Track a live Cash Game – Poker Bankroll Tracker Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome to the next Poker Bankroll Tracker tutorial! Today i want to show you the great live session feature. First, find a game and buy in. When you start playing, open the Poker Bankroll Tracker app, go to live session and start a new session. Now enjoy the game and update your chipcount from time to time. When you play a decent hand, you can write a note for your friends or your later session review. In this case i’ve lost a coinflip and i need to make a rebuy by clicking the plus symbol on the top. Insert the new chipcount and how much the rebuy costs. After you rebuy, you will see a second line in your trend. The top line shows your chipcount and the bottom line shows your current profit. When you are connected with friends, they can watch your live game. The app shows your friends’ latest sessions of the past 7 days on the home screen. They can see all the important details, chipcounts, notes and the can like your session. So your friends don’t always need to ask via messenger how are you doing and you can focus on the game. At the end of your session click on finish and enter your cash out. I hope you enjoy the Poker Bankroll Tracker and tell your friends to download the app for free and connect with them!

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