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96 thoughts on “TOP 10 NEW Free PC FPS GAMES

  1. how can this be the state of f2p fps, its still completely worthless
    not to mention theyre all dead, barely making it over 7k players

  2. you kidding me warmode is the worst trash I have ever tried in my life my first game I got a rage hacker who would spawn kill the entire map in a second and the weapons are clunky

  3. a question here, I'm not actually a gamer or anything but I love playing fps games so if anybody knows any games that I can play with my 32 bit pc? TT

  4. I did not receive the best reception?
    lol, you mean it wasn`t well received, or its reception wasn`t the best, etc..
    Receive a reception lol.
    Grammar-nazi OCD made me do it

  5. Something funny:
    Around a half year before Black Squad's release, I made a FPS game in the same Game Engine as Black Squad's and named it Black Squad…But it was later canceled…

  6. your link to is link to a cheater downloads wtf hackers ?? i hate cheaters 100% 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Warface too many OPK hero 🙂
    Heroes & Generals bad graf and gameplay
    Argo just bad
    Line of sight dont know this one, never heard of it, will cheack it out for sure 🙂 THX
    UT4 just dont like it was a fun of old UT games
    BF2 i dont liked BF1 so will pass on this

    The amazing… no thx 🙂
    Blacklight i loved that game for total of 2 days dl-ed it on patch day it was a blast told all my friend to dl it, next day seeing few hackers +1 day and deleted it, speed hackers, OPK heroes so on… NEVER AGAIN!
    Paladins NO THX
    Dirty bomb 2 good game, then hackers got swarmed in, deleted it after 2 hour
    Black squad i will try 🙂

  8. TF2?
    Came before Paladins , is the first war themed hat simulator game and is amazing. why isn't it even on the list????

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