“Trick your friends or boost your ego–” How does it boost your ego that you paid a pound, for an app that’s just random… …to tell you that you’re singing okay? [beep] Hey guys, what’s up, my name is Roomie and today we’re going to be looking at iPhone singing apps. I think some of these apps will be great and some will not be… that good. [laughs] Let’s go. [beep] This app is called “Vocal Judge,” and you’re supposed to sing to it, and it’s gonna tell you exactly how good or bad of a singer you are. I have no idea how it works, let’s see what score I get. [♪ “Numb” by Roomie ♪]
Whatever happened to childhood? Whatever happened to dreams? Whatever happened to memories? Whatever happened to me? Let’s see… TWO STARS!? How does this app even work? Why does it think it’s so bad?
I– I feel my self-confidence is crushed. I do wonder what happens if you just kind of
click the button without singing… If I just hold it, I’m just talking now, I’m not singing,
what do you think about this, app? Oh my god, youcansing- Okay, so this [laughs] This is like, a random… It has no system for actually grading voices, or like, was my talking somehow amazing singing right then?
I don’t think so. There’s so many ads on this thing as well, right? Right when I was talking about this, it says: “Get the number one free app,” blah blah blah… …and I just clicked the– Oh, and if you click “ok”,
then you actually get taken to their freaking page, so you need to click the x. I really hate this app, and what’s the “upgrade store?” Oh, so you can pay to manipulate your results… “Trick your friends or boost your ego–” This is like the absolute worst app in existence. [beep] Okay, so this one is called “AutoRap”– As you guys know, I am the fastest rapper in the world, you can see that in my “Fastest Rap EVER” video. Let’s try this out anyway,
maybe I won’t even have to record anymore. This is also by the same company that did
the karaoke app called “Smool.” (Smule) “Smeal.” “Smiyule.” [sllrr, ech] “To start, tap the shiny red button.” Yo my name is Roomie and I’m really cool, when you hear me rap, I’ll take you back to school, when I get too hot I go swim in a pool, then I go play some pool. [laughs] [ ♪ ♫ ]
[Auto-Tuned] Yo my name is Roomie and I’m really cool, when you hear me rap, I’ll take you back to school when I get too hot I go in swim in a pool, then I go play some pool, play some pool Yo my name Roomie and I’m really… cool, you rap, I’ll take you back to school, when I get you hot I go swim in a pool, then I go play some pool, play some pool Yo my name is Roomie and I’m really cool, when ya hear me rap, I’ll take you back to school [Roomie starts laughing in the background]
When I get too hot, I go swim in a… …p-pool, then I go play some pool…
[“some pool” echoes off until it fades away] Okay, that was… that was pretty fun.
You know, I mean it wasn’t good. It was– it– it was bad, but it was fun. I mean, it’s one of those apps that you use once or twice, and then you show your friends, and then you’re done. Are you joking?
Who would pay £7.49 per week for this? I mean, I get that there’s some technology behind this that has like, needed some development, but like £7.49, per week.
