Ultimate Pizza Styles Taste Test

– Today’s dish runneth deep. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – Pizza is everybody’s yes food. Sure, you got your gluten intolerance but with gluten-free crust,
even they can say yes. You got your lactose intolerance, but with cashew cheese, they say yes. You got your tomato intolerance
but with white pizza, they too say yes, and you
have those people who think it’s unique and hip to hate
something everybody else loves, but it’s not! And pizza is the greatest,
and you will say yes! Say yes to pizza! It’s everybody’s yes food. – Yes, but the debate
we’re seeking to settle in this episode is which
style of pizza is the best, and we’re inspired by
today’s sponsor Skillshare. Skillshare is an online
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finally get back on Instagram. – And another one that
really interested me was t-shirt screen printing
for beginners because I was able to make this t-shirt. – Pizza’s my yes food.
– Mm-hm. – Okay let’s determine once
and for all which pizza style is the best pizza style. It’s time for– ♪ When we go tasting piles of ♪ ♪ Different pizza styles ♪ ♪ That’s this episode ♪ – Sponsored by Skillshare. Okay we’re gonna be
pitting eight pizza styles against each other in a
head to head tournament. We’re gonna taste two slices, then send our favorite
one to the next round. And we like toppings a lot
but we’re keeping these to just cheese in order
to focus on the style. – Now we’re defining a pizza style as the way it’s constructed, baked, or eaten, so not based on the toppings.
– Mm-hm. – Let’s eat some freakin’ pizza. (Italian music) – Up first we got the
battle of the Italian styles and we know that there are other styles that are popular in Italy
but we went with these two because they’re the most
popular here in the U.S. We got Neapolitan versus Sicilian. – Mm-hm.
– So we got this Neapolitan from DeSano in Los Angeles. Typically this is your
more personal pizza, like a 10 inch diameter,
very thin dough that has lots of gluten for a high chew factor. Made in a wood burning oven
and it has a puffy in crust called a cornicione.
– Cornicione. Dink it. This is a good morning. Oh yeah, it’s chewy in a great way. – It’s not crunchy.
– Nope, it’s floppy. I don’t dislike a flop. – No, that’s good. – All right and the Sicilian
came from Tomato Pie here in Los Angeles. As you can see it’s rectangular. Grab that one, Rhett. Usually served with a thick
crust and often heavy in garlic. Let’s dink her, sink her. – I don’t have a bias for or
against thin versus thick. I’m gonna say that coming in. But in tasting these side by side, the bread is doing too much of the work. The bread’s doing too
much of the heavy lifting in this particular slice
because it’s not like there’s a whole lot of stuff
on top of the thick crust. – Yeah I agree. I am a little biased
towards a thicker crust when there’s also a lot of
cheese and a lot of other stuff. – Right. The balance is off. – I’m surprising myself
with, I don’t know, just like you said, the
balance is pretty great here. – This one’s pretty easy for me. – Neapolitan is my vote. – Okay so we are sending the Neapolitan on to the next round.
– Mm-hm! (Italian music) Now we got the battle of
the tri-state area, baby! (chuckles) Sorry. New Yorkers are–
– Don’t apologize. – Very, very serious about their pizza, so we’re gonna see if the
world renowned New York style is really all it’s cracked up to be against the much more regional
neighbor New Haven style. – Okay we got this New York
style from Vito’s in Hollywood. Again, it’s large,
thin, hand-tossed crust. A lot of people think that
it has something to do with the New York water which
encourages the minerals, encouraged gluten development. This is LA water. It’s all we could get. And this is the one that
is usually folded in half by respectable people who are eating it. – Mm! I can just clobber it, man. Just fold it and just clobber it. (grunts) – I’m a little nervous about
how much I’m going to eat if I don’t pace myself. – So it’s up against the
New Haven pizza which we got from URBN Pizza in San Diego. It’s very crisp, thin crust. Somewhere between New York and Neapolitan. It’s cooked in a coal oven which is different and interesting. – That’s the thinnest
pizza I’ve ever seen. – Yeah. This is like a hor d’oeuvre. – Yeah it’s something
they would bring around on a tray at a fancy party. And of course, I would
eat the entire tray. – But you’d still be hungry ’cause it’s, it’s kinda skimpy. – The taste is very good but it does not compete with this. – No it doesn’t. – Speaking of balance,
I mean, the cheese ratio to the crust, I gotta eat some more. – Mm-hm. – Yeah.
