100 thoughts on “This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

  1. We dnt believe in such farming… we want plant grown on soil with water… where some beneficial and harmful insects will be arround the plant… these kind of technology had made people mad. Only God knows what exactly we need accordingly He has given everything to us. Distorting this we are harming ourself….. even one more child today is burden on earth.

  2. I have also looked into the nutritional issue, and every study I found agreed that such produce is more nutritional and has even better flavor. Here is a link to the first source I checked, feel free to dig deeper, of course. I would encourage it.
    In summation let me say that this system can be used on a wide variety of produce, is economically sound, nutritionally sound, and leaves a far lesser environmental footprint than conventional farming. If those not already doing so can be urged to switch to alternative energy sources the method would be perfect.

  3. Partially yes. Need more energy to produce tuber or grains or fruit. Only more efficient for greeny salad vegie.

  4. Less people, less hunger!!!!! We are to much! Woman! Stop giving birth like nothing matters! It’s a big impact!

  5. I’m pretty sure this would only help food companies get more money by not having to grow real food on a real farm I don’t see how this actually helps the average person with anything.

  6. The way of the fork tongued people.

    Keep this horror in the west and leave humanity to thrive with nature.

    Carcinogenic monsters.

  7. So far every one solution brings out 3 more problems. Experiment, learn, recover, react, rationalize, record, rinse, and repeat. Forcing people to go with your plan is a no win. What do you think?

  8. Farm future uses no soil and 95% less water. But 1000% uses electricity that using coal to make the power. Ummm ok fine.

  9. 75% of polution comes from agriculture , uuuuugh ok, BUT uuuh yeaaaah , 100% of any “polution” comes from GREED LOVE OF money is the root of all evil! God should know he created us, soooo yeah lets blame it on Greed NOT agriculture , !

  10. Woah! We don’t need natural resources anymore. This is the beginning of destruction of this era. We can also cover the entire land with flat surface and build sunroof to cover entire earth so that humans can live inside that without nature. Our so called highly civilised people doesn’t know what is necessary anymore.

  11. I bet there is waay less good bacteria with this farming method. There's a saying "if it aint broke don't fix it"…. Talk about greed

  12. I wonder how high is CO2 there…maybe 5000 ppm XD
    Plants do love CO2!

    P.S. There is no greenhouse effect :
    This shitty video is made for CNN or other crap-heads like Times?
    Man i disliked instantly…

  13. All you need is a metric fuck ton of constant power for the constant lighting, the water systems, climate control, and monitoring

  14. If beyond meat can be highly successful, I don't see how this cannot be either. The energy consumption is my main skepticism

  15. I never fallow any thing and I got to know more I'm a up and coming chef and have big ideas but don't know ware to start evict? Sorry I can't spell so well but all my energy is in cooking and making grate meals for ppl. Why I'm a chef is win I was 9 my dad had to leave for 3 months with court issues and one of the biggest moments in my life is in those 3 months live like a month and some change without power and my dad came home for just a day or two you still didn't have power we all sat around me and my sister mom and dad around the kitchen table and just ate cold SpaghettiOs half happy I'm half just enjoying each other's company that's why I'm a chef I never want anybody to eat cold SpaghettiOs in the dark with candles some ideas information some guidance would be really helpful thank you for your time

  16. I hope the governments build huge agrow buildings before the starvation from crop failure happens … yikes eh

  17. I believe that our governments have many of theses farms underground so when the shit hits the fan they will just run underground and wait it out!

  18. Those are mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs hanging over all of those plants. How do they decontaminate when those break or leak? How do they detect when they leak?

  19. Great video and I loved it
    . Also, the value should be increased by details of vertical farms "aeroponics" So watch this video : https://youtu.be/LqYWrOD-xqc

  20. I know that plants don't need yellow spectrum, but how are you reducing energy footprint by consuming electricity made by burning coal, when sun is free 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  21. This kind of development will ruin..this is not modern agriculture, this is disaster agriculture.. Pls stop this

  22. No no.. there's a problem here.. first.. how do u feed plants with nutrients without soil? Ha. You are putting inorganic stuff into the water.. so does anybody think how this hurts us on long term ?

  23. I still believe there is some piece of info missing, how can foods grown under these tubelights compare to food grown under sunlight and natural air?? Fishy…

  24. Things they fail to mention: massive amount of electricity used to maintain optimum environment plus massive investment that need to be made in buildings that are needed for closed farming such as these.

  25. Well u cant replace sun energy with any of ur super genius artificial light/heat energy
    Soon u guys will be producing meat beef or even milk with ur super un natural ingredients
    Stop working for hospital Nd doctors, stop producing new diseases 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  26. Probably the lights are operating here are fossil fuel generated electricity. An excellent profit making idea focused on the customer just might end up promoting the use of fossil fuel rather than solar energy or the other renewable sources. I hope they soon look into the matter and make their concerns about nature exemplary than profit making. Cheers.

  27. So funny I happened to be listing to Dr Despommier's book Vetical Farming when I came across this video. Perfect update on all that he predicted and hoped for!

  28. Why do people feel the need to tell others that they knew something before they did? Congrats, you know a fact.
    Feck! I gotta avoid the comment section.

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