That’s crazy, Smule. What are you guys doing? [beep] “The Tone Deaf Test”… I think I’m going to do well in a tone deaf test. “Are these two notes the same or different?” [two different piano notes play] They’re different. Is it gonna be this easy– Are people even tone-deaf like this are there people who actually wouldn’t hear the difference? The friend different in this stage, you will be asked whether or not’ is sweeping up or down This is so easy like anyone can do this right am I being like privileged right now? Maybe people who don’t like music would have a tougher time with this finalist or a hundred percent. I am not tonus This is Jesus you are not so that what now it may sound funny But the next step is to start dreaming about becoming a musician. It’s important that you spend some time imagining the possibilities. Getting used to the idea that music might be for you after all. Actually that’s pretty cute. If you downloaded this app, You’re like oh my God I think I’m doing that you actually turned out that you weren’t tone-deaf then I get why they would say that, but, like, for me this just feels like really awkward. Okay, so this one’s interesting and I can’t imagine this will work. Well. This is called Celebrity voice changer lights I think it’s supposed to change my voice into any of these people This is the kind of thing that people think that I use for the voices videos we impressions But I gotta say like there’s no like voice changers that I’ve ever heard that actually work So it would be impossible to do that with my voices videos. It’s just a lot of hard work behind those videos Oh my gosh, old you work so hard you’re so great. That’s why I want you guys to say right now Give me your praise, please let’s see if you can make me sound like Peter Griffin Hello, everybody. My name is Family Guy Peter