Unpruning! The Jailer! & MORE! EVERYTHING Shadowlands So Far

Hello everyone, it’s Jeath here from Method
and today I’m going to give you a rundown of everything we know right now about the
next expansion: Shadowlands! Ok so the Shadowlands announcement kicked
off with a sweet new cinematic. What we can only assume to be an Icecrown
citadel invincible run from Sylvanas went horribly wrong and she ended up fighting Bolvar
and scrapping the only drop: his plate helmet. She must not have gotten the memo about residuum–probably
should have kept it for mog. Ripping the helmet apart opened up a rift
in the sky to the realm of the dead- the shadowlands. Sylvanas disappeared inside to hide for at
least a few raids before we finally get justice for Teldrassil– and Bolvar’s scrapped helmet. Because of Sylvanas’ being extra, Bolvar
is raising new death knights to face her down in the shadowlands, as such all races, including
Pandaren and allied races can now be death knights. There’s also a level squish, with Shadowlands
the maximum level will be 60 with all current max level players being reverted back down
to 50. When shadowlands launches we can all race
back up to 60, which might be a bit easier with our newest addition to Method: Jokerd. With the level squish our levelling up experience
is going to be revamped. New characters will start in a new zone called
‘Exile’s Reach’ until level 10. Then, new players will be thrown straight
into BFA which will hopefully clue them into what’s happening with the shadowlands when
they reach 50. Players who already have one max level character
will be able to pick any of WoW’s expansions to level new characters in, giving them a
more consistent story experience as they grind to 50. The talent system is changing with the level
squish with new talents coming at levels 15, 25, 30, 35. 40, 45 and 50. Ok let’s jump into the meat of Shadowlands
with the new zones. Rivendreth, AKA what we do in the shadowlands
,is a zone seemingly inspired by old-school gothic vampires, it looks like a zone you
can really… sigh sink your teeth into. Next we have Ardenweald, a pans labyrinth
of brightly coloured scenery and creatures straight out of Del Toro’s scrapbook. Maldraxxus seems to be a patchwerk of wrath’s
zones all combined into one but heavily inspired by the naxxramas aesthetic. Hey, maybe third times the charm? Last of the four major zones is Bastion, the
shadowlands equivalent of stormheim in at least looks, we can say for certain that the
art department, as always, has made some great looking zones for us to inevitably ignore
as we afk run to our next world quest. Those are the four major zones, each with
their own faction which we’ll get to in a moment, but we also have Oribos the eternal
city, a hub for us to AFK jump around in while we wait for raid to start. Finally we have the Maw, dubbed ‘a horrific
prison for the most vile souls’, it’s ruled over by ‘The Jailer’ who has never
let a soul escape. We’re sure we’ll run into him a few times
over the expansion., but for the meantime, best to keep out of his way. Each of the four major zones has a faction
you can align with, with the new Feature ‘Covenant’. Similar to Scryer or Aldor in The Burning
Crusade, but hopefully not with those death-trap elevators, we have factions to ally ourselves
with that have specific rewards including customisable mounts, armour sets, cloaks and
unique class abilities. Rivendreth allow us to join the Venthyr, Ardenwald
give us the Night Fae, Maldraxxus give us the Necrolords and Bastion gives us the Kyrian. These four powers of the shadowlands each
have a full endgame narrative campaign and have two active abilities, one being class
specific, the other a unique movement ability that will come in handy when dodging the jailor’s
minions. The four unique movement abilities each faction
will give every character when aligned are: SoulShape- Aligning with the Night Fae allows
you to shapeshift into one of a fox or another of the fae’s cute critters to gain a 30%
movement speed bonus and be ignored by enemies for 4 seconds. Unburden- Aligning with the Kyrian will give
you the ability to gain 300% movement speed, slowing fall speed and jumping forward after
a 1 second cast every two minutes, and greatly reduce your aggro radius. Necrolords offer transcend the flesh, once
every 3 minutes you may separate from your soul turning invisible and untargetable, leaving
your vulnerable body behind . If you move more than 60 yards away from your body or
re-activate the spell your body will jump to your soul. It’s kind of like lag but- useful. Finally the Venthyr offer Door of shadows,
a 40 yard blink after a 2 second cast. As well as these standard movement abilities,
each class will have a unique spell earned from pledging their allegiance. Not all have been released but the 4 released
spells for mages give us a good indication they are:
Radiant Spark- Earned from aligning with the Kyrian will allow you to radiant spark the
enemy every 30 seconds, for 8 seconds after being hit your next 4 spells will deal 25%,
50%, 75% and then 100% increased damage. Nectrolords offer Contagion bolt on a 90 second
cooldown, it’s an 8 second dot that will cause nearby enemies to take damage when hit
by other single target spells.. The night Fae bring Shifting power to the
table, on a 45 second cooldown you can channel dealing aoe damage to enemies within 15 yards
and increasing haste by 5% for each second spent channelling
Finally Venthyr bring mages Mirror of Torment on a 2 minute cooldown, 3 mirrors will rotate
around a target for 6 seconds that root and deal damage to them every time they cast a
spell or ability. These all seem pretty good, and are bound
to get buffed and changed with patches which is why there’s good news. You can change your covenant at any time. However, you will lose any progress you’ve
made with your covenant so you’ll want to be careful who you align yourself with. No doubt we’ll have a video on it before
the shadowlands drops so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out. With covenants we’ll also gain access to
soulbinds. Zone specific NPC’s who we can align ourselves
to if they’re in our covenant zone. These soulbinds give interesting new abilities
like increasing your parry chance or increasing crit chance against lower hp enemies. Each soulbind has a talent tree which will
give you more bonuses. Changing covenant will lose your progress
with soulbinds so we don’t recommend hitting it and quitting it. Another new feature is the Torghast, AKA the
tower of the damned in ‘The Maw’. Firstly, you’ll have to get to it which
isn’t as easy as it sounds, The Maw is designed to be treacherous, every death or mob kill
in the maw will catch the jailors attention and can earn you a patrol or two hunting you
down, so we recommend not sticking around for too long to see the sights. Torghast when you do get there is essentially
a labyrinth you can explore solo or with up to four friends. The mobs inside will give you Anima which
can be used to empower your abilities or give buffs that will help you navigate the never
ending corridors. With each level you ascend the mobs will get
more and more fearsome, but unlike mythic plus there’s no time limit so you can take
your time. Torghast will be changing, not as frequently
as your weekly affixes but the Jailor likes to spice things up, he’ll be throwing curveballs
at us every now and in one form or another so stay on your toes. For your troubles in Torghast players will
be rewarded with runes which will be put towards crafting your legendaries. Yes, that’s right, Legendary gear will be
making a return. And unlike Legion it won’t be random drops,
players will be able to pick which piece they want and build towards that specific piece. Because of this we’re sure we’ll all be
spending countless hours ascending Torghast’s levels and trying to carry out as many runes
as we can before the ominous overlord of the maw overruns us. Next we have the new dungeons. On launch we’ll be able to play The Necrotic
Wake, Theater of Pain, Mists of Tirna Scithe and the Halls of Atonement. Once we hit level cap we’ll gain access
to Spires of Ascension, Plaguefall, The Other side (Featuring Lorgok’s favourite: Bwomsandi)
and finally Sanguine Depths. The first raid of the expansion is Castle
Nathria which is a 10 boss raid set in Rivendreth ruled over by a Venthyr Lord. Information is a little light but it’s safe
to assume we’ll be seeing a few vampires and more than likely a gargoyle or two. No, not those gargoyles. Or those vampires. Now that, that we could see. They’ve also commented on their new approach
to class design, their aim is to make your class feel like your class instead of a spec. They want your specialisation to feel like
just that, you double down on the power of one aspect of your class without losing the
other aspects. A Restoration shaman should still be able
to frost shock, it just won’t be as powerful as elemental shamans who have powered up that
part of their kit. Likewise an elemental shaman will have access
to a healing stream totem that’s not as powerful as their resto counterparts, but
still useful. Paladins will be getting their auras back,
warlocks have more access to their curses and all rogues will be poisoning in all specs
you so keep your eye out. Some old favourites will be coming back including
the bane of every bubble hearthstoning paladin: Shattering throw as well as Kill shot, ritual
of doom, challenging shout and Eyes of the beast for those curious hunters. Hopefully there’s more to announce, anything
you’re hoping for? Let us know down below. Other than that, blizzard have announced a
few cool customisation options, new tribal paint for trolls and dwarfs, new character
models for humans that may be a case of better late than never, and also sand coloured trolls,
which rumour has it allow them to walk in single file to hide their numbers. Whew, that’s a lot of information, and we’re
only two days in. So what do you guys think? Are you already over N’zoth and ready to
get to the shadowlands? What covenant are you most hyped for? Let us know in the comments, if you want to
stay updated on all things WoW and Blizzcon hit that subscribe button and hey, if you
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we worry about it. Read like the end of an American Drug commercial
reading side effects All shadowlands information is subject to
buffs, nerfs, changes, being removed from the game, being obliterated by exodia and
sent to the shadow realm and of course subject to change at any time. Any misinterpretation of the information is
accidental or a poor attempt at humor, if shadowlands causes any symptoms please consult
your local physician.

