Top 10 Essential Games Everyone Should Own!

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  1. Wait how is Splendor boring looking? I've always thought of that game's art as one of its selling points….

  2. Putting a list of the game picks in the description would be VERY HELPFUL. I watched the entire vid, but being able to go and look at a list of the games would be nice to reference.

  3. My Essential,
    10. Bärenpark
    7. Altiplano
    6.Dinosaur Island
    4.Castles of Burgandy
    3. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
    1. Codenames

  4. Besides 7 Wonders, Splendor is definitely the most played game in my gaming group. Right you are, Tom. Our sometimes gamers and newbies love this one! And the after market pad to play on helps the visuals a lot.

  5. From Top 10 Essentials it became top 10 Introductory!?! Zee you were on course. Tom and Sam lost the plot. Entertaining but un-useful.

  6. Great video. It’s missing to me complexity levels and player amounts for every game. Like 3/5 complexity and 4-8 players. This would make the video better.

  7. Wow! I've been a serious gamer since 1960 and I do NOT own one of these games. Truth in advertising: I have played a few of these, truly enjoy Ancient Wonders, Shadows over Camelot and Carcassonne. I just let my gaming buddies bring the game to the table.

  8. I find it interesting how most of the games mentioned in this video, later ended up also being featured in their "most ovverrated games" video. . .

  9. These are very uninspired lists. I own Smallworld, but can never get it to the table. Shadows over Camelot is one I have considered owning at various points and one I always enjoy playing. Sushi Go Party is ok, but I quickly got tired of it.

    Carcassone and Ticket to Ride are both good, but with the apps either on my phone or on my laptop, I just can't see going back to playing the tabletop versions. 7 Wonders, Five Tribes and Dominion are all ok games.

    And I couldn't be more bored playing Deception, Sheriff of Nottingham, or Codenames.

  10. Watching this again and… I have 6 games from Tom's Top 10, 6 games from Sam's Top 10 and 6 games from Zee's Top 10 :)) I hope soon to make this 10-10 🙂

  11. Doing pretty good on my collection, only missing 8 out of all of those mentioned in the video WOOT! 😀 I tend to be the most 'in-sync' with Zee's selections.

  12. Small world is good, but it has so much text. This can be a turn off to a lot of people when the game is first introduced

  13. Great picks!! But sad to see that nobody picked Catan for their list :/ I think it's really a must-have game and it's also fairly easy to get into! And, maybe I'm biased by Will Wheaton's Tabletop, but I do think Betrayal at House on the Hill would be a good addition to this list!

  14. I’ve acquired several games from this list when I began this hobby in earnest. Most of them were HITS as I attended 2-4 board game Meetups per week. However, Jamaica did not receive well in any circle here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; and it played at events with international participants.

    Love Letter is receive much more vehemently (mostly in its alternate forms like Loot letter, but imo Lord of the Rings version is best) should definitely be on this list in its stead.

    Also popular is my mutated King of Tokyo game – house rules include making your monster noise when entering Tokyo and up to 10 players with a starting power.

    All being said, my table runs at a Meetup where Werewolf attracts 15-20 players all night long….and I don’t play Werewolf!

  15. if surprised Vasel didnt pick Eldrich Horror as at least number 3 ( well i guess its quite a complicated game) but i was sure it was gonna make the list

  16. I agree with almost everything on this list but 7 wonders if you’re going from a new to gaming perspective.
    I love it but I always check the person has board game experience already.
    I played this with someone who had never played board games before. Makes you really see how hard a lot of the mechanics are if you’ve never experienced them before.

  17. #15. splendor, #14 acquire, #13 7 wonders, #12 tzolkin,#11 railroad tycoon,#10. dunne,#9 blackbeard,#8. starship troopers,#7. travellers,#6 circus maximus,5# stone age#4 world in flames, #3 arkham horror, #2 ceasar of alesia,#1 bitter woods

  18. 39:50 Splendor does well and everyone should own it because: 1) It's quick to setup and to teardown; 2) Its gameplay is easy to teach; 3) Its playtime is fairly fast; 4) And it has fantastic component quality.

  19. I agree with Zee about Blood Rage that it is so accessible. Even people that aren’t confrontational can die a lot and win. That’s mind-blowing for an area control battle game. I just played it for the first time and I can see why Sam loves it so much.

  20. Carcassonne… 🙁 I'd rather pull out my own fingernails. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't care. Send it back to hell!

  21. Darn….I have been working on building a board game collection and I don’t have any of these 🙁 Dixit is on my wishlist though, it reminds me of one of my favorite games ‘Wise and Otherwise’.

  22. Smallworld, King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride are expensive garbage. Smallworld is s drudgerous exercise in arithmetic and patience, due to the broken combos, King of Tokyo is just a convoluted version of "roll the dice and see what happens" and Ticket to Ride is long and lacks any excitement. Some people will like them, but to call them essential is just insane.

