7 thoughts on “Virtue Poker: A Decentralized P2P Poker Platform Built on Ethereum

  1. everything copied from WPN poker, only skin is changed, beware another scam. After you purchase say 1000 dollars of VPP and play and win say 3000 when you go to exchange it back to real dollars, you may not even get 500 dollars for those VPP as the owners of already have a mine of VPP will be selling on the exchange in millions, it is bleeding technology, and not good until 5 years from now. Whoever buys in now is toast and they can retire to their islands and party hard with your money while you get is worthless VPP. They will get ETH which they will instantly encash to real dollars.

  2. How good will be Ethereum with generating random numbers ? Here is an interesting question right ?

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