Top 10 Games That Are Illegal To Play

Hello hello hello everyone what is happening! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
to another video here at most amazing top 10. Now I for one used to be an avid video gamer,
I had the ps1, ps2, ps3, i even played a bunch of PC games and lets not forget all the good
old times on the nintendo DS. But of course there are always some games
here and there that cause a lot of controversy so much so that they end up getting banned. Worse than that they just become straight
up illegal to play. So lets find out more. Just a disclaimer these games vary, some are
illegal, some are banned and some have stopped being distributed depending on what part of
the world you live in. I feel like a broken record saying this but
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if you havent already guys! But enough of me rambling, lets jump straight
into it. She says after like 30 seconds of rambling
lol. This is the top 10 games that are illegal
to play. Starting us off with number 10 is Rapelay. And i wish i could say the game isnt as bad
as its title or sugarcoat it in any way possible but I really cant. Rapelay was a 3D erotic game made by the Japanese
company Illusion and was released in 2006. The game is single player and the story is
quite short and horrendous. You play as the main male character Masaya
Kimura who basically gets arrested for groping a woman on the train. He then decides to stalk that girl and her
sister and mother and rapes all 3 of them. There are 2 possible endings to the game but
thankfully both result in Masaya dying. Surprisingly this game wasnt banned straight
away but 3 years after its release, a member of BR parliament got the game banned and got
Amazon to remove it from its website. and I mean its pretty self explanatory as to why
because it promotes this violent behaviour so lets just move on to the next one. Coming in at number 9 is Manhunt 2. Released by renowned developer of controversial
games Rockstar games released this sequel psychological horror stealth video game back
in 2007. The game follows Daniel Lamb a mental patient
who suffers from amnesia while trying to uncover who he really is and Leo Kasper whos a sociopathic
assassin. The game focuses on stealth attacks which
usually come in the form of attacking the person from behind undetected and there are
3 levels of execution each more gruesome than the previous. The sequel includes using firearms for executions
and using objects around the player like telephones or toilets to also execute the victim. In the first one you could even suffocate
your victims with a plastic bag. Despite this game ranking number 1 in the
Gameranxs list of top 25 goriest games of all times, this game had mixed to positive
reviews. However the game was just deemed as way too
gory, it was refused classification in the UK and even after Rockstar went back and added
some filters to the gore like removing all but 2 decapitations in the game, what an improvement
i guess? It still ended up being banned from sale in
South Korea, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Seeing the screenshots of this game it really
is gore to the max and im not one thats really disgusted by gore but its alot. At number 8 we have Grand Theft Auto. Now I’ve played GTA 5 and San Andreas, the
latter being my favourite and its funny because growing up my sister used to mute the game
so I couldnt hear the characters swearing while I played. I know you can do bad stuff in the game but
I didnt realise it was banned in so many countries. If you havent played it, GTA has you playing
as the main character and you complete missions and achieve your objectives in the story. But when youre not playing the story you are
free to roam the world youre in, free to run over people if you want, fight with whoever
you want. You name it you can do it in GTA. the game
does have a lot of violence in it as well as general mayhem and sexual content. Back in 2008 a man called Polwat Chino was
riding in a cab in Bangkok and when it was time to pay he stabbed the driver to death
citing GTA saying killing seemed easy in the game. The game was banned in Thailand after that. Different components of the series are also
banned in Brazil, China, Japan, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, South Korea and the UAE. Filling our number 7 slot is Standoff. Originally titled Active Shooter, already
problematic, the first person shooter game was developed by Russian game developer Anton
Makarevskiy and was originally set for release in 2018. The plot of the game is pretty simple, the
setting is a school shooting and you can either take the role of the active shooter or a SWAT
team member responding to an SOS about the event. As the player you can choose whichever weapon
youd like like knives, guns, grenades etc and your death toll of police and civilians
is tallied live on your screen. I feel like this is such a horrendous idea
i dont know why Anton even thought this would be a good premise for a video game but anyway. The game obviously attracted a lot of controversy,
parents of the Stoneman Douglas High school shooting victims got 100,000 signatures whilst
petitioning against it. The game was cancelled and their platform
was removed from Steam as well. Now at number 6 is is Gal*Gun: Double Peace. Now this game is a rail shooter bishoko game
developed by Inti Creates and it was released in Japan in 2015 and worldwide the following
year. Its a sequel to the original Gal*Gun released
in 2011 and the game is set at an academy in Japan and basically follows an unpopular
male student called Houdai Kudoki. A student cupid hits Houdai with 32 times
the original intended amount and then soon after the whole school is in love with him. So much so they start hurting him in a way
involving bondage you could say. The game follow him shooting his female classmates
with Pheromone shots while he desperately tries to find his True Love girlfriend before
sunset. Because if he doesnt he will face a lifetime
alone. The game has been banned in countries like
New Zealand and the UAE for supporting and promoting the exploitation of children and
