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this is phil gordon with the expert insight poker tip of the day many players overvalues small pocket pairs and risk too many chips this tip will teach you the true value of pocket pairs and the correct way to play them before the flop playing small pocket pairs before the flop for a lot of chips is usually a very bad idea if you make a large raise and get called you’re never gonna be that big a favorite against the kind of hand that can call your big raise you are probably at best a very slight favourite against two unpaired over cards at worst you’ll be a four and a half to one underdog against a higher pocket pair play small pocket pairs as cheaply as possible and try to hit one of your cards on the flop to give you three of a kind this is called flopping a set if you don’t hit your set on the flop the hand is very easy to throw away and you’ve lost the minimum if you do flop a set play it slowly and trap the other players hopefully your opponent will flop the top pair or an over pair most players have a tendency to overplay that top pair good kicker hand and they’re drawing almost completely dead to your set on average you’ll be dealt a pocket pair about once every 17 hands when it happens try to minimize the possible downside and maximize your possible profits for more on preflop play and everything poker go to expert insight comm and get inside the mind of the expert

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