They stole $1.7 million

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  1. It can be difficult to parse a figure like $1.7 million. So, if we assume that each of the 50 creators would have gotten an equal cut of the stolen money, that's $34,000 per creator. That's not necessarily an accurate assumption, but it is something to work with.

    So what is $34k in real terms? That's the starting salary of a teacher in several states. It's roughly equivalent to annual income for 40 hours a week at $16.35 an hour. It's not pocket change in any relevant sense. It's actual livelihoods that were stolen.

  2. This sounds just like what workers comp lawyers do to their clients.. and Also the Music Business back during the BowieQueen through the 8o`s. GREEDY people SUCK!

  3. Dear Matpat,
    I hope you get that money back film&game theory are 2 of my favorite YouTube channels
    it is hard to be happy every day knowing you have been robbed, have a wildfire across the street,
    and now you have a baby to look after. I feel so sorry.😞🙁😖
    Sincerely, Ryan/Dorian from lazy guy

  4. Getting scammed by the people you trust to be straight with you, the business partners you give the benefit of the doubt even though your gut's screaming that it's a really bad idea, it's a hard falcon punch to the nuts. Every time it happens, it hurts even worse because you knew better "but". This is how life works, this is how business works, and yes it sucks.

    But that's how this world operates. If people are trying to scam you, steal from you, lie to your face while trying to take away everything you've built for yourself… congratulations, it means you're successful. Nobody chases the last guy in the race, they don't steal from the guy who's got nothing of value. I know it's scary, I know it seems like you're powerless and walking around with a bull's-eye on your back, wondering which of your friends that's patting your back is the next to stab it. I'm 42 years old, MatPat, and the only reason the sharks leave me alone these days is because I had to bury enough of the bastards to get the point across.

    Everyone's got a price, MatPat, it's simply a matter of figuring out the number. There's 7.8 billion people on this godforsaken flying space rock, but there's only one you… price yourself accordingly. The company you keep is the reputation you reap, and if YouTube's teaming up with scam artists like Defy and T-Series… then what does that say about us creators who rely on YouTube, a company built on nothing?

  5. Matpat:"You have to protect yourself because no one else is going to do it for you."
    True words, indeed, that hold meaning in all aspects of life. Whether owning a firearm or being adamant in these negotiations. It's up to us to protect our selves. Well said MattPat, well said indeed.

  6. Just like in the drug game the less people it goes trought the more its pure
    I feel you man its a shady slimmy grimmy world it will never change its build in our human race when you go up with money look at how people change around you its sad but unfaire just like life

  7. I am so sorry. I have gone through something different… With ONE thing the same. Depression that slowly gets you…. Until you can't struggle anymore. Like you being the insect caught by a spider. All you need to do is try to distract yourself, try to MAKE something to make yourself happy… Otherwise depression will always get you.

  8. Hey, MatPat!! Congrats on your son, Oliver!!! Sorry about the money. So, I just wanted to say; Don’t let the bad things drag you down. See ya around!

  9. Found this later. This is part of the reason I've never signed an MCN contract; could never get good terms, and I didn't want to give up my AdSense. I'm able to defend myself on copyright pretty well independently, but most people don't think to do what I do and just not be afraid to go to court when you have a clear-cut case of fair use.

  10. You probably won’t see or read this comment, but my heart goes out to you man. It is really difficult raising a child, and this no doubt was absolutely brutal. I know this is a little late after the release of this video, but hopefully everything turns out okay, and we can stop this from happening in the future.

  11. I know people have already said this, but I never been as happy to watch ads. We love you Mat Pat and hope you feel better.

  12. Hey Mat, I know you don't know me but I would give you a bro hug and a beer if I could. Just know I think you're pretty rad and even as a grown man I think you're pretty cool. You're in my prayers brother.

  13. A. Ask em to give u the money
    B. Make em play Mario Kart 8 in real life
    C. Make em keep playing it until they give it


  14. Well I find it hard to believe that Matt is actually 31 years old, you look like your in your early 20s man! How do you do it?

  15. I am so sorry for you matpat. I am just a 10 year old, so I don’t get any of this too much, but I do know this is not ok.I hope you guys are well, but always remember, you are matpat, and the theorist army is just one step behind you.

  16. I feel so bad for you man but people aren’t as decent as you and you’re family but we always look for the good in people

  17. "Major channels that was big back in the day and you might know today"
    > Names a bunch of channel names I didn't even know were real words.

  18. MCNs are just using mercantilism to make a profit. They offer you “protection” and you give them cash but when you need them they raise prices or in this case vanish

  19. Life isn't fair and unfair MatPat.. Not fair and unfair..

    I've been their once.. Lost a lot of money to fund my family… But I knew that no one was gonna help me. So I picked my self up from the dirt, Brushed the dirt off of myself and continued with life with more responsibility and dirt all over my body.

    If you already didn't know, There was a secret message in the text.

    "Picked my self out of the dirt"
    Actually meant to rise up from the dirty part of life. Which is the soil that has no plants or living things. Which also literally means hardships and mistakes in life.

    "Brushed the dirt off of myself"
    Also meant to brush or leave all of the bad things that happened in life that is portraited by the dirt. Fixing some of my mistakes by myself.

    "Continued with life with more responsibility and dirt all over my body"
    Means that I will continue with life with more to handle in life and bringing the dirt, which is my mistakes that were not brushed off, With me until my end.

  20. I am sorry for you mentll illness is very tough thing good On you for raising for mental Illness is great I am sorry for you lose Of losing a friend most people don't realise mental health illness can be worse than psychial illness

  21. I'm sorry about this Mat… This is probably really hard for you. I wish you only the best and better! I'm so sorry!

  22. 2018 was also a hard year for me, this girl joined our school, she spead lies about me just because i liked undertale, everyone beleved it, so i was hated that year

  23. #DEFYMedia is sooooooooo bad. I hat MCN’s they steal money and don’t help ur channel grow. Btw the only reason I say that is because TheOdd1sOut said that but anyway……

  24. I am SO sorry man. There are so many bad people in this world that want to steal from good people and it makes me sick
    I wish it was different

  25. MAT PAT WHEN YOUR A SMALL CREATOR THE MCN WANTS TO GET YOU BUT ALL IT DOES IS LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY please dont accept them this is to any small creators out there. NEVER ACCEPT MCN

  26. The 12k dislikes are from MCN networks. But what you have said is true. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know the truth behind them. I’m sorry.

  27. When I watched this, it reminded me of the Bendy series. But still, the stole money from 50+ Creators. To be honest…. THATS BULLSHIT

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