Hello, everybody. My name is family guy did what okay? I think what they’ve done here Is that they had some sort of program that six what I’m saying and then they used like speech? Synthesis to say what I said in like a computer voice But doesn’t sound any good does it pretty bad let’s see how they do Donald trump Then hello everybody my name is family guide penis, okay? I think I know what they’re doing. They actually Sampled the real voices. I think that can’t be legal hello My name is Donald trump, and I just pooped my pants come on My name is Donald trump, and I just pooped my pants great humor ten out of ten. Yeah, that’s definitely how they do it I should like this up a bit. The thing is it doesn’t really hear exactly what I’m saying that well the speech-to-text Function they have isn’t great. Let’s try obama hello. My name is Donald trump, and I just poop my pants. This is actually cool I actually like this. I mean, it’s not a voice changer per se. They’ve sampled the real voices I think what I would do with this app instead of being like oh, it’s a voice changer I would probably just let people write in whatever. They wanted because it is a text to audio function It doesn’t really hear what I’m saying that well So if I was able to write in whatever, I wanted that would be a lot cooler. I actually recommend this app though This is really cool. Well my name is Donald trump, and I just pooped my pants. I only get five free uses That’s how they get you yeah, that’s really cool really like that. I won’t pay for it. Though. No way it’s another voice change your app all of these have like a lot of ads and stuff on them because I tried not to get Anything that actually cost money I wanted to show off apps that you guys can download right now and play with let’s sound like a baby Googoo, Gaga my name is Roomie. I Have