Video Game Gambling Machines Switched On In Atlantic City

This is KYW’s Ian Bush. It’s tough to earn a living playing video
games, but it just got easier to make some money — if you’re good enough to beat the
house. Harrah’s and other casinos run by Caesars
in Atlantic City are the first in the country to get skill-based video game gambling. Let’s take a seat at Danger Arena, alongside
professional gamer Vanessa Arteaga. “It’s a first-person action game. What you do is — your enemy is a robot, so
you have 45 seconds to kill as many as you can. The top number is 10.” (Graboyes:) “Take out 6 bots, they’re in the money. 10 bots for highest payout. They can bet anywhere from 50 cents to $20. If they take out 10 bots, they get 25 times
their bet. So with a $20 bet, they can win up to $500.” Blaine Graboyes is head of Danger Arena creator
GameCo. He says it’s completely up to the player’s
skill to get the best score — and to take the most money from Caesars and Bally’s Atlantic
City president Kevin Ortzman. “This is really the evolution of the slot
product, particularly to the GenX/Millennial demographics that in five years, will be the
largest consumer in the U.S. It is loaded with action, excitement, adventure
— everything they grew up on, now put into a skill-based game that they can actually
monetize.” There are 21 of these machines in Atlantic
City, and Graboyes says more games are coming: tie-ins with popular movies and TV shows — though
you still have to be 21 to play in this arcade. At Harrah’s in Atlantic City, Ian Bush, KYW

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