Virtuoso Playing Cards FW17 (Fall/Winter 2017) Edition Deck Unboxing & First Impressions

Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be showing
you guys the Virtuoso Playing Cards Fall/Winter 2017 Edition. I got two of these decks and one of them I
got for free which was pretty awesome. These cards currently go for about $14 each
+ shipping which will total to about 20 bucks if you live in the United States. These cards were specifically designed for
cardistry and I have heard that they handle very well. I ordered these cards from The Virts website
but you can find them in a lot of online stores. I’ll leave a link to where you can purchase
these cards in the description if you’re interested. When I opened the package, I noticed that
these cards were very well protected in a couple layers of bubble wrap. I just found that pretty cool because I felt
like it was a little too much protection in my opinion, but the decks did arrive in perfect
condition so I can’t really complain. The decks do come sealed in some plastic and
I think taking the plastic off is one of the best parts in my opinion. Anyways, the tuck case is really cool and
it looks just like all the other previous Virtuoso cards except that this one is in
a different colorway. It’s a matte tuck case and I really like how
it looks because it kind of has a minimal design. On the front, you have their Virtuoso “V”
logo, on the left side you have “Virtuoso” in text, on the right side, you have another
“V” logo, and on the bottom you have some text. On the back, you have one more “V” logo peeking
out on the flap, and when you open the tuck case, you can see it says “Designed for Cardistry”
on the flap which is pretty cool. The inside of the tuck case is just plain
white. When I first took out the cards, I immediately
noticed that they were lighter and thinner than your standard Rider Backs from Bicycle. You get four ad cards that tell you some information
about these cards and other stuff. What I find really cool is that when you flip
the ad cards over, you can arrange them to make it look like a larger version of the
back design on these cards. You can’t really do anything with that, but
it looks cool nonetheless. Right off the bat, these cards felt great. I didn’t need to break them in and I was surprised
how well these cards handled. Just a little disclaimer though before we
go on: I am pretty much a noob when it comes to cardistry so keep that in mind. I’m just an average consumer and I just like
cards as a hobby, so please don’t judge me too hard. Anyways, these cards feel thinner and lighter
than a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards, but they handle much better and they’re much
more springy in my opinion. But even though they’re lighter and thinner,
these cards are known as the best handling and the most durable deck in the industry. They feel very slippery at first and it feels
like they have that Air Cushion finish that the Bicycle cards have. The Virtuoso deck fans very nicely, and the
Le Paul spreads are very good too. You can get fans with different designs depending
on how you fan the cards which is awesome. Also, springs are effortless and I really
like the sound when you spring them. Now, let’s talk more about the design of these
cards. I really like the back design of these cards
and they actually make your flourishes look cooler in my opinion. They have a borderless design and it looks
like they have shadows to make the cards pop out more. On the fronts of the cards, you have black
and green lines that give it a cool design when you fan the cards. The cards look pretty standard except for
the Ace of Spades and the Court Cards. I really like how the Ace of Spades looks
because of the geometric design andt really goes well with the whole deck design in my
opinion. The court cards also go really well with the
rest of the deck. They don’t look too out of the ordinary which
is great, and all of them have black and green accents to go with the whole deck. Over all, the Virtuoso FW17 is hands down
the best handling deck of cards that I’ve used and I would definitely buy some more
if I had more money to spend. They look great and they also perform even
better in my opinion. They claim that these cards will make your
card flourishes better, and I think that it’s true because the designs do make your flourishes
pop and they perform great as well in my opinion. Again, I’ll leave a couple of links in the
description to where you can purchase these cards if you’re interested. That was my video on the Virtuoso Playing
Cards Fall/Winter 2017 Edition. If you have enjoyed, please leave a like,
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hit the bell so you get a notification every time I upload. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys
in the next video. Peace! Love you

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