Top 10 Video Game Crossovers That Shocked The World

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10 video game crossovers that shocked the world. Roll the intro. Kingdom Hearts III
Kindgom Hearts 3 is the 12th and latest installment of the Kingdom Hearts series, released by
Aquare Enix for the ps4 and xbox 1.It serves as a conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga that
began with the original game. This game features an ungodly amount of characters. Disney characters lke Woody, Buzz Lightyear,
Sully, Mike Wazowski, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel and more appear in this game. Not to mention the frozen cast, Baymax, Winnie
the Pooh and his gang, and the squeeze toy aliens from toy story also make an appearance. While the crossover itself may be an odd choice,
the game received favorable reviews. Getting consistently 8/10, with the exception
of who have the game a 4/10, citing that the games plot is incomprehensible. Despite this the game was the top-selling
game in north America for January of 2019 and the third top selling game in febuary
of 2019, exceeding the sales of Kingdom Hearts 2 by over 80%. Over 5 million copies were sold by febuary
4th making it the fastest selling title in the series. So despite it being a little, unconventional,
it was still a smash hit. Disney infinity
Disney infinity was Disney’s attempt at a skylanders style video game. They pumped this thing out on everything. Windows, ps3, ps4, Wii U, xbox 360, Xbox 1,
and even apple tv. With 3.0 they managed to combine all their
universes together to create a game with a rich story, indepth combat, and so many characters
and figures that you literally had to dedicate a dresser to this thing. There are more figures in this game that characters
in Kingdom Hearts 3 and is a story game, a sandbox game, and a racing game. This thing is so confused it’s Trisha Paytas’
relationship status. It doesn’t know if its single, with Jason,
with someone else or marrying Jason mamoa. Or a cardboard cutout of brad pitt. Nobody really expected Disney to make a skylanders
game but of course they did, its dinsey and they want as close to a monopoly as they can
get. Sure the game received positive reviews but
this is more than that. It’s a matter of principal. Disney, stop it. Get some help. Lego Rock Band
Why? Why? Why? This is honestly the most cash grabby, kid
targeted game I have ever seen. Released in North America on November 3rd
2009 lego rock band is the weirdest crossover of gaming genre. It’s literally rock band but with lego characters. Up until this point we hadn’t seen rock
stars or musicians in lego sets unless they were part of a fantasy or sci-fi setting. The game was for families and thus every song
was handpicked. You could also download songs from other games
but they would be passed through a family friendly filter. So you couldn’t go off and make a lego character
call you a yellow-jacket mother lover. The game contained some lego aspects but was
basically a glorified rock band game to make more money off the franchise before it was
reduced to an arcade game at dave n’ busters. The game received moderate reviews but I feel
as if it should have gotten shut down before production. Nobody expected this hell, nobody wanted this. I don’t know one person who enjoyed Lego
Rock Band. If you did please tell me why in the comments
because I don’t know if I’ll ever understand the appeal. This is a worse cash grab than cars 3. Sonic Lost World
The Legend of Zelda Zone is a DLC zone exclusive to the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. Using this DLC you can explore hyrule with
Sonic, dressed in a green tunic and hat. The rings are replaced with rupees which turn
into saved animals after being collected. This is weirder than sonic and Mario at the
Olympic games! Link and sonic have never interacted outside
of the smash bros games to my knowledge and the fact that Sonic can just straight up go
to hyrule after not speaking to link is kinda nuts.This was for sure something I wasn’t
expecting and I guess the devs didn’t either. Since it only got released for the Wii U version
and that’s it. The amount of effort that would have gone
in to this is not worth it for a one console release. Fortnite x Superheroes
When Fortnite x Avengers and the endgame variant rolled out it completely changed the game. Players were meant to work together to take
down the player who had assumed the role of Thanos. In the endgame version you were dropped into
the map with 3 times health, looking for an avengers weapon to fight against the villain
team. Or if you were on the villain team fight against
the heroes. The original crossover was not expected and
it completely threw me for a loop. The endgame was more expected since they had
already done it before, but making poor sweet korg play this game. Why marvel? Why? But after a rift zone had converted Tilted
Towers into a mini Gotham City, we got an even more unexpected combination. Fortnite x batman. You were able to unlock new skins, items,
cosmetics and challenges based on Batman and his cohorts. Some of these challenges included Deal 250
damage to opponents with an explosive batarang, light up 3 different bat-signals outside gotham
city, use a Batman Grapnel gun in 3 different matches, defuse joker gas canisters found
in 3 different named locations, deal any damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a
batman grapnel gun and light a bat signal, use a batman grapnel gun, and deal any damage
with an explosive batarang. The reward for completing them was Catwoman’s
glider. NBA Street
NBA street v3. Not really the most likely video game to see
Mario and the crew right? Well in this game, you can answer the question
we’ve all been dying to know for years! Who would win in a 3 on three basketball pickup
game? Miami heat, or Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. You thought Mario tennis was ridiculous? B you haven’t even SEEN Mario hitting 3