pooped my pants. Oh oh Okay, so that’s just like a basic pitch thing. This is just a slow and speed up thing. This is a Male/female I’m gonna get is pitch. Yeah anyway. I’m not super impressed with this app. Let’s see what happens if I do that as a man Goo-Goo Ga-Ga My name is Roomie I pooped my pants Okay, so this is basically what I’ve been showing you guys saying auto-tune and stuff just I think this algorithm is a bit worse So yeah, not super impressed anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video and never did a video like this before let me know what you think and Yeah, check out this quality piece of content Hashtag international kissing day when you’re single And then there’s a bunch of pictures of me kissing a mirror. Haha. If this made you lol Go follow me on Twitter a true me official you will Tolerate it

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  6. Damn no iphone. Ur a chump u a punk u smell like pepy la poo and look like pichachu. U the Grey bin u rubbish im the green bin im recyclable. Lol
    . If u edit 3 things in antthing its not illegal and u can sell itl

  7. Who else in 2019😎🤣😂😣😣😚😉😮😤😧😢😠🤠🤒👩‍🏫👨‍⚕️👨👲🙎‍♂️😍🤔😎l😚😎😆😚😐😣😎☺😐😥😣😎☺😐🙂🙂😋😁😆😣😎😥😎☺😎☺😐😣😐😐😎🙂🙂😎😥😐😐😥😚😄😗😎😎😄😚😀😣😋😁☺☺🙂😎😮😎😎☺😥😐😥😐🙂🙂🙂😎😮😎😮😐😛😓😲😪😪😲🤓😓🤓😲😟😨😟😓🙁😝😓😬😟😩😟😨😟😨😟😲😓😜😪😜😪🙁😪😯😝😯😝😒🙁😒🙁😪☹😤😫😜😤😝😲😝😧😲😜😴😖🙃😦😖😲😌😭😜😦😜😌🙃😲😦😜😖😲😜😴😝😧🙃😜😲😦🤑🙃😜😦🙃😢😜🤤😕😲😔😒😦😢😕🤤😧😓😧😤😝😛😝🙃😲😫😲😴😛😯😝😫😲🙃😴😫😖😛🙁😲😴😫😜🤠😵🤠😵🤠😳👿🤢😳😰🤠🤡😳😱🤢🤢😳😱😈😳😱🤠🤡😱👺😳🤢💩😳😱🤠🤡🤥🤢💩😳🤡🤠😱🤢😈🤡😇😈😵😱🤠🤡💩😳😱🤢👹👿🤠👿🤢🤠😰😱🤠🤕🤠🤕👿🤕😈🤕☻💩🤕💩💩😈😳😳😇🤢💩😳😇💩🤢😳😈💩😷👽🤕👺😈🤡😳😰🤢🤡💩😳🤢😰🤡😇👺🤢😳😰😇🤡💩😱😳🤢👺🤡😇🤥😳👽😱💩😇🤡🤥😱👽😳💩😇🤡💩🤥👽🤕😱🤡💩😇👽😱😳🤥🤡😇💩👽😱😳🤥😇🤡💩😱😳🤥🤢🤡🤥😱😳😇👽💩🤡😇😱😳🤥💩👽😇💩😱🤥🤕🤥🤡💩👽🤕🤒😇🤡😇🤥💩🤒😰🤕👽🤕🤒😰😇💩🤡🤥💩👽😷🤕🤒😇💩🤡😰🤥🤕👽🤒🤖🤡😇👽🤕🤒🤥🤡😇🤖👽🤕🤒🤥🤡😇💩👽🤕🤒🤥😇🤡💩👽🤒🤕🤥😇🤡🤥🤒💩🤕👽🤡😇💩👽🤒🤕🤥🤡💩😇🤥🤒🤕👽🤥🤡💩😇🤒🤕👽💩👽🤡😇🤕🤖👽😇🤠😳😱🤥😇🤡😱😰😳🤥👽💩😱😰😳😇🤡🤥👽💩🤡☻😳🤠😵😰😠🤢😈💩🤡😱😳👽😈🤡🤥💩🤒😳💩👹👿🤢😳😈💩🤥😱🤢😳🤡💩😈🤥😱😳🤢😈👹🤥😱🤢🤕😈💩👹🤢🤕🤥😱😈💩🤡🤕🤥😱😈🤡😱🤥👽🤕💩😈🤥🤡😱🤕🤥😈💩🤡😱😳😳😱👹😈🤢💩😇🤡🤢☻😇🤠😱😵🤢🤖🤖👽😵😱😇🤠🤢😱😰😵💩😇🤠💩🤥👽😱😳😰🤡👺😇👽😰😳😱😇🤥💩👽🤒😳😇👽😳😱🤥😇🤡😱👽🤥😳🤡😇🤥💩😱👽😈🤥🤡🤥🤒🤡😈🤕👽😈🤕💩😱👽💩😈🤡🤒🤕💩😇😱🤡🤥💩😱👽🤕😯😫😢😝😲😝😛😯😪😫😕😧😒😲😪😕😫😓😧