this kid and keep and you know writer I think whatever you play a new game the first thing you should always do is read the controls so you know how to play perfect thanks for all the help ok but in all seriousness this game kind of sucks you just move this transparent phone around the screen until pokemon appears and then well we’re done all right level 3 complete what I beat the game three levels there was even a hundred and fifty-one pokemon okay well fine with me that just means I don’t have to keep playing this game today there are roughly a thousand pokemon including the ones from Pokemon Sun and Moon but you a pokemon that you completely forgot about full in and no i’m not just pronouncing bowl picks weird i’m talking about volt in now according to the dictionary volton is a singular form of the pine-sol gee thanks for the help whatever i’m not here to define words like a nerd I’m here to play bad video games like an nerd why do i do this myself what you get a customized the color of a pokemon oh my goodness I can’t believe they allow this much customization on a game i could be here for hours creating my perfect Bowl pin so the actual game is just a side-scroller and you run around into other pokemon and who could forget the wild crazy dragonfly pokemon mot what now the attacks in this game are actually pretty cool you can fart out rainbows and tackle and that’s it so yeah you can say this game is actually pretty action-packed and check it out when you defeat mod you get some AP credit which you know is always good for an education I guess well I’d like to say that there’s more things you can do in this game but I’d be lying to you and I’m not a liar all right y’all it’s time to crank up the weirdness not and turn up the turn knob I’ve got the weirdest pokemon flash arcade game i have ever seen it’s time for everyone’s favorite pokemon game pokemon red white and blue and I know what you’re thinking wow that sounds like a very patriotic game not even close yo now before i can start playing this game i do want to tell you about a fun little fact I learned about it there are a pita logo in the bottom of the home screen now I don’t know about you but when I hear the word pita the last thing and I need the last thing I think about is a video game let’s take a look at this first paragraph in this game for generations humans have claimed to love pokemon but if Pokemon came to our world in real life and saw how we treat animals would they love us back with a feel that pokemon games have a part in reducing empathy for animals what so we press start and the game throws right into battle against a mysterious stranger who looks just like the hamburger from the mcdonalds university so we have a few attacks we can use here we can slam charge beam a group hug and protest well let’s protest words can be stronger than actions right apparently not ok so i thought this game would applaud me for taking the high road but i guess not well liked my mother always said if you can’t beat them kill him so let’s just murder this dude and what happens when we fight fire with fire we find a treasure chest do we open the chest of course a cartridges inside what’s this No why so then you just wander around and fighting angry people who want to literally it means pokemon alive this PETA understand that people don’t just take a bite out of real animals eventually I ranches of slaughterhouse workers and boil boy did they live up to their name they slaughtered me alright and then I got a game over and you know i like playing games that are just weird advertisements but i’m just gonna not do that again man almost pokemon slobbering is starting to make me hungry so I’m gonna go do what I do best and my feelings but thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time

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