Tutorial: πŸ’ƒ MEGA RUEDA DE CASINO 2018 πŸ•Ί

¡Welcome Salsaficionados! My name is Amando
and we want to invite you to the “Mega Rueda”. Each year the Casino Community
gathers to make a Mega Rueda in “Parque Mexico” in “La Condesa”. Join us Sunday March 18 (2018). Salsaficion invites you to sign up with your academy… or ¿why not?… with us as well. We invite you to watch the 4 blocks
of the figures to be used… and to practice them with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to see this
and other videos as well. Ok guys, lets begin with the Closed Position Figures. Lets start using this position
and begin with “Marque”: and… We’ll start closing in order to dance “on 1”. Also known as “Paso de Inicio”. From there we move on to “Paso Básico”: Back… Open… Back… Open… Now let’s do “Vamos Arriba”…
forward… men walk forward. Here we can change our partner. Attention: “Pégale un Tarro”. We change… continue forward. Now we change direction:
“Voy Abajo”… ¡Great! From here, women can change parter:
“Pégale un Tarro Mujeres” …and continue backwards. From here lets continue with our “Pa’ti Pa’mi”…now! ¡Great! Now let’s start the figure: “Sácala”. Raise your arm and turn her completely or “Exhíbela”. Let’s continue with “Paséala”:
I open… I push her… one more time to return her to the point of origin. And let’s finish opening our position using the figure “Dile que No”… ¡Now! ¡Great!… and a “Foto”… We’re done! Ok guys, let’s continue with the Open Position Figures. In this section we’re not going to include “Dames”,
parter changes or interactions with our neighbors. Let’s start closing our position:
“Marque” “Dile que No” Now let’s do “Vacilón”: I push her… and we return. “Yogur”
We start with a pelvic movement… open… and back. “Foto”… and… Now: “Mambo”… forward. We move on to the figure:
“Sombrero”… switch hands… We begin with “Dile que Sí” up to “Dile que No”. Now we do “Sombrero” but with “Mambo”. Next, let’s do “Rodeo”
I walk her around me… I pull her next to me… “Disco”… walk forward… let go… I push her next to me…… “Enchufla con Manolín”:
Switch hand… and go in front of her… turn your head… turn your head… Men: do your “Enchufla”… switch hand. And now: “Dedo” or “Dedo Arriba”… on the same spot we do a “Sácala”. ¡Great! Now let’s end with “70”. We use a “Dile que Sí” and a
“Sencilla Alternando Manos”. and we finish with a “Foto”. ¡Ok Guys! Let’s continue with the open position figures. This time we’ll work with the first part
of the Group or “Rueda” Figures. ¿Shall we? Let’s start closing:
“Marque”. “Dile que No”… open the “Rueda”. Now let’s do a “Fly”… “Línea”… a “Rolling”. Now “Pa’ti Pa’mi” clapping. “Basic Step”. Change parter: “Dame”. We add one clap: “Una con Una”. We add two claps: “Una con Dos”. Finally: “Una con Tres”. Now we’ll do a “Dame with Péinala” ¿Ok? “Dame”… and we add “Péinala”. Now: “Dame por la Mano”… we do it continuously. Attention:, we add “Péinala por Fuera” Now: “Vacílala y Sácala”… again… one more time including a “Dame” this time. And finish with a “Foto”. ¡Ok guys! Let’s finish this part of Open Position Figures. Remember: in this section we’ll see interaction not only between the couple but also in the “Rueda”. Close Position: Begin with “Marque”… and… “Dile que No”… ¡Great! Let’s “Enchufla y la dejo”… I leave my parter. “Enchuflo Doble y me Voy” … I leave her behind. “Enchuflo Principe Bueno”… I give her a kiss… Now: “Príncipe Malo”… “Enchúflala”… And with your hand… “Enchuflo” and leave her with “Espagueti”. … it has to have sound. Now: “Festival de la Pelota”… “Enchuflo”… and… Repeat: Second “Pelota”… and Third “Pelota”. “Festival del Patín”… “Enchuflo”… same story… men in front… and… Now: Second “Patín”… And finally Third “Patín”… Now: “La Rosa” or “Rosita” …and… “Dile que No”. Now let’s do: “La Prima”
… I leave my partner. “Prima con Hermana” “Enchufla” and leave your partner and finish with: “La Familia” … I leave my partner. and finished: Foto. If you enjoyed this video give us a Like! Subscribe and follow our Social Networks. Don’t forget to visit our venues
to continue dancing with Salsaficion!

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