We Went to POKERSTARS VR Exhibit at EGX 2018!

Hi guys how’s it going, this is Nick from
the OP-Poker team here with a very special video. Recently the OP-Poker
team was invited to attend this year’s EGX conference at the NEC Birmingham and
for those of you who follow us on social media you’ll know that we were there to
check out the brand-new Poker Stars VR product. So our first impressions of
Poker Stars VR are insane, it really is a product you need to experience to
understand just how immersive, realistic and fun this game really is. And what
better place to give players a chance to experience it than at the UK’s biggest
gaming event. I got the opportunity to ask some of these players just how they
felt about the game as they finished their first and sometimes second dives
into PokerStars VR. Alright Eric, what are your first reactions of Pokerstars VR? – It’s overwhelming, it’s so much fun You just, first you start as “ok, I want to play poker and …” but then you start throwing things, but then again you’re focusing on the poker part again, it’s so much things happening and it’s really fun. – So you’re really happy with the execution of the actual mechanics of Poker? – Yeah, it’s amazing, because uhm, you just do things and it works. I mean you just put things there and it stands, it’s just… – It seems intuitive, right? – Oh absolutely, yeah, I was smoking a guitar er cigar and put it somewhere and it just kept there and I put something else and it stayed there, it’s really good. – Awsome. Do you play poker in your spare time? No.
– No, OK. But it was a great VR experience, would you say? Alright, great. Would you consider playing PokerStars VR in the future? Yeah I think so, because it’s on the PC right?
-Yes. – And it’s, I think it’s easy playable at home.
-Mhm And it’s yeah, I think, cool.
– Do you have a VR rig in your home? Not yet.
– Not yet. But after EGX you’re considering maybe getting it? Yeah, it’s really nice. Alright, awsome Eric, thank you so much man, I really appreciate you taking your time, thank you so much mate.
– Thanks a lot, I am glad you enjoyed the game. Have a great time. Conner, my man. What were your first reactions of PokerStars VR? – It was sweet, it was so much fun. Playing around with all the different toys, uh like, the controls as well are really easy to use,
– Mhm. I’ve only used VR once before, it was really to pick up.
– Yeah. So yeah, like I said it was good fun.
– Ok. – Good stuff. Alright. Do you play poker in your spare time? Yes, I play quite a bit, there is a couple of like local leagues that I frequent occasionally and I play quite a bit online as well.
– Ok. Just to kind of pass the time. – So following to that, you feel like controls were pretty intuitive, like similar to what you’d find in a normal game? Yeah, it took some getting used to but once I’d kind of worked my hands around the, you know, reaching action, grabbing action then it was very easy to get a hold of yeah, definitely. – Perfect, perfect mate, yeah. – Would you play PokerStars VR in the future? Absolutely, yeah. I’d say, uhm, I’m waiting for the VR sets to drop,
– Right. Uhm, like a little bit, but once they go below a certain amount I’m grabbing one and if the (inaudible) comes down I’m definitely grabbing it. – Just out of interest: what would you consider a good base
level for that price to come down So at the moment it’s sticking around a 400£ mark
– That is correct, yeah. I’d say a good market of that is around
about the same price a price you’d see like a release day console coming out at, so around about the 320-350£ mark. Alright. I think would be a really good price point for this.
– That’s fascinating that’s really really interesting, that’s
a really good thing to know. Conner thank you so much man, I really appreciate it, that was really interesting, thank you so much. Alright, Devin Scott, What are your first reactions of PokerStars VR? I was surprised and shocked at the way the game plays, the gameplay, I love the gameplay.
– Yeah. I do play a lot of poker with my friends and that but and we do play a bit on the Xbox as well, but nothing like this, especially for VR.
– Ok. I would say Playstation VR and this – I would prefer this all day.
– Oh yeah. Because as long as you’re in the game at the same time you could just have (inaudible) on as well
– Yeah. You can throw stuff at your friends, you can have guns, you can have pistols, champagne and all sorts, throw balls at each other, it’s amazing.
– I got you man. And this is like, what, second time, that we’ve been on it. – This was your second time here at EGX, yeah? You had to come back for more? I’ve been doing EGX for the past 8 years now. So that ain’t bad but I came yesterday and played this (inaudible) yesterday afternoon when we had a chance. This was a second game when we came this morning to play
– Alright. So it’s very-
– Awsome. so me, for my money, this would always get my money.
– Awsome. – My man, thank you so much for the interview man, I really appreciate it, thank you sir. – Mr. Gareth, what were your first reactions of PokerStars VR? Trippy! It was just, the way it all moved and stuff it just really felt kind of like that smooth and kind of moved well as it did, I was kind of surprised at how good it was. – Alright nice, so it felt very natural, it felt very fluid? Completely, yeah. – So you’re happy with the immersive experience? Yeah, I mean, when you get it all set up and it was just figuring out the hand patterns whereas at first it’s got a bit tricky, then you kind of, the more and more you play it , the more you figure it out. – Right. And then eventually it’s just second nature, right? It’s really… Second nature, just (inaudible)
– Yeah, you’re just like “Of course, why don’t I always have a watch that does that anywhere?” I’m gonna start to go “That’s not a watch”. – Do you play poker yourself? Little bits and pieces, not a lot.
– Okay. – Homegames or …? Just kind of at home with friends.
– Ok, awsome, perfect. – Would you consider playing PokerStars VR in the future? Definitely. My brother has got VR stuff and it would just be nice to try that as next step. – Gareth, thank you so much man, I really appreciate it, thank you so much. – Alright, so, Tom, what are your first reactions of PokerStars VR? Uh yeah, It’s really good, it’s an exciting piece of software, very immersive, you get to really feel like you’re in the same room whilst also having all of the sort of mundane stuff sorted out already.
– Right. Like it counts out your bets ahead of time… There is a lot of craziness at the table
– Yeah I think that’s great for the fun platform, fun element of it, its really really good.
– Ok. But, you know, as I sort of play professionally as well I would struggle to get through long hours at the table
– Ok. But I think it’s based on fun element.
– Sure, sure. – So what you’re saying is: with the additional elements like the animations and the guns all that it’s a bit frantic? Yeah. – And it’s a bit too much if you
wanted to just sit and have a serious game? Right, exactly. It’s not appropriate for a serious game but for fun, it’s just up there with what you need. I can imagine me and my friends who live up and down the country, sitting down, playing that, and then having a cold beer, having a laugh…
– Right. – But also playing poker and taking it a bit more serious than- Yeah. I could definitely see that as a good format for more serious poker as well. – Well perhaps in the future it might be a good idea to add a game where you don’t have the additional elements and it’s just literally going
through. Or the ability, I mean I was thinking as I was there, the ability to go onto your watch and turn off all the players interactions. – Sure. I think that would be really valuable. – Ok, that’s great, that’s all some great feedback. – As you just mentioned, you used to play poker professionally or you still play poker professionally? Yeah, I do, it’s mostly live nowadays. I played online a lot including on PokerStars, but the format was always, there used to be a format called PKR
– Yep. I don’t know if you remember it?
– I played it myself. And that sort of introduced the 3D, sort of Sims like experience to poker, it was very interesting. But at the same time, obviously, PKR isn’t here anymore and I think this is taking it to the next level. – Yeah, absolutely. I think people definitely enjoyed that format so you can see this has got a god market. – Okay, great. Tom, thank you so much mate, I really really appreciate you taking the time.

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