WaPo: Four Officials Raised Alarms About Ukraine Policy Before, After Trump Call | Hardball | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “WaPo: Four Officials Raised Alarms About Ukraine Policy Before, After Trump Call | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Trump is commit treason right in front of peoples he not even try to hide it because he think that the presidential is above the law.


  3. Yo.. One up for the intelligence community… From one thankful American, Thankyou and God bless you!! America has hope

  4. President Trump made it clear tonight that the two men arrested before flying off to Germany were strangers to him. The press has 3 photos of Trump in offices with them , but he says that's no big deal because he has his picture taken with anyone and everyone.

  5. These MAGAscum think life is sweet. Apparently they never heard that payback is a muthafucka. Can't wait for the tables to turn in 2020.

  6. No other democracy has a stupid "policy" that you can't indict a sitting President or Prime Minister. Of course, Trump is taking advantage of that.

  7. So which other Republicans want to call this fake and defend Rudys Ukrainian friends who went to jail today? The story is clearing up and it's looking worse for Trump than we realized…

  8. The people in Congress whose ignoring trump corrupt behavior right out in the open. Should be held accountable and removed from office.

  9. This is blowing wide open.Guiliani with these Ukrainians giving money to Ttrumps super pac now this.If Ttrump thought he had a way out its closed now!!

  10. I really wish they would move this along faster and just take him out and put him somewhere far away from any powerover anything for the rest of his life

  11. Top GOP politicians obviously knew about what Trump was doing and have been covering for him all along. All of this bluster, refusal to answer questions, deflecting and counterattacks are all just a big coverup. And our DOJ is behind the entire coverup.

  12. That he's still in office tells you everything you need to know about the integrity of the United States – prancing around the world stage as though their the moral high ground – a facade. The global economy needs to regroup without the U.S. – watch global conditions thrive like never before, once their deceptive influence has been muted. It's starting to look like they were always wolves in translucent sheep's clothing!

  13. Little by little, these commentators are outing the whistleblower by giving away his previous assignments. It's callous!

  14. Trump is devolving in front of the entire world. He is now a war criminal. Guiliani may get indicted. Trumps polls are sliding. When they reach in the 30s trump will probably be thrown under that bus where the other bodies are. He may resist but a straitjacket may be handy.

  15. There just might be enough info to corner authoritarian trump into resigning without an impeachment inve$tigation

  16. Trump's Lemmings are one dimensional thinkers. He represents their inner core beliefs, bias & identity, so tarnishing Trump in any way, diminishes them and hurts their tiny little feelings. Ignorant Sycophant believing the fake Russian corruption is over, so now it's fake news about The Ukraine, only exhibits their willing & gleeful ignorance. Unable to understand the complexity & web of corruption in this administration. Conceptually only able to add 1 + 1 or connect two close dots, in a clear line of sight. No concept of other mathematical principals or common sense conclusions.

  17. Donald Trump — “Sometimes I'll make a statement the'll say, this is the end. This is the end! Right? This is the end. It's finally going to happen.”

  18. tRump should of stayed running beauty contest and enjoy his money. Now the world know how much of a criminal that he is.

  19. Two crimes: Illegal abuse of power to extort a fake investigation against Biden, and cover up to hide the crime.

    The WH lawyer is complicit and will go to jail. RUDY ENGINEERED it, and will go to jail. Trump broke the law on the phone and ordered the actions taken by Rudy. But he will resign with a pardon like Nixon and Putin and Bin Suleiman and Edrogen will pay him huge bucks and he’ll be richer than ever.

    Everything Trump touches dies except Trump, who, like a malignant cancer, survives and grows.

    The GOP is now doomed to disappear because of Trump, and yet these Senators keep groveling at his feet.

  20. So to all the people who said, "What happened to Rudy? He has changed so much!" $$$$$ Millions in his pocket, same as Manafort. That is the face of a man who has found an easy way to make millions. Get close to the POTUS and sell influence. The FBI will find the hidden payments made to Rudy by these henchmen… Move over Michael Cohen & Paul Manafort, you're getting a new cell mate. Trump can't say he didn't know what Rudy was up to. He's not that stupid!

  21. So great there are safe guards built into the system that Trump can't even smother. There are true patriots willing to stick their necks out, and doing so for the country.

  22. The adults leaving the White House turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They kept the true nature of the traitor and criminal Trump in check. Now we see it exposed.

  23. Imagine the people LAUGHING today, starting with Jim Acosta….LOL LOL LOL. Arrested in the First Class Lounge with one way tickets….HYSTERICAL!

  24. At this rate Lindsey isn't going to have to worry about smoking out the whistle blower. It sounds like the entire crew is doing the right thing. Kudos!

  25. With all those officials on the call seems like there should be a chorus of whistleblowers playing in harmony! So why only two of them blowing the whistle? Just a gang of trump sycophants!

  26. I wonder how the lying Tramp
    s hair went from dark brown to yellow, his skin went from white to orange, and his bragging was really cowardice when he dodged the draft

  27. I don't think anything will happen with Nadty Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch Russia. They all have some skeletons in their closets that they don't want exposed.

  28. In this case, it is not the cover-up that is "real" problem. The crime is serious. Even if there had been no cover-up and the call disclosed immediately, this would most certainly still be a crime.

  29. The system is working to oust a demagogue. The Constitution if upheld by the Nazi Supreme court we have should make short work of this piece of filth.

  30. If trump doesn't want to go to jail and completely bring down the Repugs (because there is going to be a few more than just him going to jail after this) …The only way, is for him to Retire ASAP … Even then he'll be on thin ice but at least they might drop the Ukraine thing seen as it will be extinguished…Rudy on the other hand is screwed…and if he doesn't flip and trump is still the POTUS then Rudy will become Trudy and Mongo will be her Husband 😁😂🤣 😱

  31. Wake up MAGA fanboys.Your Dear Leader is a fraud. Trump is another Jim Jones.The Repulicunts is drinking the kool-aid.

  32. And still not one thing is being done to stop Trump. 🚫❌❎🆘️⚠️🚷
    He doesn't even know what he did wrong. He's got bushels of lawyers and he doesn't know or care that you cannot get foreign dictators to dig up dirt on your election opponent.

  33. I wonder how many GOP were involved with the Russia investigation, cause they Shure were for blocking RUSSIA GATE!! BUNCH OF TREASONEST!!

  34. Not a perfect call – there were at least 50 government employees on that call… trump, did you think they all sold their souls to you?

  35. Oh the best part of this is all the Trumpublicans that still think everything is still ok and will never understand they’ve been lied to so much it’s funny AF.

  36. I really feel sorry for the American people, with this kind of low life president. He is not making Us great again, on the conrrory, this clown is making US sham again and again.

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