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  1. Love the videos been watching you on tv since I was 11 or 12. Have played a little online and some cash games with my dads friends when I was younger but being 19 now I want to learn poker on a higher level these help a lot.

  2. Look at my future husband, making youtube videos and all <3
    Yesterday I went on my first ever live tourney, it was horrible, I was shaking because I was so nervous. It was in a casino near me, the guys were so rude and yuck (I am pretty sure they took some of my chips when we were on a break. Next time I'll count them. I was paying attention to players a lot, which is new to me being an online player, looking people in the eye and hands and moves. Blah, it was too much information at once. But I did well. Fucked up witk AK 🙂

  3. Gentinli could've had 45hh/67hh/QJhh/KQhh/J9dd/JQdd as well and he is definitely bluffing with these hands on the river. By betting you removing the opportunity to bluff from Gentinli. i believe it is very close to check or bet in this spot.

  4. Another well thought video, the bite size nature is excellent to pick up on the fly a couple of times a week! definitely worth your effort, thanks!

  5. To all you kids born in the 90s. FUCK DOUG POLK! I know you guys are his biggest fans. Never take advice from a poker player who have less than 10 million in poker earnings.
    Sorry for the profanity Daniel.

  6. Was he trying to entice a bluff? I know that would be the only time I would check the river in that spot, maybe repping a missed flush draw

  7. hej daniel much respect from your pro analises. I am starting to become a bigg fan of poker/pokerrelated book or events. Much respect from Belgium from raiserke21 on pokerstars ak ruben mertens hope you have a run good year in 2017. i had a great year in 2016 online at microstakes. what did you do when you are on a downswing and online keeps gettin those runner runner beats or never holdin isues. Hopefully it turns again because could it be because i removed my bankroll from stars to bank that my run good is over ??? like to hear your toughts because they are always real and honest grtz

  8. I will be in Vegas for the series.. It would be cool to meet and maybe play a round of golf or something. Do you still play?

  9. What if this guy value bets the river and he gets raised? What are you going to do with a one pair hand? In this case, you either have to hero call or fold — neither is a fun option.

  10. hey man TROOPER97 mentioned you in his last vlog , you should check it out when you get a chance , and thanks for the video man !!!

  11. absolutely love these videos Mr negreanu, I have learned so many things about poker from you.  keep the great vids coming please!!

  12. What was it like playing with Stu Unger? Was he really as good as they say? i would love if you did a video talking about how poker was for you back in the 90's and what games exactly you played and how you started your bankroll, also why did you date Annie Duke?

  13. That last one was a joke ive actually asked you before one time if you dated her in a PokerStars game you laughed i laughed we all laughed it was a bunch of laughs

  14. Hi Daniel – any thoughts of reviving poker after dark or high stakes poker. i dont think i've learnt more on poker strategy than through just watching those games again and again (and for hsp, gabe's commentary too was brilliant)!

  15. I'm pretty sure Harder simply put Gentili on a flush draw or a turned straight draw that had no showdown value by the river and tried to induce a bluff and figured he'd give him a chance to do just that because that's the only way he could win the hand with Harder then snap calling

  16. Hi Daniel! Good video. By checking the river you leave all your opponents bluff in their range and you can bluffcatch them? Also what do you do When/if you get raised on the river? Fold your top pair? It's a thin line to balance on, value vs pot controll. How would you size up the riverbet in this case? 50% pot?

  17. Seems like the check on the turn was deliberate to make it seem as he was weak, and wanted a bet to call on the turn. Maybe make it seem like a draw of some sort. Which makes sense on why he checked again on the river. He wanted the guy to bite and call whatever beat he threw out.

  18. hey daniel great video. i have suggestion tho. can you invite some of your friends to help you analyse some hands? for example, i would love to see gus hansen analysing some hands. just leaving the suggestion. keep up the good work 🙂

  19. I just have one question Daniel if you ever have a kid are you going to teach him how to play poker lol. Would you be kind of upset or happy if he ended up becoming a pro?

  20. Hello Daniel, I was a Bad Beat Jackpot recipient last night, it was my very first, 1/3 no limit, quad 10's "vs" aces full of tens. My payout was 400 for the hand. I was not in the hand just tabled. Have you ever been involved in a bad beat jackpot?
    Love the vblogs . Chris

  21. Thanks for the vlog. I really enjoyed it and I hope you keep it up. Didn't even know you were starting a vlog until I heard on the troopers channel. I want to give a shout out to the trooper for telling me about this thank you

  22. Im warming up to your hand breakdowns… but it's hard looking past your profile pic.. when I see it, it reminds me of something……..old.

