Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

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100 thoughts on “Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

  1. Que divertido 🙂 Ojala existieran gimnasios como ese aqui en mi ciudad pero aqui en mi pais los gobernantes les interesa mas llenarse los bol$illo$ en ves de mejorar la nacion. 🙁

  2. I really hope people read this I would like to warn anyone be careful who does this activity I have shoulder that’s partially dislocate the rest of my life now because of this activity.

  3. I watched it now stop recommending it for me to watch..ok..
    I watched it ok…
    Now stop putting it on my request channel or whatever

  4. everybody should have anna kendricks self-esteem. I'm bluntly honest. I mean she's ugly, small, annoying to the ears, the exact amount of quirky-annoying and still, she owns it. It's admirable to be completely honest.

  5. OMG WE PLAY THIS IN THE PHILIPPINES but i grew up not knowing what game it was we juat play it exactly how the play it but now i know what this game calls lol

  6. The fact that anna kendrick is taller than me and when i saw her hop in the car and said “awww she’s a shortie” is a disgrace.

  7. the most overpaid guy in America: Kevin Hart as the highest paid "comic" who is never funny, just ocasionally slightly amusing on his best day.

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