  23. For me and my very small collection, the games that ALWAYS go over well with newcomers and ALWAYS have them looking it up to order for themselves, in no particular order, are:
    1) Indigo
    2) Jamaica
    3) Century Golem
    4) Onitama
    5) Telestrations
    6) Pandemic
    Runners up are Santorini and Camel Up. For non-gamers all the above catch them by VERY pleasant surprise:) Every single one of the above has brand new players immediately saying “let’s play that again”

  24. 5 minutes before you even start talking about the games. All your cooperative videos are like this, please cut that down!

  25. I'm kinda new to gaming and this review ticks all my boxes!

    Great Recommendations and hopefully as you state, these
    recommendations will Point me in the right direction for future game purchases

    Also, you 3 guys offer excellent insights to help make my choices easier…and very funny.

    I look forward to more reviews

    Much appreciated!

  26. Will try a few of these thanks for the excellent work. I personally like the following for beginners, Scotland Yard or Escape from Colditz more advanced Lettrrs from Whitechapel and Diplomacy but my all time fave us Arkham Horror

  27. Uhm.. where is Terra Mystica? My huge number 1? And what about Settlers of Catan? Everyone MUST have this game, it's great, but also the game that turned most gamers into realll gamers 🙂

  28. One of the things I like about these sorts of lists is that (for me) it’s important to have a bunch of Gateway Games that I can pull out to introduce people* to boardgames.

    * people that think Monopoly is a good game 🤣

  29. The guy on the right kind of assumes new players will be overly adverse to rules/complexity… I’ve recently gotten into board games with Catan, but I’ve played many strategy computer games and AD&D, so yeah don’t assume new board game players will be allergic to some complexity, as some of us are used to that from other genres.

    Also what is a “Legacy” game?

  30. My top 10 essential games in no particular order:
    The Resistance OR The Resistance: Avalon
    Escape: The Curse of the Temple
    Space Alert
    Exodus: Proxima Centauri
    Spirit Island
    Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
    Battlestar Galactica
    King of Tokyo

    Honorable mention because you can only play it once:
    Pandemic Legacy Season 1

    Other honorable mentions:
    For Sale

  31. when you only own one of the games on this list and actively hate some of them like Ticket to ride and Carcassone lmfao

  32. These lists are everywhere on the spectrum.
    It's not hard to believe some groups are merely controlling the after-market games.

  33. This isn't a list of the best gateway games. It's a list of mediocre gateway games with a few good ones mixed in. Not the best though. If I were new to the hobby, several of these would have turned me off, and they definitely do now.

  34. .. No. It is wrong and makes people miserable to just buy everything, If its not something that specifically satisfies them, It just turns into misery.

  35. The problem with Shadows over Camelot is the traitor mechanic, and I am dissapointed that you guys did not mention it. Earlier you talked about how it could e off-putting to be alone against all others, yet a game with just this mechanic gets the nr 1 spot?

  36. I like the list but it was very close to your list of intro games.

    For an essential game I would use this criteria: If a friend said "You should meet Tom, because you're both board gamers", I would expect Tom to have these 10 games in his collection.

  37. Where do you find these games? Just started a campaign for my game on Kickstarter but curious where could sell it after that.

  38. What? No Puerto Rico? No Catan? I don’t care for catan, but I know it’s popular. I guess ticket to ride comes down to personal preference, I never cared for it, and found it at a yard sale and resold it soon after! 7wonders is based on the luck of the draw as is many card games, and it is one game I will tolerate, like race for the galaxy(you guys didn’t pick it???) but I look at them as luck being a big part of winning. Same for Carcassonne, I will not play on it the BGA anymore because one time my tile was a road for like 8 moves!

  39. Risk, AD&D, Tactics II, Squad Leader w/Cross of Iron Expansion, Star Fleet Battles w/1st expansion, Fortress America, Millie Bournes, Divine Right , LotR(FF) – In no particular order.

    Honorable mentions-Gladiator(AH), Ogre/GEV, Gamma world , Traveller, Ironclads, The Awful Green Things from Outer Space, Axis and Allies, Monopoly, WarHammer- (which was called "Chainmail"-by those in know 😉

  40. 40:18 – "I've taught this to high-school age kids".
    Are you fucking serious? How stupid do you think high-school students are to make a statement like that?

  41. Question about #5 – Games like Deception: Murder in Hong Kong sounds an awful lot like the mainstream board game, Clue. Thing is, I hate Clue because it is slow and boring. Is this game better than Clue? Or, is it just as slow and just as boring? How is it better than Clue?

  42. Try "Conspiracy" by Milton Bradley. It's a light weight spy strategy game without dice, cards or other explicit luck. Yet there's enough chance involved that anyone could win, with experience. And it's funny with spy pieces like "Miss Behavin, Earl E Byrd, Tanya Hyde, Armad Carr, May Heim, Rock Bottom. There is bidding involved that's gets comical with friendly players, exposing what money opponents have placed on spy pieces, and bluffing. Moving the Top Secrete briefcase piece into your headquarters wins the game, which is usually about 30 minutes for my parties. So we play several. Although it's out of production, there is Remake with new rules, new pieces, that is similar, but I havent played the remake. I had a FANTASTIC time with "Conspiracy" this Thanksgiving.

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