Tricks with Blackjacks : Split & Double Down Blackjack Tricks

Hi my name is Don Dangler on behalf of
I this clip we are going to talk about using our basic strategy guide to split or double
down on a blackjack table. We have laid out several sets of cards to look here in this
situation. The two 6s, two 5s, two Aces, and two 8s. All these would be handled somewhat
differently in the actual game, especially against the dealer’s 5. Let’s look at our
basic strategy chart. Our first set of cards are a pair of 6s. We are going to look at
our chart and see what to do with those when the dealer shows a 5. Our basic strategy guide
tells us to split. Our next set was a pair of 5s. So we double against the dealers 5.
The Aces you notice always split, no matter what the dealer is showing; and our 8s again
always split, no matter what the dealer is showing. Let’s look at the two of the hands
we set out previously. On our 6s our basic strategy guide indicated that we should split.
We will place another bet on the table. The dealer would separate the cards and gives
a new card for each. Then we would play each one of these hands in turn. On our pair of
5s. The basic strategy says that we should double down. When you double down you double
your bet. But the condition is you get exactly one card.

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