The Wynn $225 REBUY!

but if they get a real premium you take
a little bit of time you want me to snap look that excited disguise a little bit
the pocket for a no-brainer we’re all in 1 million chips Oh keep it low keep it
low trick no ship it two million ten to one King Jack Jack hold got him
Oh victory never tasted so sweet take that Latvia and you got shit on the
United States $398 and 19 cents for five dollars and fifty cents it’s a hell of
an investment champion back-to-back nights smallest Turner and I play they
can’t stop me they can only hope to contain me shout out to my boy M&M rep
1/8 mile all the twitch streamers all the fans instant support the bloggers
out there shot at the Las Vegas I’m poor Trader Joe’s Sophia’s gentlemen’s club
we out what’s up guys jeff Boesky here on
location and the Encore Hotel and Casino it’s Saturday you know that means it’s
time for the $225 rebuy my favorite tournament of the week I highly encourage you come to the
encore Las Vegas and check it out it’s a great property other activities going on
include the Encore Beach for party recording this on my DJI Osmo gimbal still working out the quirks with the
adjustments and everything but I think it’s a pretty fine product very smooth
right there is the Wynn Hotel Casino a very nice place to live a little upscale
gambling this tournaments gonna take about 16 hours to complete hopefully we
get a favorable chop if not we’ll hop with some cash games or
play online I’ll be checking in every break with some interesting hands and
let you know how the journey goes only at the Encore with blinds at 100 200 we
have our original 10000 stack a middle-aged Caucasian male from the
South open limps we’re in the small blind with ace king off suit I make it
1,000 big blind folds and he puts in the call the flop comes East King 9 to clubs
I down but having the deck pretty much crippled 700 he quickly raises to 2,000
from a hand I saw previously he called a 11 blind all-in with Queen 5 suited so
he doesn’t seem the type to fold but I don’t want to go too crazy on this flop
I want to get it in on the turn I just put in the call it turns an off suit for
I check he bets mm I have a 7500 behind and I shove all-in
I don’t think he’s raising the flop and betting the turn with the king and I
don’t think he’s ever gonna fold an ace or a flush draws this action but he
shakes his head and says it’s not worth it
any folds we take down a nice pot but blinds have 100-200 middle-aged
Caucasian male who’s very angry at the dealer which I don’t like it all never
disrespected dealer raises to 650 he’s also been tanking and then folding
which I don’t like at all I almost called the clock on him but keeping a
cordial at the Encore I looked down pocket kings in the cutoff so I make it
2,000 action folds to him and he puts in the call
the flop comes jack for three with two clubs I think he has a mid pair maybe a
ace Jack type and so I want to get it while the getting’s good and I bet 2500
he quickly shoves all in I put in the call he shows two Red Queen’s the turn
is an ace and the river is a jack and we stack him he’s even more mad now and
burr eats the dealer for not dealing him in even though she does when he’s
digging out or a bunch of random 20s to rebuy we’re now on first break we’ve
been playing for 40 minutes and we’ve catapulted our stack from 10,000 to
30,000 looking good 40 more minutes of revive period available with blinds at 150 300 I’m under the gun
with King ten of diamonds and forty thousand ships over 100 blinds we’re
like an open wet game of players at the table are playing very ABC very tight no
bluffing check it down best hand wins type of style so I feel I could
accumulate a lot of small pots about being aggressive in this situation
middle position three bets up a 30k stack to 1500 very small I’m putting him
on pretty much Aces action folds back to me and I flick him to call the flop
comes queen jack five one I check any bets big 4,000 makes me think he has
aces maybe Kings small chance he has ace Queen but he’d probably flat had preflop
I think our hands too strong to fold just yet considering her growth the
deepest tax at the table and I put in the call the turn is a deuce of diamonds
giving me the second nut flush draw and not open-ended straight draw I check and
he bets 6,000 I am considering check jamming at this point as I don’t like
check calling out of position with the draw but our draw is too big to fold
don’t think he’s going to be willing to fold aces he’s definitely a fold East
King but I don’t think he’s going to double barrel ace kidding
so he put in the call the river is a sixsome club
the total brick I check and he checks behind and we lose two pocket esis lost
a lot of smaller pots within the next hour got a delicious salmon Caesar salad
and an iced tea so I’m feeling good even though our chip stack has dwindled to
around 17,000 going to 400 800 I still like our chances I’m sorry
it was sweet now I’m sorry with blinds at 600 1200 been very card dead for the
last hour watching these guys play ABC poker waiting for a good spot
finally shovel in with king queen of clubs in middle position woman I just
got moved to the table on my left the previous hand thinks about it and says
all-in we show our king queen of clubs for fifteen thousand ships and she
serves pocket queens the board runs out all bricks I’m out of the Encore $225
rebuy great dealers in floor very accommodating unfortunately we lose two
hundred and twenty-five dollars on this saturday stay tuned for future blogs
where I’ll be playing the wind poker classic and various cash games across
town and a mountain when we can’t watch you one but not what
you need when you feel so tired but you can’t sleep stuck in sign up on raise your edge today and get
$80 off the apprentice course or a hundred and $50 off the expert course
with promo code boesky a PP or boesky exp

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