– While he keeps eating, all of it probably, New York moves on. – Yes.
(Italian music) Okay now we got the battle
of the Chicago styles. Everybody knows about deep dish, but there’s a style
much less talked about, Chicago thin crust.
– Mm-hm. – Let’s start with the deep dish. This is from Taste Chicago here in LA. It’s a buttery, thick crust
that often contains corn meal. And then this is something I didn’t know, they use sliced cheese
instead of shredded cheese so you get a lot more concentrated cheese, and usually eaten with a knife and fork so we will follow suit. – Mm, oh it’s a mouthful of goodness, man. When you get this, you
never think to yourself, am I getting my money’s worth? ‘Cause I mean it has a
lot of stuff in here. – A slice’ll do ya. – Dense is the word all the way around. – We’re so dense. – For the Chicago thin crust,
we got this from Rance’s. You’ve got a center cut piece
but mine has the crust on it which demonstrates that there’s not– (silverware clanging)
Whoa! – Sorry I’m so excited about pizza!
– Pizza! Yes! But the crust is very minimal
which is a great concept. Toppings go almost all
the way to the edge. – Now it just kinda tastes
like New York pizza. – I’d say there’s more
emphasis on the cheese. – [Rhett] I’m about to
eat the whole thing. – [Link] Than the sauce. – Almost no sauce.
– So I disagree. It’s much more cheese forward. – It’s almost like a flatbread,
you know what I’m saying, just a cheesy flatbread. – This is difficult. I mean one of the greatest
culinary experiences I had was the first time I had
deep dish pizza in Chicago. – I feel like all of Chicago would come and knock down our door if we did not push thick crust through. – Well they’d blow the house
down with the wind and all. – Ah, yes, okay so you agree with me? We’re sending the deep through? – This is great. But this is iconic. (Italian music) And now we got the battle of
the non-Chicago Midwest pizzas. Detroit versus St. Louis. But now before you comment about it, we didn’t include any pizza
styles west of St. Louis because they’re mostly just
variations on the eight styles that we are testing. Don’t @ us!
– Right. Okay starting with Detroit,
which is new to me, never had it. This is from Padrino’s in Sherman Oaks. Sherman Oaks is home to
celebrities like Chase Hilt. – Oh. – This has got extra thick
crust with a crispy bottom. Sometimes double baked and
then we’ve got extra cheese baked onto the crust.
– My goodness. – So they put shredded
cheese on top of that. So I’m gonna get one with crust– – Dink it.
– And one without. – Yeah so it’s got that deep dishness. Man that’s a good crust. – A little light on the sauce. – [Link] Mm-hm. – But a lot of stuff is working. – But a lot of types of
cheese and deep dishness. All right so from St. Louis
we have what appears to be like a Chicago thin crust but uh uh uh! It’s more crackery. This is an unleavened crust, no yeast. Oh yeah, that’s taut under there. There’s a special cheese that
they got here called provel which is a mix of provolone–
– Is that provel? – Swiss, and white cheddar.
– Ah, yes. – [Link] Does the cheese
taste different to you? – A little sharper. But I hate to say this. It almost has like a
frozen pizza taste to it. There’s something about the flavor profile that just hit me that made
me think I just put this, I just took it out of a box in my freezer. – That’s harsh, man.
– I’m sorry. – I actually think it’s good. I think the cheese is interesting. – Oh it’s good. I eat pizza out of the
freezer all the time. – Again, there’s not much to it. It’s very thin, it’s hor d’oeuvre-ish. You know you’re gonna eat a
whole pizza here in no time flat or you’re just gonna be hoping for more. – Come back to this. Get on the Detroit train with me. What do they call the train in Detroit? – [Crew Member] People mover. – The people mover.
– Get on the people mover! Detroit, going through?
– Mm-hm. (Italian music) – All right we’ve got Neapolitan versus New York style.
– New York style. – Okay so.
– Go back in with the Neo. – This is gonna be tough because, oh, ’cause I can’t even get it in my mouth. – I would just call that refined. You know it is what it
is and it’s very good for what it is. – And I know that this
is a traditional style. The thing I love about Sicilian,
I mean Neapolitan usually is all the stuff that they
put on it in that oven and it gets kinda creative. But that’s not what I’m
judging, I’m judging the style. And I like it. It’s got a lot going for it. But New York.