pointers like an absolute G. Mario is so ballin’ he’s Kawhi Leonard. This game is so utterly ridiculous that it’s
honestly laughable. This was supposed to be due to a deal EA had
with Nintendo where EA would include Nintendo characters in some of their games, so maybe
that’s why it’s so bizarre? They didn’t want to include the characters
in a good game because Nintendo would win in that case? Honestly though, Mario, Peach and Luigi got
some sick moves on the court. Playstation AllStars Battle Royale
Okay guys, we need a new game for the playstation. What’s really hot right now? Oh! Super smash brothers just came out on the
Wii; we could get the rights and put it out on the playstation! No that’s too much money. Let’s just copy them with our characters. That was the pitch meeting for Playstation
All Stars Battle Royale. This game, is such a rip off of smash bros
you can still see the smash logo in the title scree. Not literally of course but who expected playstation
to put out their own battle royale game? Nobody. Nobody expected it, wanted it, asked for it,
not even thought about it but here it is. You can play as Big Daddy, Cole MacGrath,
Colonel Radec, Dante, Emmet Graves, Evil Cole MacGrath, Fat princess, Heihachi Mishima,
Isaac Clarke, Jax and Dexter, Kratos, Nariko, Nathan Drake, Parappa the Rappa, Raiden, Ratchet
and Clank, Sackboy, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Sly Copper, Spike, Sweet Tooth, Toro Inoue,
and Zues. Not to mention the final boss of the story
mode is Polygon man from the original PlayStation reveal that was soon removed entirely. If you wanna learn more about Polygon man? check out the top 10 biggest sony fails video. Poker Night at The Inventory
Developed by Telltale Games Poker night at the inventory pits you against Tycho from
Penny Arcade, Max from Sam and Max, Strong Bad from homestar runner and The red heavy
from Team fortress 2 in a riveting game of poker. The game received good reviews and got itself
a sequel. The sequel includes Brock Samson from the
venture bros, claptrap from borderlands, ash Williams from the evil dead, sam and max from
sam and max, GLaDOS from Portal, and her pet turrets. With this wide a reach of characters, coming
from all different kinds of games, the fact that these characters were brought together
was crazy. Nobody expected this game, from telltale making
a poker game to them including characters from beloved video games and stories, its
impressive to see what can work so well. The game received an 8/10 from IGN and fans
are still waiting for a third, despite 2 being released in april of 2013. Pokemon Conquest
Pokemon conquest is a crossover between the pokemon franchise and Nobunaga’s Ambition. Released in 2012, it was released by the pokemon
company for the Nintendo ds. The player, accompanied by an eevee, travels
through the Ransei Region. You befriend pokemon and battle warriors throughout. While pokemon is not new to turn based combat
and strategy, the Nobunaga’s ambition series is about uniting japan. The game series certainly don’t really work
together and it wasn’t expected for them to crossover because like, why would you combine
a turn-based strategy, tactical role playing war game with pokemon? But alas, the game did fairly well receiving
decent reviews and getting a 9/10 on IGN. The game revolves around conquering other
kingdoms? Why bring pokemon into this I don’t understand! Are you supposed to be a team in this game? Like team rocket, team magma or team galactic? Who honestly knows? I don’t know for sure my brain is absolutely
fried. Let’s just wrap this up. Nicktoons MLB
Nicktoons MLB is a baseball game released in 2011 for various consoles. You can play as a plethora of characters from
shows like spongebob to fanboy and chum chum. The Nickelodeon lineup playing baseball has
to be one of the strangest things i’ve seen to date. Most of these characters aren’t in the same
universe, and most of them aren’t athletic, with some acceptions of course. Some seem like they would be overpowered. Like The Flying Dutchman from spongebob, Danny
Phantom (my personal favorite) and Aang, the avatar. Who could literally flick his finger and get
a grand slam. Or he could stop the ball in midair and grab
it. But of course he won’t do that in this game,
because he’s good and wont cheat. No, it’s because it was too much to code
and you know it. There we have it friends the Top 10 video
game crossovers that shocked everyone. If you enjoyed be sure to like and subscribe,
and don’t forget to leave me a comment down below telling me what you thought of this
list. While you do that, I’ll read out some comments
from a past video. Gacha Marissa/Pikachu
hears him talking about fnaf. Me if fnaf was real all of it I would totally
be a night guard. I don’t care what happens. Though my way of surviving would be trying
to befriend them i’m not very smart when it comes to scary games. my way to survive would be to quick my ducking
job. Yikes, if there is a literal change of death
i’m not staying unless I get paid stupid money! In highschool I had a co-op position at an
elementary school and a kid tried to stab me with safety scissors. That was enough thank you. YBC Peaches
Wassup uno reverse card me em drac esrever onu pussaw! Sonic 65101
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it was intended as such. That’s all we got time for today. Thank you all so much for watching, I have
been and shall remain connor munro and ill see you in another video.

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  1. I love Mario Tennis.. I play the N64 version and I like it. When I play for the first time I played so much that my thumb became purple.. lol

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  3. My favorite would be Disney Infinity because I recognize some of the characters in it and I've heard of that game before.

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