  23. i just got my butt kicked on some online poker again , depressed. what do you do to cheer yourself up when you have a string of bad beats ?

  24. Daniel, what about betting the river and not having to show what he 3 bet oop with? Minimal importance these days as people open light in pos regularly?

  25. One important thing that you didn't mention is that value betting the river opens the pot to a Tom Dwan style bluff with the AQ he could push knowing his opponent is playing the 10 and represent a A 3 or jacks or whatever. Not saying that this is a healthy way to play the game (especially in tournaments) but at least at my armature level we see these plays all the time.

  26. Jesus! How you can be so bad at poker!!?? "If all the hands they will bet are exactly the same ones they would call, then you bet" lol

  27. At 4:47, I don't really get why Harder checking is a good move. Two possible flush draws out there, and the possibility of an A, Q or J on the river. It seems obvious that he's got the best hand (unless his opponent has A10), so why check it and give him the free card?

  28. Maybe he thinks that Mike doesnt have the 10 due to the action and thus not going to call any river bet, but perhaps gentili could turn a flush or straight draw into a bluff on the river?

  29. I agree with Daniel,100% of the time you need to bet this spot and board texture for value.
    But still , you need to know how much .
    On this hand , you should bet a low value bet on the river , because the range of villain cannot call a big value , the range is AQ AJS 55-99. all of this hand will fold a big value bet.

  30. Gentili could certainly have KQs, KJs, and QJs. Each of those very well could have called preflop and flop and may bluff the river. In fact, I could see A4 or A5 betting here as well, in an attempt to push off AK or AQ. I agree that value betting is probably the right play, I just don't think it's quite as cut-and-dry as Daniel makes it out to be.

    Great concept to highlight in a video, though.

  31. I think the guy with K10 thought he had a read on the other one. he was trying to induce a bluff and maybe he thought that since he checked both the turn and the river it means he caught a pair (8 maybe) and was trying to get it to a cheap showdown, therefore A high (which is fairly likely for either player on that flop) might turn into a bluff

  32. Hi Daniel. I agree with you but, what if Gentili had raised Harder's value bet on the river? I believe check-call is the right decision in this spot because it doesn't give your opponent the opportunity to bluff and it doesn't force you to lay down what in this case is the best hand

  33. Hi daniel i'm from Canada Quebec , Love you since i'm young i'm 11 , used to watch you on TV when i was 11 and really love you and your play and I see me in you I love you man ! I'm now 19 and still watch you ! Thanks for those videos , havn't played in a real table yet , but still praticing and winning on PokerStar fake money , Still need more practice , i'm planning to join up a real casino in Montreal and hope to put my talent in action , thanks for those videos if one days I see you in my path , hope to shake your hand! -Did

  34. Dan, I think on BB It's a 95% call, but what about playing OOP vs the original raiser AND the BB when you decide just call on the SB?

  35. Hi Mr. Negreanu,
    I was just wondering what to do if you have tried to take a stab at a pot on the flop and turn and he calls you. Should you take a stab at the pot on the river or check it and let him bet. Also, would you fold it if he bet the river, or would you re-raise him


  36. I like a check on the river more because I think he loses value in betting by getting raised too often

  37. If all the hands that they would bet is all the hands that they would call – you should be the one betting. Wow.

  38. Like the explanation on betting the river because hands you can beat, will still call.. not something I really think about.. i mean, you DO "value" bet, when its pretty clear your opponent has something, and you have the nuts, but, Harder is far from the "Nuts".. if he is re-raised all in, now he IS in a predicament.. Js or Qs could have trapped, a FH is possible, 8s hit the river, or 10 8 stayed in, now has 2 pr that beat your 2 pr.. so I still see some holes in that, but, again, you dont put the raiser on a 10-8.. but then again, you have people raising with huge ranges at odd times, this just wasnt one of them. very good digestion of how this hand made its way to the river.. a lot to think about..

  39. Also I like a lot not to show my hands at all, so winning without actually knowing on what I played my hands is a factor in my decisions, I Also fold a lot of flying hands just so no one sees my hand, So I would have bet a 225k on the river to win without showing the hand. I won a very very small tournament online 50$ and only showed 23 hands in whole tournament.

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