– New York. You fold it over, I mean, people are opinionated
about every aspect of it. It’s the water, it’s how you fold it. It’s the size, it’s everything. – It tastes really good.
– Mm-hm. – It tastes so good. – People travel from the
far corners of the world to New York City and
what do they have to do? They gotta eat this pizza. – There’s something about,
not just the construction, but the size. This is a perfect size of
pizza to just take and be like, get back on your Bird scooter. What do they have? What do they have, your city bike. Get on your city bike and… One hand as you go around that dirty city. (Link sighs) So we’re sending New York on? – I’m saying it’s not easy but yes, I’m saying New York moves forward. (Italian music) Detroit deep versus Chicago deep. – I know you’re supposed to use a fork, but I’m in the mood. – Oh, that’s amazing.
– Sauce is on top. I know you said that before but it’s a little weird but good. – I had a version of
that Chicago deep dish. It had a whole big circle
of sausage underneath it. – Lou Malnati’s.
– There wasn’t a moment that didn’t have sausage. That was a dream. But this is a revelation to me. – The cheese on top of the
crust, okay, here’s the thing. These are both great pizzas. They’re both deep dish, they
have a lot going for ’em. Link’s eating both of
them at the same time, trying to get some sort of knowledge. But you know what, Detroit has been through
a really rough time. (crew laughs) It’s been a tough time for that city. – Is that what you’re gonna do? – The auto industry just abandoned them. And they’re sitting up there, there’s whole blocks just
completely abandoned, stray dogs running around. – But the pizza’s awesome. – Detroit is rising from its ashes. Like a phoenix, not
phoenix, that’s Arizona. Like Detroit! This pizza is thick and
hearty and topped with an unexpected layer of
cheese on the crust. – So we’re going with
Chicago deep dish pizza. – No! We are sending Detroit
through in my opinion. It’s better, it just tastes better. It’s a revelation to me. It’s new, it’s different. I like it. – And it’s crunchy on the ends. (both chuckle) Yeah, Detroit! (Italian music) So for the championship of pizza styles, we have New York versus Detroit. Who knew? I didn’t. Didn’t fold it over that time. – It’s still good.
– Mm-hm. – But Detroit.
– Any time of day or night. – Look at that cheese.
– Grab yourself a slice. – Look at that, just
look at that hanging on. Okay, let me tell ya, I
learned a second thing about Detroit pizza just a second ago. And that is, the pans
that they use in order to get that crispy crust
are actually called Detroit blue steel pizza pans.
– Blue steel? – They used to use in the auto industry to hold like nus and
bolts and stuff like that. – That makes it taste great. – It does! It’s a story, there’s a history. Think about those hard-working
people sitting there. They got the nuts in a
pan and then they’re like, I’m gonna go eat out of this pan that nuts have been in all day. – But they’re not dirty pans. They’re clean, unused versions. – It’s the same material. – Well the thing that I find out, I’m told that Detroit style is the style that is used at Little Caesars. (crew chuckling) So I’m voting for New York. – Why’d you have to go and do that to me? – What’s your vote? We gonna have to duke
it out or you with me? Pizza pizza. – So you’re, oh gosh, oh gosh. Don’t do that to me. Seriously, Little
Caesars is Detroit style? – Yeah.
– The man from Michigan just confirmed that. Okay New York wins. (laughs) – Congratulations, New York! But Detroit, hey you got some good pizza. And we’re coming for ya. – Okay thanks to Skillshare
for sponsoring today’s episode. Get a free two month trial to
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discover new opportunities. Go to Skillshare.com/GMM for that. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Justin. – I’m Austin.
– I’m Ethan. – Jonathan.
– Alex. – And we’re from Omaha,
Nebraska and it’s– – [Together] Time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – They didn’t even try to catch it. – (chuckles) Yeah, I thought
they were gonna come back down into their hands but no. Click the top link to watch us taste the crew’s favorite pizzas
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Sick stickers, brah. Where’d you get ’em? – [Link] Mythical.store, brah. – [Rhett] So sick, brah. – [Link] Totally, brah. I just put ’em all over my board, brah. – [Rhett] So sick, brah. – [Link] Yah.

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