Trump Sends Syria Into Chaos

>>News developments over the weekend and
concern in Syria regarding Turkey’s invasion of at least 30 or so kilometers of northern
Syria. Their campaign against the Kurds has been
very dark. And there’s a lot here to update you on. But I wanna jump to, just a few little aspects
of this. Some of which I guess were expected, I had
not personally expected. Because we have moved away from where the
area where cars are being attacked and hundreds are being killed, members of the military
as well as civilians. They have needed someone to aid them. Though apparently, the Kurds have signed some
sort of cooperation agreement with Bashar al-Assad and the government of Syria. There are other reports saying that they’re
working with other either rebel or terrorist groups in the region now. So they’ve been forced into this horrible
situation where they’re aligning themselves with people that no one should have to work
with simply to survive. But that is a development that you should
know about. Let’s get to some clips or some tweets I should
say. Trump has not been as forthcoming an information
about this as you might expect after few days, he’s got a lot of criticism that might be
why. But he twitted earlier today and there’s a
video were gonna show you later on, he attacked Brian Kilmead for criticizing and saying,
Brian Kilmead over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We’re not going into another war between people
who have been fighting with each other for 200 years. Europe had a chance to get their ISIS prisoners,
but didn’t want the cost, let the USA pay they said. Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or United Nations
from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming. Do people really think we should go to war
with NATO member Turkey? Never ending wars will end! So that is after the news that when some of
these ISIS fighters, or people affiliated with ISIS, were being held in camps guarded
by the Kurds. When the Turks came in and attacked them,
some of the prisoners, hundreds of them, escaped. Which is understandable because it’s hard
to guard someone when you’re being killed by the Turkish military. And so now, hundreds are fleeing in the countryside
and Trump tries to sort of brush that aside by saying they’re easily recaptured. And good luck with that. These are people who would, in some cases
would love to commit terror attacks. Perhaps in Turkey, and certainly in the EU
as well. So once again, we’re seeing horrible developments
immediately, but we’re also seeing the seeds of what could become horrible developments
that might take weeks or months to develop.>>You see this needling he had in his tweets
where he’s like, hey, they can get there easily. Again, based off what? Of his own fantasy. Some of the escaped prisoners. And then after so, but they better move quickly. Again it’s those inserts, those phrases he
throws in and be like, you better hurry up, rush, somebody might get hurt. It continuously saying.>>Correct.>>You better do something about it, because
we’re not doing anybody anymore. In fact, we’re gonna escalate the situation
to make sure that you worried about it and you better hurry up. I’m trying to think of the best term for it
without saying some things I shouldn’t say.>>It’s Mafia speak, that’s all it is.>>But it’s such a disregard for human life
and for everything else that’s happening that isn’t based off of your bottom line, which
we’re gonna get to more about his propensity for war as long as there’s money involved.>>Yeah.>>But when there’s people dying, who cares? It’s just people that aren’t here. Again it goes back to, if there are any Americans,
they’re gonna be some prices to beg. What if they hurt other humans? Who cares about them?>>Yeah.>>Those aren’t real humans.>>And even when there are Americans involved
as we’ve seen in overseas complex and any kind of issues, Trump is really nowhere to
be heard from. Sure he’ll do every now and then, when he
can try to look good as he’s done with a rapper before abroad. But otherwise, now if it cannot stand to benefit
him in some way, he doesn’t care. And also, I can really see how he’s trying
to create this us, them, rhetoric, so that we stop seeing the Kurds is actually being
whole people. And so that their deaths in some way can be
justifiable. And so these little turns and there’s stories
he tells, claiming that the Syrian based Kurds are releasing ISIS as a means to force US
troops to engage. Trying to make them seem sinister. Trying to make them seem corrupt or unworthy
of the US’s help. We’ve seen this before.>>Yeah, yeah. And apparently, so there’s new a reporting
coming out from people who are familiar with this conversations with everyone over the
past couple of years. And how we got into this situation is maybe
even more embarrassing than it initially seemed, after hearing Turkish President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan threaten for two years to launch an assault against the Kurds in Syria. President Trump and senior administration
officials did not think he would ever go through with it, six people with knowledge of the
matter told Axios’ Jonathan Swan. So effectively, he called their bluff and
found out they were not in fact bluffing. And now already hundreds and hundreds of people
have lost their lives because Donald Trump is apparently terrible at poker, or something
like that. So whatever the excuse was for this happening,
it’s even worse and more embarrassing than we thought before. And that’s skipping over little bits of news
that happened after the main we didn’t get to, including that Turkey has apparently been
purposely targeting our soldiers. Called bracketing them by firing on both sides
of them to scare them out of the region. And that’s something that we just allow because
Donald Trump doesn’t care. And so if some of our soldiers end up getting
killed by Turkish shelling, he doesn’t care. They’ll skin off his back. So that happened and it’s just been, it’s
been a pretty dark and pretty terrible time. You’ve probably seen the videos of civilians
who have died, kids that have been blown apart. They’ve been setting up Turkish military,
or Turkish affiliated groups have been setting up road blocks. And one Kurdish female politician car was
stopped. She was dragged out of the car. She was shot to death and her driver was shot
to death. These were not militants, these were not fighters. They had no weapons. They were just killed because they were a
Kurdish politician, so.>>And you know what, last thing really fascinated
me, because we have more. But anytime you have anybody that’s within
his party that wanna talk about the things that he’s doing that are wrong, and can’t
believe you’d abandon the Kurds like this. Can’t believe you’d do this. This is devastating. It’s horrible. And then you just say all that stuff on Twitter,
then move along with your life and don’t do anything else about it. I don’t care what you have to say. What’s the point of you being there, saying
those things? Let’s just say it, and then I’m on record
being against this, and I’m gonna go ahead and watch it continue to happen. What’s the point?

