Transformers: The Last Knight – The Video Game 2017 (Discussion)

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  1. You'd be surprised how much a "gameplay" trailer has caused me more trouble than a tv spot or movie trailer from Transformers The Last Knight. I literally had to try and go back and re-edit a video 3 times because of Rise of the Dark Spark kept claiming the entire video. But anyways it's finally up and ready to go. What do you guys think about having a new TF5 game? Let's get it popping in the comments Notification Squad. #TillAllGamersR1

  2. Can they just make a GOOD Transformers game for once? Like damn, let DICE make it or something, EA or somebody… a full Team Deathmatch game, 20 vs 20.. idk, like freak!

  3. I liked if its have movie transformers but not like that rise of the dark spark. Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen game was awesome good story and online that what i was hoping to see again

  4. Clickbait bullshit. The title obviously makes it look like he's talking about the real game, and the thumbnail has an image most people havent seen. If you didnt want this to be clickbait, you would have called it "Why is there no Last Knight videogame yet?".
    You're scum.

  5. I want another cybertron game that tells what happened after fall of cybertron. There were so many unanswered questions!!! Gridlock was dead, the dinobots and starscream were still on cybertron, and Optimus and megatron got thrown off the ark. I want to know what happened

  6. I want a TF game that picks up after where FoC left off :(. My clan AcW and many others like TFL Atlas EL LSC etc… needs a new TF game our clan rankings can't keep our multiplayer going for ever :(.

  7. @Randomblackgamer. What's the name of the theme that started playing at 00:45 and ends at around 04:00 ? I have searched for that particulair Armade game theme for ages, yet never found it. Could you give me a link? I want this song so badly…

  8. I can't stand phone games. The age of extinction game was to me like "man!!!" I couldn't finish it bc it was boring.

  9. the war and fall of cybertron games were the best games of transformers , why cant they do more games like them on cybertron.

  10. ahh activision
    using the same game mechanics and features and put it under a new title, just so they can get a good cash grab. I mean, look at the call of duty or skylanders series. same thing, but with little to no effort in changing the game.

  11. No disrespect to any one but all the games suck. They should hand development over to gamerz with the state of game engines today we should be looking at a Transformers open universe be it online or SP along the likes of Star citizen and many others. Also game play should allow for freedom to create / design your own character and multiple transformation forms = BOT / Vehicle / Air-Spacecraft. just my opinion tho ;p what I would be looking for is a cross of a final fantasy / call of duty / need for speed / Ace combat. Beyond that i guess i can dream..

  12. Just imagine a game of transformers with free world and fights and being car or robot wow.
    being a decepticon or autobot

  13. They should make a transformer game where its similar to gta like a open world where they can put free roam, story mode and online and put different versions of transformers I would ply the hell out of if they did that

  14. I know this was published in June, but we kind of did get Screwed over. Not once had they mentioned anything Transformers Related for Consoles or PC. I hate to admit, but I think the Transformers Game Franchise may be done and Over with.

  15. I played ROTDS it wasn't that bad it's actually pretty fun and E3 passed and NO GAMES 😭😭😭😭

  16. A-FUCKIN-MEN! I would love a new up to date Transformers game. Sure FOC is fun but I feel like its dieing. The servers are shitty, people are hacking, etc. I would just appreciate a nice solid game to play as my favorite Transformers.

  17. I would like that highmoon would make another game but part of the war for cybertron and fall of cybertron universe and also continue the story after foc

  18. I think that a Bethesda-style open world fpsrpg would be really cool, where you customize your own transformer, pick a side, and explore the cities (and maybe wilderness) of cybertron

  19. They should make a new game for, let's say, end of 2018

    There should be 2 different open worlds: Cybertron and a city on earth (maybe New York)
    And in the open worlds you can do side-missions to unlock more Autobots/Decepticons wich you can use in the open world and escalation mode

    I'd really like it if they would give us almost every Transformers who has ever existed…I mean there have to be over 50+ characters in the game!

    To sum up:
    I hope they make a large world with many characters to choose/unlock

    (sry for the bad english)

  20. I'll never play the new TF fighting game, and many should follow this lead if they ever want to see a real Transformers game evolve! It's pretty sad we created Transformers, but Japan has the best TF game out right now. Hasbro is so screwed up. Hopefully things turn for the better, Bay leaving is the first sign of light,.. though we all know things could be worse than Bay, (just look back at the Batman movies after Keaton left). But it's a gamble you have to take. Stop supporting crap, or you will just continue to get more crap! Demand the best, and original content, stories, and characters. Moon, is the best TF game developers to date in my opinion. Movie games should be for the kids, and the independent TF games should be for the fans, keep them apart. TF is always going to have a fan base, so I don't know what Hasbro's problem is, but it needs to get things in gear. People stop playing FTF on your phones!!