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37 thoughts on “Unpruning! The Jailer! & MORE! EVERYTHING Shadowlands So Far

  1. Jeathe coming back with C O N T E N T. Seriously, there's nobody else I can listen to aptly and fall asleep to at the same time.

  2. Really dislike classes being pushed over specs. I loved specs being unique and focused on what they do best. It made it feel like your choices mattered. Having jack-of-the-trade and utility abilities like having poison for rogues, should be an optional path, that are not enforced, like talents.

  3. All the little puns made this video great!! Seriously though as a lock main I wouldn't mind seeing Drain Mana make a return. While I don't pvp too much it would be nice to incentivize them to not stand there and heal through the dmg.

  4. I suspect Garrosh 2.0. Prediction, Sylvanas will be killed by Tyrande during the leveling content. I will unsub after that.

  5. This was the best information I have gotten from any YouTuber yet, at least I could understand you. Most of the WOW YouTubers use technical terms that are hard to figure out. Yours was in plain English that a child could understand. Great job. Because of this I subscribed, not because you are the best players in the game. I always hear about you guys winning all these tournaments. I am not a technical player, I just play solo to have a little fun. I don't take it to serious. I also think that WOW is the best game out there no matter what others think.

  6. For some reason I am so scared… Remember the hype BFA had and what we got?? Shadowland don't even have half the hype cause the story isn't making much sense in timeline and, not changing rotation of spec we been playing since legion is boring af..

  7. I hope for Monk stances for every monk spec… So my Brewmaster could have stance of the ox and stance of the white tiger e.g.

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