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It’s MED Monday: today think like a
poker player and rewire your brain Everybody studies on Monday, so welcome to the 32nd Minimum Effective Dose Monday episode. So, this article today
comes to us from one of our favorites Alex Fitzgerald and it’s not from the
AmericasCardroom poker blog. This one actually comes to us from D&
That’s right D and B has published plenty of books I’m sure you know.
I’ve talked about a lot of them they published Alex Fitzgerald’s most
recent book Te Myth of Poker Talent’ and they also published all of Dr. Trisha
Cardner’s books like ‘Peak Poker Performance’ being the one that I’ve discussed on the
podcast before. So, DandB is going to be publishing Alex’s new book coming up
within the next few months I’m not exactly sure when it’s gonna be about
live poker play well this article today actually it’s kind of an excerpt I guess
from his newest strategy series that he’s actually selling right now for $80
the series is called how to think like a poker player and it’s five exits it’s
over five hours of really killer training stuff you can find a link on
the show notes page for this it’s a smart poker study calm slash meed Monday
just go to episode 32 click on the link right there it’ll take you to the sales
page for how to think like a poker player from Alex Fitzgerald so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna read the article for you and then I’m gonna give you the
minimum effective dose idea now remember that is the critical concept to take
away and apply to your poker game and to your studies the second thing I’m gonna
give you is the minimum effective dose action now this is the one thing that
you can do this week to boost your poker to the next level so let’s hear some
words of wisdom from Alex Fitzgerald how to rewire your poker brain you raise
from the button with Queen Jack offsuit your opponent calls you from the big
blind you are both 50 big blinds deep the
board comes nine six deuce rainbow your opponent checks to you there are six big
blinds in the middle what do you do Dee a bet if you bet
how much do you bet in this situation what do you honestly do what have you
done the last 50 times you played in this spot did you say you bet half pot
here normally great why because that’s my normal continuation bet size that is
not a good answer that’s the same as me asking why you do something and you
answering because I do it that way to be a profitable poker player you must
challenge your belief systems you likely said to yourself I bet half pot there to
fold out ace highs and King Kai’s that missed the board great does he fold ace
highs to a half pot sized bet I don’t know anything about this player you
might have answered to that question you don’t know anything about 80% or more of
the players that you play against yet you still must play against them what do
you think the field does in that spot do they fold ace high two a half pot sized
bet I can tell you the answer because I’ve studied billions of poker hands and
their statistical breakdowns the field is all over the place versus that half
pot sized bet in European online poker you might get a fold because that’s
considered a big bet they’re an American online poker you’ll get a call a high
percentage of the time but there’s a ton of variability from player two player in
both of these continents now let’s back up to the half pot bet you made why did
you make that bet most people bet half pot because that’s what they always do
and it’s a habit habits kill you in No Limit Hold’em the game changes
constantly but habits do not I had problems for
years getting poker players to change their bad habits No
on earth has done more private poker lessons than I have and in those
thousands of hours I tried damn near everything to get people to change their
plate I showed them field databases I showed them flub Zillah hand ranges with
statistical run downs I made them look at the results of surveys yet many
people stayed with their habits it’s hard to change something we do so often
if I told you to brush your teeth a different way you’d probably keep
forgetting to do it because you’ve rushed your teeth your way so many times
poker habits are just like that they are engraved however one day I found a way
to get people to change on every decision they saw on my simulations
I would ask my students what is the most important thought here don’t tell me
everything you think about a particular hand that doesn’t do you any good in the
field you have seconds to make your decisions online and live I need you to
think about the most important thing as fast as possible when I showed people
that nine six deuce bored and said what’s the most important thought then
they would answer I need to fold out high cards ace highs especially if I do
that he folds more than 50% of the time generally my bet will be profitable here
good I’d say so what’s going to be your bet size they would stop I don’t
normally do this but I guess I should bet more than half pot because people
tend to freak out and fold to that bet size a lot with their missed high cards
bingo we found a way to rewire your poker brain every single time you have a
poker decision ask yourself what is the most important thought here I guarantee
the simple question will change the way you play you will be in control you will
also be far less fatigued as you focus on what’s important as opposed to every
thought that goes through your head right on yeah he delivers on the goods
look at him pump up this crowd this man’s gonna win a lot of political
offices win his a great role model for America’s kids
now that was a great poker article you know I’m not gonna offer any additional
thoughts I mean he went right to the point right there said exactly what he
wanted to say and if that doesn’t strike a chord with you I don’t know what to
will so let me simply give you my meed idea and the meed action so here’s the
idea thinking about the most important thing at every decision point will lead
to more reasoned sound poker ask yourself the question what is the most
important thought here and here’s the meed action in your next three sessions
play a 30-minute focus session with one or two tables and for every decision you
face ask yourself that question what is the most important thought here see if
your answer to this question guide you to better decisions and then after those
focus sessions play your normal session and see if you don’t ask and answer that
question and make better decisions for it thank you so much for listening today
and of course a super big thanks to Alex Fitz Europe for putting out that killer
article I’m really looking forward to and you know I’ll have to admit to all
of you I have not studied his brand new course how to think like a poker player
just yet I am going to just haven’t done it yet but I’m sure it’s definitely
worth the price $79.99 just go to the show notes page click on the link to
take you directly there and please visit D&B poker com all of their books can be
found there along with some strategy articles and other items as well please
listen to this and every other meed Monday episode by visiting smart poker
study comm /m e D Monday and I love those questions send them on in sky at
smart poker study comm and my newest book is still available it’s never gonna
not to be available but you can get it on Amazon
it’s called preflop online and it’s available in paperback eBook
and of course audiobook so until next time apply the meed idea to the rest of
your game and practice the meed action all week long

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