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100 thoughts on “Trump Sends Syria Into Chaos

  1. I can't watch anymore of these news clips about how Trump is destroying the world. It's upsetting and infuriating and I find myself really damn mad at the Democratic party for not impeaching him. The longer they twiddle their thumbs on this matter, the longer Trump is in power and making these kinds of disgusting and terrible choices that ruin so many lives. In that sense, I find the Democratic party complicit in his crimes because they know the longer he's in power the more damage he does. Shame on them all.

  2. Libtards 2001: Hell no! We won't go. No blood for oil! Get us out now!
    Libtards 2019: Hell yes! We want war! Nuke the fuckers!

  3. Dear TYT, you didn't know the Kurds would sign an agreement with Assad? Well, I did. Because that was the logical conclusion. They will form an alliance with Assad. By this method, Assad effectively gets back the quite large part of Syria in Kurdish/SDF hands. Turkey will stop more or less where they said they will and have their buffer zone. Then, the fighting will stop and the politicians and diplomats take over. Deals will be thrashed out, will likely take quite some time, but agreements will be put in place. Turkey will then likely withdraw its troops, Assad retakes this region and the rest of Syria not currently under his control. And, the war finally comes to an end. The winners: Assad, Putin, Iran and possibly the Kurds. Losers: USA, NATO (minus Turkey), the EU and all those who bought into the 'Assad is bad' mantra.

  4. Withdraws troops from Syria under the guise of minding our own businesss, sends more troops to Saudi Arabia.

    Doesn't want troops to maintain a peaceful buffer zone between two hostile factions, yet keeps troops in South Korea.

    I agree that we should be withdrawing more troops but of course Trump does it in the most reckless way.

    We weren't in the middle of an endless war with the Kurds and Turkey, we were preventing one.

  5. Obama sent Syria Into Chaos when he sent American troops into that country, and now TRUMP has to clean up his dirty work. Just like in Germany, Japan, So. Korea, and a multitude of other countries, it's time to get out of those countries.

  6. Trump has destroyed the world, and these trumptards think he is a savior for putting thousands of people at risk, this is what selling you soul to satan does to you.

  7. Yeah, Trump did that. Turkey, Syria, Russia, even the Kurds, none of them have their own agency and are responsible for their own actions. it's all Trump.