😢😔😲🙁😖😓😔😲😝😖😧😒😓😢😔😜😲😧😖😢😒😓😔🙁😛😖😔😦😕😛😝😦😕😫😪😝😒😛😧😕😫😪😒😛😝🤤😕😦😫😪😯😛😝🤤😕😪😫😒😧😝😲😖😒😪😫😛😝🤓😪😯😴😕🤑😕😝😛🤑😕😪😫😜😦😫😓😛☹😓😢😫😲😦😛☹😢😓😫😖😜😛😖😓😢😔😧😕😖☹😫😪😲😢😔😓😲☹🙁😲😓😢😔😦😢☹😲😔😓😖😦😓😔😲😜😖😒😢😓😔😦😲☹😖😓😒😔😦😒😲☹😔😓😖😦😢😪😒😔😲😖☹😯😢😔😪😦😲😯😜😓😔😦😯😢😪😔😖😲☹😯😓😔😦😪😯😔☹😲😢😔😪😯😦😪😯😫😲☹😜🤓😦😢😔😒😕😲😖😦😓😒😕☹😲😖😦😓😯😕😦☹😲😖😓😲☹😖😦😓😕😖☹😲😦😯😕😓😲☹😖😲😖☹😦😢😓😕😦😲😖☹😓😕😲😦☹😖😪😯😢😕😲😖🙁😴😯😓😢😲🙁😪😖😫😢😧😲😫😪😝🤤😫😦😪😝😛🤤😫😪😢😦😛🙁😢😪😫😦😛😪😫☹😧😢😪😫😲🤤☹😢😪😫😧😲😢😫😪☹😦☹😪😲😫😦😪😫😫😪😲☹😖😦😯😪😫😫😯😪😖🙁😛🙁😲😖😪😯😫🙁😖😲😪😫😯😜😖🤑😔😪😯😦😜🤓😪😯😫🤓☹😖😫😪😒😛😜😧😖😫😯😧☹😖😯😔😜😖😧😪😔😢😯😓😔😯😪😔😝😲😧😯😪😲😔🙁😖😧😛😝😪😖😯😫😝😛😖😧😢😫😪😯😛😧😝😖😛😧😝😖😪😯😔😛😦😝🤤😯😪😔🤤😝😛😦😪😫😛😧😔😪😢😦😛😝😢🤤😫😪😢😛😖😝😔😪😛😝😖😢😪😔😛😦😝🤤😢😔😪😛😦😝😖😯😢😪😔😛😦🤢🤥💩💩😰😱😵👽🤡😇🤥💩👽😵😱😰😇🤖🤥👽😱🤠🤢😰🤠🤥😇🤖👽🤢😱😰🤖😇🤠🤥👽🤢😰😱🤖😇🤠🤥🤢😱👽😰🤖😰🤢😱😇🤠🤥🤖🤠😇🤥🤢😰😱😇🤥🤠😰😱😵🤠🤥😇🤖😵😰😱🤠🤥😇🤖👽😰😵😱🤥🤡😇🤖😵😰😱👽🤖🤡😇🤥👽🤢😰😱🤥🤡😇🤖😰👽🤢😱🤡😇🤖👽😰🤢😱😇🤖🤡🤥😳😱😰😇🤖🤡🤥👽😵😱😰🤖🤡😇🤥😰😵👽😱🤖😇🤡🤥😵😱😰🤖🤡😇🤥👽😰😱😳🤡😇🤖😰🤥👽😱😳😇🤖🤡👽🤥😰😱😳😇🤖🤥🤡😰👽😱🤕🤖😇😳😱😰🤡🤥💩🤡😇🤥😰😱😵👽💩😇🤡🤥😵😱😰💩😇🤡👽🤥😰😵😱🤥😇🤖🤡😰👽😱😵😇😰🤡🤥😱😵💩🤥😇🤡😱😵😰😇🤡🤥👽😰😱😵💩🤥😇👽🤡😱😵😰😇🤡🤥😳😱😰😇💩🤥🤡👽😰😳😱😈🤥🤢😰😳😱💩🤢🤥😰😱😵😇💩🤡🤥😳😱😰💩😇🤡🤥🤢😱😰😵😇💩🤡🤥😳😱😰😇🤥🤡💩😳😱😰💩🤡😇🤥😳😱😰💩😇🤡🤥😳😱😰😇🤡🤥😳😱😰💩😇🤥🤡🤢😳😰😱🤡🤥😇😳😱😰🤢😱😳😰😇🤡🤥😇🤥🤡🤢😳😱😰💩🤠🤡🤥😳😰😱😱👽🤠😳🤡🤥😱🤠😳🤡😱🤠😳🤡💩🤡😳😱🤠💩🤠🤡😳😱👽🤡🤥🤠😱😰😳🤡💩🤠🤥👽😰😳😱🤥🤡🤠😱😳🤡💩🤠😳😱💩🤡😱🤠😳🤡🤠😳😱😰😝😜😢😧😢😝😜😫😪😧🤤😝😜😪😔😧😝😜🤤😢😔😪😝☹🤤😪😔😢😛😝😪😫🤤😢😧😪😫🤤😛😝😫😪🤤😧😛😪😝😫😛🤤😧😝😫😪😛😝😧🤤😪😛😫😝🤤😲😝😫😪🤤😧😛😝😫🤤😪😢😛😧😝🤤😢😪😫😧😛😝🤤😛😢😝😧😫😪🤤😛🤤😪😫😧🤓🤤😝😫😪🤤😛😧😝🤤😢😪😫😛🤤😝😢😪😫😛🤤😝😢😢😛😝🤤😫😪😪😫😛😝🤤😧😛🤤😝😪😫😧😛😝🤤😢😪😫😧😜😝😢😪😫😛😧😝😪😫😢😪😜😧😝😫😢😧😢😜😪😝😫😜😝😫😪😜😝😧😪😫😢😫😜😧😢😝😪😧😕😜😝😫😪😫😜😝😪😜😝😧😪😫😕😜😝😧😪😢😫😜😧😝😕😫😪😜😝😕😫😪😧😜😪😫😝😜😝😫😪😜😝😧😫😪😕😝😧😕😝😕😧😫😛😝😲😕😫😪😛😝😧😕😪😴🤓🤓😴😴😧😝🤓😧😛😝😕😪😧😝😛😴😪😕😧😪😴😝😛😕😪😴😧😪😴🤤😝😛😧🤤😝😛😪😴😧🤤😝😛😕😪😫😧😝😛😕😫😪🤤😛😕😫😝😛🤤😧😕😫😝🤤😝😧😝😛😕😝😧🤓😦😜🤤🤓😦😜🤤🤓🤤😜😦😝😛😧😕😪😫😛😝😫😝😜😫😕😜😝😫😪😢😝😜😫😢😪😧😢😜😝😫😪😝😢😜😫😪💩😇👽😵😇🤡💩😱😳😇😱😳🤡😇🤡💩😱👽😳💩😇🤡😱😳🤡😇💩😱😳👽😇💩🤡👽😱😳💩😇🤡👽😳😱😇🤡😱😇🤡💩👽😇💩🤡👽😱😵😇🤖🤡👽😱😵🤡😇💩👽😱😵🤡😇💩😳👽😇💩🤡😱😳😇🤡💩👽😳😱😇👽🤡😳😱💩💩👽😱😳🤡😇💩😳😱👽😇🤡💩😱👽😳😠🤖🤠🤠😠🤖🤡😠🤖😱👽😇💩😱👽😳🤡😇💩😇🤡😱😳🤢💩🤡😱😳💩🤡🤕😱😳💩🤡😇🤢😳😱💩🤡😳🤕😱🤕😳🤡😱💩🤕🤡😱😳💩😳😰🤡😇💩😱😳😇🤡🤢😱😳🤡😇💩🤥👽😱🤡😳🤥😇💩🤥😳😱👽😇💩🤡👽😱😳🤡💩😇👽😱😳💩😇😱👽😳😠🤖🤡🤥😳😱😇🤖🤡🤥👽😱😳🤖😇👽🤡😳😱🤥👽😳😱🤥🤡

  8. It is really true cause I have experienced it but if you don't make music or listened to music enough than you might not note a difference between E and Eb for example

  9. The first app probably just judges the pronunciation of your singing and because u had a Swedish accent it thought u were bad

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