War Card Game : War Card Game Rules: Object of the Game

So what’s the object of the game War? To take
all the cards, just like in most regular war, just to take all the territory. Well, the
way that it plays out is you’ve got the majority of the deck and I’ve only got this many left.
If you can take the rest of my cards you win. Well, so now I’m surviving. Jack beats the
four of them. You got ten beating six. Nine beats the two. I’m down to two cards. And
this is the way the game gets played out. It’s important to know the object of any game
that you play before you get involved, and this is how you play War, and look at that,
you just took all of the cards, so I guess you can tell your friends that you beat a
guy who thinks he knows a thing or two about playing games and talks about it on the internet.
Well, just make sure that when you play War and if you win and you’re playing with three
children, try not to rub it in, you know, because it’s not like there’s any strategy
involved with the game.

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