Usain Bolt: Can the world’s fastest man beat a bus?

You’re the fastest man being on Earth. No,
the quickest human being on the planet. You’ve beaten them all. What challenges are left?
Well, how about a bus? An unusual match up certainly for Usain Bolt, but man and machine
going head-to-head in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. The Jamaican Olympic champion
limbers up, taking the test seriously. We don’t know how the bus prepared maybe putting
it at a disadvantage. As might putting more than one person in it. Nobody strapping a
spare body to Bolt’s back. Poor old number 59. And they’re off. Bolt more jogging than sprinting, and still
winning with ease much to the seeming general indifference of the crowd. Afterwards Bolt
insisting he still has the hunger to win and will be heading to Rio in three years time
to defend his Olympic titles, for an unprecedented second time. One of my main goals is to go to the Rio Olympics,
as I was saying, to do it again. To defend my titles and it’s never been done three times
so, for me, that’s me trying to set the bar as high as possible. To just push the barrier.
So, that’s my main goal but throughout the seasons I always set different goals for myself
until I get to Rio. And then Bolt beats some people as well, making
short work of fellow Jamaicans Mario Forsythe, Kimmari Roach and Daniel Bailey in a 120 metre
sprint. The bus not even invited to take part.

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100 thoughts on “Usain Bolt: Can the world’s fastest man beat a bus?

  1. Osm u are the champions ushian Bolt Mai bi ap ke Thara bann na chati hu 😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊

  2. Do you know MS Dhoni is the fastest person in the world not Usain Bolt

  3. Actually bolt's super fast speed is near about 40-45km/hr. A man never runs fast beyond this limit. But that was a normal speed of bus. So always man vs man, never man vs bus. And for a volvo bus the normal speed is 80km/hr.

  4. Tree times.

    Haha, I'm only making fun of him because I too am from the West Indies. Treeeee times mon. Hahaha

  5. Title should have been usain bolt vs bullock cart. Ya of course a bus-alike cart inside bull is running..maybe walking.. WTF IS THISS


  7. Oh, and Daniel Bailey isn't Jamaican. He's from Antigua and Barbuda. Anyway, I think I saw this years ago when I was smaller. Well, he got a big crowd there obviously.

  8. Those leg muscles must be packed with some nuclear turbocharged orange juice thrusters, either that or he's on an infinite supply of adrenalin rush

  9. Has anyone been told when your short your faster than tall people to make you feel better Usain Bolt is usually the tallest and fastest there

  10. Buses can go faster than that. The bus driver couldn’t have even been flooring it maybe usian bolt could be ahead for a couple of seconds but the bus would pass him eventually beucase buses can go like what 120-140 km/h or 70-90 mph top speed?

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