  8. Why do you keep saying, the Kurds this, the Kurds that. Turkey are not at war with Kurds, there are 20 million Kurds in Turkey, many are politicians, service members. Turkey are against Kurdish terrorists, who have killed over 40,000 turkish civilians since the 1970s. It’s so frustrating seeing Americans having completely no idea about Kurdish people. Me myself, I am Kurdish, and turkish, and I couldn’t agree with Erdogan more. Kurdish people haven’t been treated better in our history than under erdogan. He has allowed Kurds to create their own political parties in government. To have their own media networks, speak their languages freely, chance to study at universities. So again, change your vocabulary, and also learn the history first. Kurdish and Turkish lived together for almost 1,000 years, why would they kill each other.

  9. Trump sends Syria into chaos??? I swear man sometimes TYT is really stupid.. I could of sworn Syria has been on fire since like 2012???

  10. There is no doubt that Trumps move has been terrible for especially the kurds, but I find it unfortunate that you bury the only logical outcome in the foreseeable future as a horrible situation: a deal between SDF and the Syrian regime. Like it or not, this seems to be the least destructive outcome today (or rather as of yesterweek), unless you believe in decades of US military presence inside SDF-controlled territory.

  11. The headlines should read "Trump & Turkey release ISIS fighters". Trump pulls troops out of Syria, Turkish troops attack Kurdish jailers of ISIS thereby allowing the caliphatists to escape. The U.S. once again abandons allies when it suits them more financially.

  12. The last point by Jayar is so important. Twitter (despite the cesspool it can be) is great because it gives everyday citizens a chance to speak to power and voice their concerns. Politicians who actually have power should be doing more than just pointing out pointless tweets. It's not enough. It will never be enough

  13. Turkey has more right to invade Syria due to security reasons. The U.S shouldn’t have been involved to begin with. ISIS is a creation of war, invasion, blunder and destruction. Arab refugees have no place to go thanks in part because of the invasion and destruction of Iraq by the U.S. I care less for Kurds or Turkey or any Middle East nation. Get the hell out of there now.

  14. How dare Trump pull our troops out of Syria, and make peace between nort and south korea, preventing possible nuclear war. Why can't he be like Obama, dropping more then 100,000 bombs on 8 different countries.

  15. This is great news!! Finally!! USA 23 years in middle east has killed millions of kids… who cares if a few 1000 are killed in this transition. Dont start what u cant finish! $23 trillion missing… cudda paid for healthcare with that!!

  16. Hello comrades. All progressive men need to leave America asap and go fight the Turks. Also progressive women need to go on solo backpacking holidays around the third world to experience the rich cultural enrichment. Particularly to places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria etc. Lets go be with our progressive brothers and sisters in the third world.

  17. in this episode of 'the three dullards'………. the three dullards are looking for a place where they can sign up and fight in Syria

  18. WOW suddenly TYT thinks US troops in the ME indefinitely is a good thing. And what?? You now suddenly believe that US troops are the good guys and The US is fighting for freedom etc? What happened to your 15 year canned narratives that US troops are only there to "bomb brown people" and for corporate profits. And why are you the new chickenhawks sending OTHER people to die? If you want endless war John then YOU go sign yo and fight!
    (😂😂😂 Sorry the visual image of John actually fighting has me laughing my ass off)

  19. Syrian girl is glad America is getting out of Syria ……… not everybody thinks like leftwing Americans or neocons ……… they have different circumstances

  20. Nice to see tyt pro-war when it's convenient, and yet cried all throughout the Bush administration, the worst kind of political hack scum in this country's history at tyt.

  21. Why are you attacking Turkey, it's orange man bad fault that turkey decided to commit genocide

    I'm a bunch of Hypocrites sell out to take money from a fat Turk.

    Who were those people killed by where they killed by Americans? Where they killed by Donald Trump?

  22. Mr Trump is not my favorite person but this Syria slaughter (as the one in Lybia) started with another american regime change operation by Obama and Hillary. They both have blood on their hands as do all you americans. The truth is that from Fox to TYT pundits you really could not care less about your empire crimes às long às you are happy with your internal polítics. You create millions of displaced persons then you pretend to care about refugees. Damn you all hypocrites to hell.

