Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) Ft. Emma Chamberlain

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100 thoughts on “Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) Ft. Emma Chamberlain

  1. Actually the dealer stops drawing once he reaches 17 or more. But people typically play with cards. So I won’t judge you too much.

  2. I couldn’t stand the guest. Don’t even care enough to remember her name. If it wasn’t for Rhett and Link I’d be gone

  3. These guys made a mistake they would have have so many more views if you could see the words Emma Chamberlain 🤣🤣

  4. Well, she's eighteen now. I'm not noting that for any personal reasons. I just want to leave this comment here and let the internet do its thing

  5. i work at a charity shop and we actually do price books by size XD coz we often have zero idea of what the book is about

  6. xD I have the same pictures of Mickey and Minnie framed in my childhood home xD ahahhahah we bought it after going to Disney World (in Florida) in 1996 xD

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