VALHALLA card game – an introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Lukasz Wozniak and I’m the author of the new game called Valhalla. It’s a game that’s
coming to Kickstarter this October. It’s a 2 to 6 players game with a new solo
mode it’s a game where you manage a hand of cards you build up your team of
warriors and you fight each other with a dice placement mechanics. And today I’m
going to explain some of the gameplay mechanics in Valhalla and I’m gonna tell
you why there is so much stuff on this table right now. But before we get into
the specifics I want to tell you about our newsletter. There’s a link in the
description that will lead you to a webpage where you can sign up to a
Valhalla newsletter that will inform you about preparation before the campaign,
tell you more about the mechanics, more about the story behind it and show you
how we are working and preparing to launch it in Octobe. We have also
prepared something special for people that sign up to our newsletter, because
we have commissioned an author to write a short story about Ragnarok. About the
end of times in Norse mythology a story that’s deeply connected with Valhalla
game, so it will get you into the theme and prepare you for the game itself.
There are also other places where you can learn about the game follow the news
and see the art in Valhalla I will talk about those at the end of this video.
Right now let me tell you a little bit about stuff that we have on the table,
because right now what you see is a game with about 30 stretch goals unlocked
already. Valhalla is a different campaign that you would usually expect because it
already had a success with Polish version. It was crowdfunded January
this year and it had a tremendous success for the Polish Edition and we
have decided to bring all of the unlocked stretch goals into English edition from
the very beginning of the Kickstarter campaign. We are a small publishing
company and we need Kickstarter to help us bring the English
eddition of the game to you. But we wanted to give all of the things that
were included in Polish version in the English version from the very beginning.
So you have a base retail version with six additional expansion, with player
boards and other upgrades. And also you have exclusive expansion pack that will
be only available in English version during the Kickstarter campaign, with
more expansions and more stuff inside. We also have some add-ons to the game on the table like this miniature for one of the game expansions and additional dice
for each individual player as well as the game play mat. You will be able to
purchase all of these during the Kickstarter campaign that starts in
October. So now let me tell you a little bit more about the mechanics. In coming
weeks we’re going to tell you about all the specific content of the game but now:
what is this game about? So you have this huge stack of cards and at the beginning
of the game each player will get one leader. Actually you get three cards that
are called Jarl or Earl cards and you choose one. And he has special abilities
and after that you manage a hand of cards, and within the deck there are
warriors and battle tactic cards: and warriors are members of different clans sometimes monsters like ice or fire giants or other ones and you try to
build up your team. Each warrior has color, strengths, some of them have
special abilities, they also have slots for equipment (weapon) dice and points they give when they go to your Valhalla. And when you think you’re ready you can attack
another player: you take the set of six dice you roll them. And each of them have
special engraved equipment or weapon symbols: you have swords, axes, spearss
shields and bows. And you try to build up a team that will allow you to use your
dice to the maximum. Even though there is a random factor with the dice which
brings out, you know, fun and emotions in the battle, the battle outcome
mainly depends on you. You have to build up the team that will work the best, you
have the use battle tactics and your leaders special abilities to the fullest.
So there is, you know, fun, excitement, emotions with the dice placement
mechanism. But there is also a lot of tactical maneuvering with your team,
witch your cards. One of the biggest twists in the game is the scoring system: when
we fight my goal is to win and take your shield with your color. But this is not
the main way to earn points, because the winner of the battle sends his activated
warriors to his Valhalla. They won the fight and they are declared
worthy of Valhalla, they are taken up by Odin to the eternal glory and they score
points at the end of the game. So every player has his own discard pile where he
puts his used warriors after he has won the battle – so you build up a team but
then some of them go away. So you gotta build it up, fight some of them, go
away and so on. There are 25 leaders:each of them with the different ability. There
are 6 expansions within the base game and another 2 big expansions in the
expansion pack. You could have like a deck of 40 cards that you add to a main
deck. For example we are going to Svartalfhaim which is the land of the
dwarves, or we could play with Valkyries, or with fire giants. We could use Thor’s
support or Loki’s deception, so the replayability with this game is just
enormou. You could play multiple times just with the base game, and then try out
all the expansions, and all the game modes in it. The gameplay takes 30-45
minutes, maybe up to an hour.. It works really well with two people as well as
bigger group. There is also a solo mode where you fight some mythological
creatures but we also have more expansions prepared and if we exceed the
basic Kickstarter goal we will add those for free to each copy. So there
is more to come. We have used a lot of different stories and legends and places
within the Norse mythology with that game. And you can feel that Viking battle
when you play Valhalla. We will show you at least one full gameplay maybe more. We will show you specific mechanics of the game. We will tell you about the story
behind it so if you want to be up-to-date subscribe to our newsletter.
You can also just subscribe to this youtube channel, we have Facebook page
where we post pictures and new information and also a BoardGameGeek
page where you could follow the game or talk about it with other players. It’s a
huge, exciting game that we’ve been working on for over 4 years now and we
hope that you’re going to enjoy it as much as we do.
So if you have any questions, or if you have any ideas, or if you want to talk
about the project feel free to reach us on any of those platforms. The
Kickstarter campaign will help us publish the English version, but we will
also find people that will translate the rules into different languages so you
could buy it and play with your friends easily. And for now that’s it. We’re going
to get you more information before the campaign, show you all of the content. As
you can see the game is almost production-quality so you’re gonna know
what you’re gonna get. That’s it, thank you so much for your time bye bye

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15 thoughts on “VALHALLA card game – an introduction

  1. Way to go Wookie. Good, clear video I hope KS campaign will be as successful as the Polish campaign! Easy, very easy 😛 add this to the talking English or not video seems to be incomplete without it 😛

  2. I hope there's more than just killing other guys, like we have 200 attack, you have 180 defense, we kill 2 guys, then next turn we have 180 attack, you have 230 defense we lose 3 guys, that would be boring ; I hope for a way to sacrifice one of your guys to save another one

  3. Saw some videos about the game including an English version covering the base game rules a bit. It seems quite simple, but I know there is expansions added into the box that add more complexity. I love how you've tied the thematics with the game and the presentation of the universe, its all knitted together beautifully. The one thing that I would criticize is using color to separate the clans, this would be troublesome for the color-blind. Not sure if you'd looked into having distinct icons for the clan on top of the color to prevent that issue?

  4. Love the art. To the point that although I'm not so into card and dice mechanichs, I'm totally waiting for it being translated into spanish (my mother tongue) to buy it.

    Great job, Lukasz!

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