Underground Poker in Detroit

and we are packed let’s hop on a plane
and go somewhere different let’s go to the home of Barry Sanders
Isiah Thomas cessful fielder Steve Yzerman all the legends in the game
let’s go home let’s go to Detroit welcome to Detroit three one three the
dirty D beautiful sunset the land of Kid Rock Eminem Madonna the Silverdome the
Palace of Auburn Hills Joe Louis Arena Henry Ford Lee Iacocca Kwame Kilpatrick
it’s gonna be a great weekend and we might go play at MGM Ville two five No
Limit action and we’re planning on going to a Detroit Lions game on Sunday
throwback to the good old days when Wayne Fonz was on the sidelines and
Barry Sanders was the most electrifying man in football we might eat some good
food but we’re gonna see a lot of friends I know that for sure
stay tuned it’s gonna be an epic journey back in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan
let’s go to an underground home game high stakes a little reunion in Vegas
there are no potholes look at these roads it’s like a
third-world country here is the famous Westland mall the city I grew up in the
only city that I know of that was named after a mall the mall was here first
before the city crazy I know cartoons where I got my two twelves amp speakers
tweeters CD player custom install oh we were bumping in high school good high-stakes home game is the hand the secret underground
Detroit games what they don’t want you to see they also do $20 foot massage for
a half hours here we go I got a big draw guys you
gotta let out oh there it is hit them both got them don’t ever question those who’s man you had this one brother what we got a warm 5 all in all right oh shit a skate classic 43% comes through Holland go what would you do that for
Andy I put him on I’m not a Saleem at ease
love pocket is like I got here I don’t think he’s got any sevens that’s all you
know for this point is inevitable waitresses love pocket
aces threeways in for 120 big blinds out for 600 big
blinds crushing the home game really nostalgic catching up with some friends
we used to play these home games you know 10 to 15 years ago a couple times a
week and have the same repertoire same humor it’s really something special
something pretty priceless glad I came out here for this experience and the
weekend has just begun so let’s have a good day tomorrow and continue our visit
to Michigan

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82 thoughts on “Underground Poker in Detroit

  1. Where did you go to high school? I graduated from Livonia franklin. I used to skip class and walk to Westland mall in high school

  2. Priceless is exactly the right word for those moments.. I'm in Madison and know the Heartland of America is real and not fake!

  3. The open-air man cave, a little Omaha, a little Hold 'em among friends, pizza, beer, ganja… Does life get much better? I submit that it does not.

  4. Boski…I didn't know you grew up in the D..I visit there every year.. For hockey games.. When my boys the sabres play the wings. I miss the Joe.. But the new arena is nice. Can't wait to see more of this trip ☺️

  5. Did you actually mention Kwame Kilpatrick?!!!….the amount of shade you just threw to Detriot is like a total solar eclipse….epic Boski, just epic

  6. Damn it man, wish I knew you were in Mich. I would have made the drive to the casino up there to donate! I used to play at the Electric Stick in Westland before it burned down.

  7. been a fan almost your whole career on youtube. live 30 mins from the D. sick shot at the home game! smokin the refer

  8. Enjoy the trip to MI. Let’s not forget about Big Sean “IDFWU” out of MI. Early congrats on reaching 25k subs

  9. I used to go to an underground game and I had ace9 of spades heads up against teddy kgb. Was having thought of Vegas and the fucking mirage. Then I got coolered

  10. I saw you in the latest joeingram vlog playing against long time cash grinder Mike Postle, who has recently been accused by many of cheating, did you get any feeling about this one way or another?

  11. I love when home games call it high stakes and use a $2 pack of bicycle cards…everyone knows where the aces are after about 20 mins of play from how crinkled they are lmao

  12. Oh god just the title scares me man I picture Detroit like its the road. a post apocalyptic hell where if you manage to find a card game you will catch a case of typhoon from touching the chips.

  13. Poker pro visits his hometown. Plays poker with his buddies who are drinking and doing a little Mary Jane. Outcome was predetermined! Everyone had fun.

  14. Boski, you, Neeme & I all grew up in MI, we all live in Vegas now for poker & we have all played at a wsop final table…Oh wait, I guess that last part is just me, but at least we are all from MI. Cheers

  15. Didnt know you were from Westland, I live right at cherry hill and wildwood by the elementary school. Definitely made me a subscriber.

  16. First of all, congrats on your big score winning $15,000 at the Wynn. Secondly, please don't make us look at that hair again without the hair gel. Like you once said, a little bit goes a long way.

  17. This was good to see going home showing love, I also am from Michigan and live up north now in Alpena, have you ever been? Love the content active follower!

  18. Boski–my mom was the school social worker at Westland high school. (Karen Kern). I met you in Costa Rica the night you arrived for the cage . (Mike/Middle age guy –we talked about your channel briefly outside the poker room with Phil standing there).

  19. Boski always enjoy your vlogs I was the one who wrote the poem about you and won your contest I want to tell you that it appears to me based on watching Doug Polk's video and Joey Ingram that you definitely were cheated at Stones Poker Room the evidence is so overwhelmingly absurd check this out here's a chart of the guy pot Ripper how far away he was from the norm and look at this guys live stats I think he's lost one session in over 50 live streams definitely knows the hole cards

  20. What the hell…by the looks of these comments I think every poker player in the Detroit area watches the vlog! I'm playing at MGM right now… live in White Lake.

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