Top 5 Gambling Films Ever Made

Inside or outside the casino, there’s nothing
better to get a story going than a bet. When money’s on the line, tensions can get high.
These are our top 5 picks for the best films all about gambling. Casino Royale was the big reboot of Bond.
It was strange then that half of the film was spent away from the big action set pieces
and instead focused on a game of texas holdem poker. Of course when a 115 million dollar
pot is involved, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The film takes the fight away from
the guns, and puts it into the cards that Bond, and antagonist Le Chiffre, are dealt
against one another. It’s incredibly tense and although, spoiler alert, Bond gets some
unrealistically lucky hands, we can’t think of a film that captures the tension of Poker
better. The film 21 is based on the real life story
of 6 MIT students who went to Vegas every weekend across a stretch of a few months.
They devised the perfect method of counting cards without being spotted. The film documents
their wild successes, obviously throwing in a little extra betrayal and violence to spice
things up. But the story of how these students beat the casino system is still as fascinating
as ever. It’s a shame that we’re online Blackjack players. Sadly you just can’t
count the random number generator. For every success the students in 21 have,
Rain Man shows how easy it is to get caught counting cards. The film is primarily about
Raymond Babbit tracking down his estranged autistic brother Charlie. Being the upstanding
moral character he is, Raymond quickly realises Charlie is great at counting cards and so
takes him to hit the casinos. It’s a great story of two brothers finding each other and
the gambling section in the middle of the film punctuates their bonding as they work
together to make money. Shame they couldn’t keep their methods hidden from the casino
though. Trading Places starts with a simple bet between
two old billionaires. Does the nature of a man come from inside, or from his situation?
So starts the series of events which sees successful broker Louis Winthorpe III, played
by Dan Ackroyd, and Billy Ray Valentine, a street hustler played by Eddie Murphy; have
their lives switched. Louis is thrown out onto the street, his only friend being a friendly
prostitute, while Billy Ray Valentine is given a cushy new job and a nice apartment. Will
their situations change them? You’ll have to watch it to find out, but it all stems
from the bet of two bored, old billionaires. Rat Race is the story of yet another billionaire
who just wants to shake things up. Donald P. Sinclair, excellently portrayed by John
Cleese wants to create a new kind of gambling tournament. His idea? Get a whole group of
people to race each other across America for the chance to win 2 million dollars. Whoever
gets there first, keeps it. What follows is a mad dash as everyone gets into ridiculous
situations as they try to screw each other out of a chance at the money. It’s a hilarious
film and, maybe if a real life billionaire likes the idea, we could see it replacing
our Live Roulette at mobile casinos very soon. Thanks for watching this video and we hope
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  1. Silly thing: his last name is actually spelled Aykroyd. Weird, eh?

    Cool video. Keep them coming!

  2. Probably get a bunch of views simply because it is the worst constructed list of all time. Mentions "Our list", hard to believe more than one person worked on this.

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