[Webinar] Event Targeting Master Plan for Sports Betting

Maria: Hi, are we live?
Slava: I don’t know. Maria: Hi, everybody.
Slava: Are we live? Say something in the chat, please.
Maria: Hello. Slava: Hi everyone and welcome to the PropellerAds
Webinar on Event Targeting for Sports Betting. My name is Slava.
Maria: And my name is Maria. I’m so glad to see you guys. Thank you.
Slava: Okay. What is in our agenda for today’s webinar, Maria?
Maria: We will talk about different types of events and discuss the benefits that each
one of these types can bring you. Slava: Okay. Then, we will discuss the most
popular sports in which people bet most and in which geos it is better to target.
Maria: Mm-hmm. We will also tell you about the most effective betting strategies according
to our statistics. Also, we’ll give you a little masterclass on creative strategies
to help you increase the CTR of your campaigns. Slava: Okay. As well, we’ll like to show
you some real cases, so, we found two great cases, case studies as an example of successful
ad campaign. Maria: And finally, we have our traditional
Q and A session which we have mentioned before. You can ask you questions while you are doing
the webinar in the box and I guess, that’s pretty much it, we’re ready to start.
Slava: Well, keep in mind that your time is limited and if you – if we don’t have
time enough to answer all the questions, you will find our replies on our posts, we will
write after this webinar. Okay, let me check the chat box for a second. Okay, everything
is okay. Maria: Everything’s fine.
Slava: Alex will record that – this session. Okay, and let’s start. The first thing we’re
going to discuss is types of events. In this case, we have two, seasonal ones and the one-time
events. Maria: Okay, seasonal events are those that
occur every year. As the name implies by season, they are usually regional played within a
country, although some sports may have several countries involved. They’re usually set
to specific dates. The audience of seasonal events is quite loyal usually, so, public
attention is absolutely guaranteed. Since the schedule of these competitions is predictable,
you can compose several creative strategies and several creative approaches beforehand
and test all your creatives in advance. For these types of events, you need to raise the
base gradually in order to get more traffic. Slava: By one-time events, we mean super games,
matches, or fights featuring teams and/or players. Such games may be a part of seasonal
competitions but they may happen only once in years. For example, the final match between
two countries doing the World Cup. For example, Argentina against Brazil, I guess, that is
a cool match. Maria: Mm-hmm, that could be a massive spectacular
thing. Slava: I think, so. No one can predict who
makes it to the finals and that’s what makes this event unique. Also, we have classicals
like Manchester United versus Liverpool or Madrid versus Barcelona or in football and
we can find unbeaten fighters in boxing. Maria: Do you know at least one?
Slava: Nurmagomedov and – Maria: Mike Tyson, by the way, he’s a legend.
Slava: He’s unbeaten in MMA. Maria: Unbeaten in MMA because he has never
been in MMA. I guess, he’s a classic boxing. Slava: Yeah, he’s retired, no?
Maria: I guess, so. Anyway, Mike, we still love you, thank you.
Slava: In these cases, we have more international attention. We have [very high 03:45] bids
before the events and normally, there is not much time to test our creatives and we have
to risk more. We’ll talk about this a little bit later.
Maria: Yes. Slava: It’s easier to attract new users
to betting platforms by offering bonuses. Maria: Yeah, honestly, bonus is always relevant
for any types of events since it’s a powerful tool that helps you create additional interest
to the author. We will talk about this a bit later when we discuss the creative strategies
as well. So, we wanted to show you a couple of examples of season and one-time events.
Slava: Yeah, for one-time events, we have Tokyo, the Tokyo Olympics which are just around
the corner and those games, so there will be many sports to bet on and this means that
there are a lot of opportunities to create advertising campaigns, so.
Maria: Right. Slava: Then, we have the Football World Cup
that will take place in two years and half and the tennis one Roland Garros.
Maria: Roland Garros. Slava: Roland Garros.
Maria: All the French men, we’re sorry about our pronunciation. And on the right or on
the left, I don’t really know the way you see the presentation, I guess, on the right.
You see the examples of seasonal events, festivals, worldwide known NBA for basketball. The second
one is Premier League, the football league played in the United Kingdom. In the bottom,
the Indian Cricket Premier League and finally, the Liiga, the National Hockey League in Finland.
Slava: Liiga. Maria: Liiga. If there are any Fins in the
chat, we’re also apologizing for our awful pronunciation.
Slava: Okay, now, let’s move to the popular sports and appropriate GEOs for them, all
the stats that you will see are from the data that we have collected from our platform from
September of last year, 2018 and till September of this year, 2019. So, let’s move and the
first sport is the greatest sports of all sports.
Maria: King of kings and lord of lords of all sports, yeah, that’s right. Ninety percent
of all betting campaigns are dedicated to football. It is easier to list the countries
where it is not popular than trying to make a list where it is. As I said, as the most
popular sport in the world, there are only a few countries where it is not popular, so,
those are USA

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