Tricks with Blackjacks : The Soft Hand Blackjack Trick

Hi my name is Don Dangler on behalf of
In this clip we are going to talk about playing blackjack using the basic strategy guide to
play soft hands. A soft hand is a hand that contains a Ace: it could be used as other
1 or 11. In this situation we have a soft 17 or a 7, soft 14 or a 4, soft 19 or a 9:
a hand could be play using ether total. We’ve dealt three separate player hands against
the same dealer up card. These three situations under basic strategy, following our basic
strategy guide that I will show you in a moment, all these hands will be played differently,
even though they don’t look very different. Our first hand, if you remember is an Ace
3 versus the dealer’s four. Now in that situation, the player should take a hit. Our second hand
was an Ace 4, one step off against the dealer’s 4, but that hand should double down. Trying
to get as much money on the table as possible. Our last hand was a Ace 9, the situation where
you should always stand, cause the risk on making your hand worse isn’t worth the possibility
of getting an extra card.

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