  23. This is why Lord Trump needs to pull out of NATO. Let the UN go into Syria. Isn't that the reason US tax dollars pay 8 billion a year for it's headquarters in NYC?

  24. This is not a progressive issue, and must side with the removal of all military forces and equipment from foreign nations. There is a non interference policy with regards to further colonial rule. We do support reparations in the form of infrastructure rebuilding and the prosecution of individuals who started these conflicts including military personnel.

  25. Are you people(TYT) for war or against war?! The fact of the matter is that the US creates more chaos and endless conflicts around the world trying to "police" it; in reality for your military industrial complex.
    Edit: I also found it very suspicious that the only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is this; goes to show that even when Trump is no longer president the next one will probably return to the usual US warmongering habits. I can safely predict that in the next days there will probably be some news cover with the picture of an injured or dead Kurdish child; its shameful how you use people in distress as political pawns.

  26. TYT are total wack-jobs. Cenk's people are invading a country; AND STILL IT'S TRUMP FAULT???
    Are their really morons who believe this crap?

  27. Look it may not be the most smartest move, but its better to leave than stay in Syria, which by the way we have no business in, in the first place! Also where is this "us vs them" came from? What are we banning Kurds to enter the United States too?

  28. People always say that the US destabilized the Middle East but can anyone point me to a time where the Middle East was stable?

  29. TyT beating the war drums. Real Progressive of you. Wouldn't have anything to do with you being sponsored by George Soros and more of his order out of Chaos Theory.

  30. You know you can make literally these arguments for any region where US is involved and make an argument to remain in a never ending war forever. My guess is some liberal military contractor’s business is getting hit hence these talking points are fed in through liberal media. TYT should realise they might be independent in funding but not in thoughts and ideas.

  31. OBama pulls our troops out of Iraq in 2010. Abandoning ALL of our allies and the Iraqi people when he was warned about the rise of ISIS to the CHEERS of TYT & Democrats. " UGE " Cheers ! Of course as predicted ISIS ended up Murdering hundreds of thousands of women & children. NOW those same Socialists & TYT want to keep our troops in Syria with the hopes of even more combat ? Oh ..OK ! Get your story straight scumbags. How about you talk about the 17 murdered last weekend in Democrat controlled Chicago ? Of course not.

  32. The reality is we as soldiers are duty bound to do our countries bidding right or wrong we follow our command orders, when your comrades in arm are willing to fight and die with you, that bond will never be understood by those whos life never depended on the person next to you. The Kurds were there. To those who question them "you weren't"

  33. Turkey will re-capture the ISIS prisoners? Turkey continually helped ISIS, (in "secret", though still very obviously) as well as openly cooperating with several Syrian rebel groups ..who are ALL islamist groups. Turkey will NOT help with the issue of ISIS prisoners.
    Of course Trump's statements being completely ass backwards lies, is no surprise.

  34. THERE IS NOTHING "HORRIBLE" about Kurds collaborating with their own government. John just can not stop spewing CIA/StateDep pro-regime change propaganda smears.

  35. Don't take it too hard. Given 140 degree fahrenheit temperatures are emerging and spreading all over the planet at an exponentially accelerating rate and arctic methane emissions continue to ramp up as the polar ice cap disappear hitting new record lows, eliminating Albedo and poof, all of those people will be dead in well under a decade, perhaps just a few years anyway, along with most Europeans and North Americans and Asian. These are just the early casualties as horrific as it may be. Wait until all of your neighbors in Phoenix, Vegas and Los Angeles are dying of heat stroke before you start to play your funeral violins for millions of children. Excuse me, billions. Our solid century of blunders in Palestine, Latin America, Northern India, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere is just the bloodfest cartoon before the MadMax Zombie movie and while we might've dodged that bullet neither AOC, Markey or even TYT are wise enough to reach out for effective solutions despite several YEARS of having them literally wagged in their face. Trump really is NOT the only myopic idiot on planet Earth; he's just mpre sadistic, but not necessarily more arrogant and short-sighted.

