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Hi my name is Don Dangler on behalf of
In this clip we are going to talk about using basic strategy when playing blackjack. Let’s
look at some of the hands that we have available to use when we play blackjack. First hand
we’ll look at is a hard hand; it is called a hard hand because it is hard to hit. If
you added another card to this, it could break, or go over 21. This is a soft hand. Even though
it scores the same 15, since the Ace can be a 1 or 11, you can add another card to that
and it would still not got over 21. The third hand that we are going to look at is a double
down. Those are the hands where you have a good opportunity to put more money on the
table and win more, because you can get just one card and not break. The third hand we
look at are split hands. These are the hands that are both cards has the same value. By
putting up a additional bet, you can split those into two separate hands and have two
separate hands instead of one single. There are three section of our basic strategy game
that tell us how to play in different situations. Splitting pairs, hitting soft hands, and hitting
hard hand. Lets take a look in hitting the hard hands. The index down these left side
show a total of the players cards. Using the appropriate total you would compare that against
the number at the top. Which shows the dealers up card. The ion card the dealer has that
the player knows. If we look at 14 verse the dealers 6 you go across, up, we see that,
that is the situation that the player should definitely stand and not take another card.
If we look at a 12 verses the dealers 9. that tells us we should hit. Try to get another
card and improve our hand.

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