  21. Transformers Trilogy and TLK's Josh Duhamel is in the Cod WW2 campaign. I'm expecting a Bumblebee and Hot Rod ScoreStreak LOL

  22. The next Transformers: The last knight needs to be like the Dark of the moon video game, with escalation mode. With 100 waves total, going either coop or solo. More weapons. More characters. More Female Transformers. Add bosses on every 5 waves of escalation. Add Optimus and Megatron on wave 100 as the last boss.

  23. Improve spawn points for escalation for enemies. I hate enemies getting killed in one spot repeatedly by players in obsidian map.

  24. Transformers (2004), War For Cybetron, Fall Of Cybetron and Transformers Devastation are the best and only good Transformers games!

  25. Unfortunately, like their toylines, Transformers game quality is rapidly declining. My guess is the sales just aren't there to support a bigger budget.

    Honestly, I think the people need a break. There's been way too much TF lately, the hype just isn't where it was.

  26. micael 9😉😮😆☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😐😯😉😇😆😅😑😕😢😴😧😦😨😥😤😣😮😩😰😟😱😲😳😵😜😛😍😒😞😷😈😶😝😋😗😙😘😚😎😓😏😪😔😖😌😭😫🙌🙋🙍🙅🙆🙇😻😹😸😼😺🙏🙎😽😿😾🙀🙈🙉👴👩👨👧👦👶💩👵💏💑👪👫👬👭👯💁💂👷👮👥👤👰👸🎅👼👱👲👳👻💅💇💆💃👽👾👿💀💪👀👂💙❤💋👅👄👣👃💚💛💜💓💔💕💖👎👍💟💞💝💘💗👌✊✌✋👊👆☝👐👏👋👉👈👇

  27. They definitely need to start fresh with a new story line starting on cybertron to the fall and landing on earth. Not only that they need to do character customization kinda like foc only you get to use it in the campaign working under the leadership of Optimus prime. The character customization working on the online multiplayer as well. Plus the malee fighting from devastation would make it even better.

  28. Your right ,it's not like activision to do this maybe they are focused on other games ,or maybe their holding it back for suspense in order for gamers to come rushing in to stores demanding their product.

  29. what was the song/ost/music you played on 7:29? also you have a very good point there,i haven't played the transformer games(not android) but i know how it feels to wait for something so damn long it makes us so frustrated.

  30. fuck Activision for that fuck boy hate'n ass shit they did to high moon studios! Karma's a bitch and they gonna pay for doing high moon studios dirty cause they made THE number 1 best 2 transformers games EVER!!! Then took high moon shit and tried to pull a Hasbro and milk what HIGHMOON STUDIOS done with WFC & FOC to create that wack ass piece of shit " rise of the dark spark "!!! Only game outside of them I will play is devastation period!

  31. my transformers games: revenge of the fallen, dark of the moon, fall of cybetron, war of cybetron and transformers the game

  32. I'm glad we didn't TLK video game. Seeing how the movie itself wasn't all that good i seriously doubt the game would have been any better.

  33. Want a fresh game with the ability to make an entire character between autobots or decepticons and do the story mode as that character and you can get different ability that adds to your armor as a cosmetic like tf3 soundwave's sonar discs they give you an ability and a cosmetic. Also little perks like having a cosmetic gives you speed or resilience or armor, like doors like bumblebee depending on the v-mode you choose like you can have bee's chest but a different car on the front. Thats just a small idea if have much more

  34. Fall of Cybertron: the game we Transformers fans have strived to protect from Hasbro and Activision, can no longer sustain us. Eons of playing the game have caused the greatest of casualties: our Favourite game has been taken down the stores, halting its production of new players . Most of of us have abandoned FoC, in hopes of finding a new game among the stars.
    I am Vortex, member of the JohnnyFlash server. We do not know how many of our brothers got the game before it’s collapse. I can only be certain of this…just one hope remains…

  35. And i hope that the game lets you be all of the Decepticons and Autobots and also the Dinobots not just grimlock because in Rise of the Dark Spark you can't be Hound or slug or snarl or swoop or crosshairs

  36. Man i would love another transformers game. like im rewatching the films and went to go get one of the games and they removed them from digital stores.

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