the use of coercion and force during sexual conduct. Coming in at number 5 is Postal 2. Or postal squared. This is a black comedy shooter video game
released by Running With Scissors back in 2003. Black comedy meaning jokes about things that
are taboo like death, mental illness, sexuality, discrimination, racism etc. The game follows Postal dude going through
the week, each day he has a bunch of mundane tasks he has to do. As the player you can do these tasks peacefully
or you can choose to do them as violently as possible. The choice is yours. Throughout the game youre provoked by everyone
else in the game almost all the time. A year after its release the Office of Film
and Literature Classification banned the game in New Zealand for excessive levels of violence
as well as animal abuse. And thats not even the worst the game has
to offer. This game is interesting because its hard
to sort of ban or hate it because it really only gets as bad as you let it get. You can finish the game harming no one or
you can finish it whilst killing everyone. At number 4 is is Hatred. Now this game is an isometric shoot em up
video game released by Destructive Creations in 2015. The game follows the main character who is
a misanthropic mass killer who is on a genocide crusade mission trying to kill as many people
as he can. Its trailer release alone back in 2014 had
already garnered a lot of controversy and by the time it was released it got severely
negative reviews. The game pretty much has no message or moral
other than a slew of endless violence and i dont get why someone would create a game
full of that much death and destruction just because. Some of the pictures I saw of this game are
so graphic and dark I was just thinking to myself i dont know who would play this happily. I mean youre talking genocide for fun. Like that isnt a joke. The game was removed by Valve Corporation
from their Steam greenlight service for a while but was brought back and re released. Filling our number 3 slot is Custers Revenge. Now this game is old. Im talking released in 1982 by Atari 2600
old. The game is an adult video game with the main
character being General George Armstrong Custer who is famous for being a commander in the
American Civil War and for his colossal defeat at the battle of Little Bighorn. The game controls Custer wearing nothing but
a cavalry hat, a bandana and boots with a very noticeable erection. Your obstacles in the game are arrows being
thrown at you and your aim is to avoid the arrows and reach the other side of the screen
so you can have sex with a Native American Woman tied to a pole. Yeah you heard that right. The original game was packaged as not for
sale to minors and it sparked a lot of controversy and rightfully so. Antisex feminist Andrea Dworkin even claimed
it physically generated a lot of gang rapes of Native Amreican women. Theres no data to back up her claim but many
cities wanted to ban the game but only one actually ended up doing it. Shout out to you Oklahoma City. Now at number 2 is The Guy Game. And from the title you can maybe see where
this game is headed. The Guy Game was an adult video game made
by Topheavy studios and was actually the first and last game they ever released. It was released in 2004 and follows a trivia
game show style with 4 people being able to play at once. The game has 20 episodes altogether and features
a total of 1000 questions. Now youre probably sat there thinking, there
doesnt really seem anything wrong with this game? Wrong my friend. The game is mostly composed of live action
footage of girls in bikinis aptly named the hotties and if you do well in the game then
the hotties eventually take their bikini off and show you their boobs. Theres actually a Flash O Meter in the game
so the more correct answers you give the higher the meter goes and the more exposed the boobs
become. The game actually ended up as part of a lawsuit
because one of the girls in the game wasnt told her boobs would be used to promote the
game and she was 17 years old when it was recorded thus making her underage. The game was removed from the market real
quick and now its a distant dream. Or nightmare. And finally at number 1 is Sad Satan. Already the name is weird so you can imagine
whats about to follow. This was a PC game published by ZK and was
downloaded to the tor network via a deep web internet forum by an unknown developer back
in 2015. I say back like it was ages ago when it was
really only 4 years ago. The name of the game is alluding to the Led
Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven which apparently if you play backwards you can hear satanic
lyrics. This was the last game featured on the youtube
channel Obscure Horror Corner before the channel stopped operating for unknown reasons. Some people say the person behind the channel
is the real developer of the Sad Satan and it was all just a publicity stunt. The game basically features you walking down
a bunch of monochromatic hallways and hearing audio tapes that keeps looping over each other. The selection of audio tapes is ofc creepy
as hell, interviews from murderer Charles Manson, as well as distorted audios of other
tapes. It also shows pictures of murder victims,
people being beheaded and people getting hit by vehicles. Other than the main player, the only other
characters in the game are children that stand and do not interact with you or move at all. An updated version of the game was uploaded
by someone claiming to be ZK but that was actually a virus and peoples computers started
slowing down considerably or plain not working at all. And thats all for todays video guys! Im very intrigued at what the comments section
of this video will be like because I really want to know if you guys have played any of
these games and what you think? And for the other games on the list what are
your thoughts? Did they deserve to get banned? Did they not? Let me know below and ill respond to as many
of you as I can! As always guys Im your host Ayman Hasan and
ill see you next time. Byee.

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