  36. All we have to figure out is how to remove the last thousand US troops from Syria. But it will be easy to get back in and out in the future should we need to recapture "Islamic State" escapees, right?

  37. No he didn't. They're joining forces with Assad like should be doing. Why does TYT support endless intervention? We should've never been there in the first place.

  38. When Russia intervened and started bombing our proxies in 2015, this fool here said it wasn't a bad thing, and fully support ed Obama even as it led to this. When Trump last year said he was leaving the Turks here endorsed it. They're getting blood on their hands now. Anti-war idealism kills.

  39. Trump the worst president of all time. A real patriot that has avoided military draft 5 times. With all the enemies Trump is making I hope all the Trumpees pull up their tigty whities and fight his battles for him.

  40. it can't really surprise me… Trump is a Nazi piece of shit. He disgusts me, sure… but he can't surprise me anymore

  41. Maybe we should not have our troops in a snake pit. The Kurds were managing their relationship with Assad, they were not depending only on the US. If ISIS comes back, Assad and Putin can fight them in Syria. If they go out of Syria, there may be a place they can be fought by the US that does not involve multiple enemies from multiple directions. Maybe Trump was right (I do not frequently say that!) to pull out fast to prevent all the angst, which we see now, that would have stopped the pull-out.

  42. Barrack the Magic knee grow is the one who destabilized Syria by arming ISIS mercenaries. He did the same thing with Kadaffi.

  43. Came here to hear this bullshit media garbage was not disappointed. Also came here to read retarded right comments and intolerant commie left comments did not disappoint. The stupidity and divide yall play into is exactly what both sides of politics want you to believe because all yall will do is argue amongst each other on the internet and not do anything to help.i hope everyone votes beto n he comes after our guns.

  44. Where were these Obama fluffers when he refused to take out Assad after he crossed his "red line" using gas on his own people?
    Why are they just now all of a sudden so upset with Trump not nation-building in the Middle East?

  45. key moment 2011 USA missed attack! Okay, we can talk about Iraq and Afghanistan, but in Syria it would have been right. However, in Libya 2011, mhm the same as Iraq 2003? The Middle East has never been easy!

  46. Hey JR & John of you have a problem with it go sign up for the military and YOU can go fight and die in Syria. Stop sending other people's children.

  47. The Kurds there are d.s. assets. That is why the Young Turks show is probably unhappy (I can't stand to watch this show), like the MSM. The D.S. never wants these wars to end. It is how they gain power and wealth. The D.S. is against all of us.

  48. I love JR's comments.
    TYT your trolls already forgot American military had a plan and was trying to implement a strategic exit AND that this serves Turkey and Russia which serves Trump and his kids' bank accounts, while flushing america's last bit of credibility and confirming american soldiers are just mercenaries when used by corrupt government. feeling sad for american soldiers.

  49. So, after spending years screaming at TYT over the Armenian genocide, the trolls are upset that TYT doesn't support a Kurdish genocide. It's almost like the trolls didn't care to begin with.

  50. I'm not sure how Trump sent Syria into chaos, seeing as it was in chaos since 2011. Maybe you think he has a time machine now? The U.S. never had any business being in Syria or involved with the Syrian civil war at all. It is not the U.S.' fault if Turkey and the Kurds want to fight each other, that is between the Turks (the real ones) and the Kurds. All of a sudden TYT is AGAINST pulling out of (yet another) war in the middle east and it is pretty obvious that the only reason they are against it, is that it was Trump that did it.

  51. Ain't it, funny? Trump issues an end-wars-now justification, rhetoric the Turks have used constantly, and the Turks are blowing it off! They're lecturing him for the kind of actions they've been cheering on from Trump and Obama, citing fiscal incentive to pull out troops, despite that usually being the reason for sending them in, because every bad choice that Trump has done, must boil down to that. THey love to bash Trump, but they can't see that they bear some responsibility for encouraging Trump's HORRIBLE choices here. He's clearly listened to their side, and tacked to it better than they'd like, but can't accept it. Appeasement made good politics, but it's starting to sour just a tad, and the Turks here are whoring themselves, going against their ideals to attack Trump because it's just the media thing to do right now . Shameless.

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