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the Venetian $400 monster stack believed
35,000 chips to start 40k guaranteed one-day events view over the vlog is
putting us in this tournament for a 50/50 split let’s make the best of it
and win it in about 12 hours today I’m gonna really focus on playing the player
not so much the cards don’t Bluff calling stations and Bluff scared money
value bet big against guys that like to call value bets small against guys that
don’t like to call it seems pretty obvious but I often overlook who I’m
playing against and focus more on what’s the optimal line with the hand I have
more texture stuff like that see you guys in two hours there will only ever
be 69 man’s coins made ever with blinds at 300 600 600 we have our
original 30 case tag we’re under the gun plus two with Jack ten of Hearts and
make it 1,500 action folds to the big blind who have already noticed is
playing very loose he opened East five off and
double-barreled on King Queen eight five we’re heads up to a flop the flop comes
East Ace King with two hearts we got the range advantage and we got the royal
flush draw he checks we’re gonna down bet to 1,100 and he puts in the call at
this point I’m putting in mind a lot of small pairs we can King X’s and maybe
some broadway’s Queen Jack Queen ten type hands turn is an off suit eight
doesn’t improve us but we want to build this pot if we hit and we want to exude
our fold equity while we have it so we size up to 3,500
he quickly folds and we take down a pot we’re off to a good start with blinds at
300-600 Asian male age 21 to 40 opens under the gun plus 2 to 2 K large for
the normal open only been at the table for 10 minutes but noted guy in the
cutoff makes it six thousand action folds us in the big blind and we looked
out at East King off suit with just over 30,000 chips what do you do let me know
in the chat I don’t want a flat call and be out of position against two players
although we could just stick with a flop at Ace or King or fold strategy post
flop then again we’re not closing to action and we’re not exerting any fold
equity if we were too cold for bet rip it
folding seems a little a little weak and shoving all in seems just about right
it’s 9,200 dead in there let’s get it we shove all in original RAZR snap jams for
25000 second three better does not like it and he also puts in the call this is
not good news original RAZR has pocket kings
three better has pocket queens the board runs out all bricks
I disagree I don’t think it’s for spades we’re out of the Venetian 400 total of
10 to 15 minutes of actual play time gives us a hourly of about a negative
$2,000 not going to reenter a lot of effort was put into getting dressed and
showered and mentally prepared for this tournament and now we’re devastated time
to do the drive of shame right before rush hour explore other options
sometimes in life you get knocked down but it’s not about how many times you
get knocked down how many times to get back up we’re back
up we’re not the venetian tournament that’s
for damn sure we’re gonna go play online on America’s card room and win at least
$400 back we’re chasing losses the roof of the wind and we got views on
views with blinds at $1 $3 under the gun plus
one lamps cut off limps button lamps we’re in the small blind with Queen Jack
of Hearts it’s time to use that nit image to our advantage we make it $20 to
go and everybody folds that’s right zero rake all profit log two hours of play
netting three dollars in food comps and booked a loss of 16 dollars those blinds
add up an itty by nature you could call me nothing else of note and that’s a
session that’s the reality of live poker I have had a few deep runs in pot limit
Omaha tournaments I have a good understanding of the game
but I will be cranny pot limit Omaha information into my brain for the next
12 days I am going to the pot limit Omaha cage in Costa Rica it is a $5,000
buy-in cash game tournament hybrid before Matt is six max with blinds at
$10 $20 that eventually ends at 5100 after 2 days and 12 hours of play
whatever chips you have in front of you after 12 hours of play in the cage get
cashed out to your ACR account I look forward to hanging out with the ACR
employees and being treated like a king at the tower Romina Hotel Casino you can
win your $8,000 all-expense-paid package to Costa Rica to play in the cage every
Sunday on a CR for only $55 or by indirectly for a nice weekend of
high-stakes pot limit Omaha action in beautiful Costa Rica battle it out with
me in the cage or watch it on slash America’s card room and check out
the live stream I’ll see you guys then this Sunday is the last Sunday that I’ll
be selling action to the two thousand six hundred and fifty dollar Sunday
venom one million dollar guaranteed on America’s card room you can send sixty
four dollars for two percent of my action or up to one hundred and sixty
dollars for five percent of my action send it with p2p transfer to the Boesky
only on america’s card room you can watch me play every Sunday at 11 a.m.
Pacific Standard Time on Twitch let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with another two
thousand six hundred and fifty dollar Sunday venom ticket giveaway all you
have to do is retweet the tweet in the description below and comment
hashtag venom that’s it the winner will be drawn this Sunday at 11 o’clock
Pacific Standard Time on my twitch channel tell your friends tell your
family every retweet is a chance to win see you guys Sunday good luck

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80 thoughts on “Tournaments, Cash Games and $2,650 Giveaways!

  1. Happy thanksgiving Jeff from your viewers in the uk 😎😎🇬🇧🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  2. Retweet THIS , comment ”#Venom” AND follow @ACR_POKER to be eligible to win a $2,650 Sunday Venom ticket. The random drawing will be this Sunday at 11am PST on . #Venom #giveaway

  3. Uhhh, you have to fade Aces, you have to fade Kings, uhhhh you have to fade Queens, you have to fade a lot of Jacks, uhh fade Tens, Nines, Eight, Sevens, Sixes, and don't forget uhh the Fives. You have to fade most Fours, all Threes, half the Twos, and all the Jokers. You have to fade the card the warranty and basic instructions come on, and you also have to fade the hand ranking card. You also have to fade the box they came in. Who the hell was that Turkey?

  4. Ak all in only gets called by big cards, then out unless hit. Long game for me this doesn’t work. Each to their own. You hit you triple up, but only really one card can help as often against aces, kings, queens or pairs.
    Final table different game, not putting down your play.
    Great play with online recent wins mate 🙂

  5. Just wondering bro , see all these competition's and give aways , you can ONLY enter if you use Twitter????,….. I don't use Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS or smartphones etc etc …….tbh I don't use ANY social media , it's awash with gossiping kids , attention seekers , weirdos and nutbuckets ( 99.9 % of users ) …..anyways, I got sidetracked a bit there, would it be possible to enter said competition's via YouTube???…….

  6. Boski happy Thanksgiving bro. Enjoy!! Glad to see you making ribeyes!!! Get u some thick sliced shrooms n a piece of hard crusty bread to sop!!!

  7. Yeah, I would have called the raise, re raise with ace king. You said it yourself, you were not closing the action and original raise was UTG plus 2. A call at least gives you the opportunity to fold when original raiser shoves or re raises and other guy calls or re shoves himself. In that case ace king is rarely ever good. But what do I know. I was never able to master a 1 cent 2 cent table on pokerstars.

  8. Yeah I'm not going to lie that's a big game I definitely would have fold that Ace @ King but good ballsy move and that steak was delicious with asparagus

  9. I think the jam with the AK was the right move. You are looking to win the tournament, not just cash. Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait! The first few minutes of the video made me drool all over my keyboard.

  10. what the hell am I seeing things or is your mustache disappearing stop it your getting into Hitler territory funny nun the less Frank

  11. Funny stache progressive disappearing act!
    You would know best regarding the AK since we didn't know your opponents' play prior to that hand, but if a worst Ace and QQ and below was likely, then seems like you gotta get it in. Good luck in the next one.

  12. Hope ya folded the A/K off….

    (shit! Was gonna say, I hate "big slick " in showdown~pre flop, never seems as "good" as odds tell)

  13. As others have said, epic vanishing mustache bit! I will say though, with the addition of the soul patch it worked a lot better for you than just the mustache alone.

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