Uncut Gems | Official Trailer HD | A24

How you doing Howard? Hey. How’s it going? Pesach! Howard! All right, Larry. You’re
a Jew again. Welcome back. I made a crazy risk. A gamble. And it’s about to pay off. I want the Celtics to cover.
I want the Celtics half time. I want Garnett points and
rebounds. What do you know? I don’t know, I just know. Well I’ll tell you what I know that’s the dumbest fucking
bet I ever heard of. I disagree. I disagree, Gary. What is that? I started this shit. Are you serious? You’re taking my money all over
town placing bets. I’m having very serious second
thoughts. Are you serious right now? I know I fucked up. Howard, where’s the money right
now? Howard! You got my money? Howard! Is it too late? I’m done. That means
nothing. It meant nothing. Please. Give me another shot. You like to win right? This is no different than that. Black jew power n*gga. This is my fucking way. You think I’m stupid Howard. You and your whole fucking
family. I heard you’ve resurfaced
your fucking swimming pool. Do you know how that makes me
feel? I never resurfaced anything. You think your life is
more important than mine. I don’t know who said that! I told you about how
things were going to go. You like the way things are
going now? That’s my family! Get the kids out of the house. You having a good time? Yes. This is me. This is how I win. KG! It’s game night. You
should be stretching out. What is he, a coach? Nah. He’s just a fucking crazy
ass Jew.

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100 thoughts on “Uncut Gems | Official Trailer HD | A24

  1. Holy shit! A24 is like the Rockstar Games of movie making.
    The Witch, The Lighthouse, and now THIS!? We're back in the golden age of film again! Now if Raimi could come out with Spider-Man 4 with as much original cast as possible. That would be FANTASTIC!

  2. True Story : After this trailer premiered, Kevin Garnet called Ray Allen, said “Your not the only one with the acting chops, mother f*cker”, then he hung up.

  3. I really like that shot of him saying "This is me, this is how I win" before even watching the film just looking at his darkened glasses and smirk you can tell the character undergoes a change that completely throws how people have seen him

  4. It amazes me how people seem to think they know what they're talking about in terms of Cinema. People think Adam Sandler is a bad actor. Lmao
    His comedic movies have been pretty bad, but he's not a bad actor. Try majoring in film and i'm sure you'll learn a thing or two there.

  5. Bong Joon Ho, Parasite director said this is one of the best movies of 2019 so far, and heck i had no idea Adam Sandler in it.

  6. Adam Sandler movie career.

    1 great movie, 3 shit movies

    Basically just when you think no more watching him, he drags you back in. This is how he keeps his money coming in.

  7. the problem with all these actors who only do comedy is that they're never taken seriously. it doesn't make them bad actors. it just doesn't allow them to show off their talent.

  8. With Sandler's look he could play in a Lebowski spin-off movie as Jesus Quintana's brother…..nobody f***s with the Jesus's brother.

  9. Adam Sandler playing a different role, nice! but he is like impersonating Al Pacino on this one but i would still watch this!

  10. The best actors to do dramas are usually comedians. Doing comedy is hard enough trying to take everyday life or sadness and turn it into something people can laugh at. So when you remove all that from the film making process, drama comes easy for comedians.

  11. I know this is a completely different type of performance, but I hope this one is on the same level as his performance in Punch Drunk Love. That film is still my favorite of his, but a crime drama by the Safdies in conjunction with Sandler's performance could top it for me.

  12. I know Joaquin Phoenix already has the trophy in the bag but imagine Sandler getting at least a nomination. That'd be awesome for us Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore/Little Nicky/Zohan fans.

  13. Is this finally a chance for him to show what he could have been after Punch-Drunk Love or is he gonna give us a taste and then go back to horrible comedies?

  14. Hes really good when he doesnt stick to his silly comedy films, hes a good actor, make more films like this and hell get a hell of a lot more praise as an actor!

  15. Adam Sandler haters can suck it. I never got on that dumbass bandwagon. I saw punch drunk love and Spanglish back in the day. Always knew how good he was 🖕

  16. Adam Sandler,
    acting like Jonah Hill,
    trying for a part refused by Al Pacino,
    written by Ben Stiller,
    attempting to modernize Merchant of Venice for the 21st century.

    A24: 'sure why not?'

  17. This trailer is so long I think I just saw the whole movie. Normally the longer the trailer, the worse the movie, but I hear otherwise. Hmm

  18. Now, this is how you make a good trailer without discovering the whole damn thing. This how trailers were made back in the day.

  19. Cannot Wait….

    “Basically a snake don’t have parts but if I had to say anything Id say it’s his… knee!”

    My favorite line out of ALLL. his movies…

    Then..” stop looking at me swan!”

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