What is Against the Spread and Spread Betting.

Hi. My name is Glen. I’m the Odds Coach.
Today we’re going to be talking about what is “against the spread” and more
specifically what “spread betting” is. Spreading betting was invented around the
nineteen twenties to try to balance games where the skill level was quite
different between two teams. This made it more likely for people to
place a wager on the weaker side and thus the sportsbook could balance their
money out. Really it’s like spotting points to the weaker team before the
game begins or taking the way points from the stronger team depending on
which side you’re betting on. We typically see spread betting in NFL
and NBA and in high scoring types of games but sometimes you can see some
spreads in other sports. Now the best way to illustrate this is
to work through a few examples so that you understand how spread betting works. Let’s take this NFL game scheduled to be
played in September here between Carolina and Denver the odds and spreads
have been released for this already. We can see that this spread for this
game has been released at minus 3 / plus 3 minus 3 for Carolina and plus
three for Denver. What that means is that when you to have
the final score of the game you’re going to have to subtract three points from
Carolina and then re-evaluate the score to determine whether Carolinas won or likewise if you’ve taken Denver you’re going to add three points to
denver score at the end of the game and determine whether or not Denver has beaten Carolina. Something to
pay close attention to and spread betting is that sometimes the odds will
move. Most typically you’ll see – 110 / – 110 on either side of the bet. In this example we’re seeing a plus 100 /
– 120 so what that means is that if you bet Carolina against the spread you play a
hundred dollar bet on that you’re going to win an additional one hundred dollars
but Denver if you were to place a hundred dollar
bet on Denver and they were to win with the points you’re only going to win eighty three
dollars and thirty-three cents because of the way the odds are. A lot of people
don’t pay very close attention to those those little subtleties but make sure that you’re really
properly judging your risk in doing your math before you place a wager. Let’s take this example and we’ll put some numbers up as scores to see the
result. Here we have an outcome
of a 21-17 so Carolina outright wins the game but before we can evaluate that we have
to subtract the three points. If we have bet on Carolina, that
puts the points down to 18 to 17 which still has Carolina winning.
You’re gonna win your bet on Carolina in that case. To evaluate the Denver side
you’re just going to add three points to the 17 which gives you 20 you’re still going to lose the game 21 –
20. That’s a losing bet on denver now
let’s try a different example where you have a final score of 14 to 12. In this case at the end of the game
you’re going to have to subtract your three points from Carolina which is
going to put you at eleven so 11 to 12. A bet on Carolina – 3
with that score is going to lose and likewise with Denver, if you add three
points to their score 12 put you up to 15 – 14 Denver is going to win that bet now.
There’s a pretty common situation in spread betting called a push. It’s when you add or
subtract points and give yourself a tie. Let’s take the example of just for
ease of 14 – 11. In this case Carolina – 3 is 11 you end up with denver
plus 3, is 14 you end up with a tie. You don’t generally want this as a
sports bettor the sports book doesn’t generally want it either. They’ll make no profit from a contest
like this and you’ll have a an opportunity cost wasted. Typically you’ll see spreads adding a
half point. What that means is that no matter what, there’s going to be an
outcome There’s going to be a winner of this
game. Let’s take this example here: should the spread have been – 3.5 plus 3.5 . You’re going to subtract three and a half from 14 you’re
going to get ten and a half to – 11:00. Carolina loses this. Likewise if you add three and a half
points you end up with 14 and a half – 14 and Denver wins this this bet so
that’s what the half point means in the spread. Just making sure that you get a result.
The example is exactly the same in basketball. You just add points and
half points to try and determine which side is going to win not that particular
game. That’s spread betting. If you took
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27 thoughts on “What is Against the Spread and Spread Betting.

  1. I placed a boo-boo bet, on the Cardinals/Vikings game, week 6, 2018. I bet Cardinals at +10, as the underdog….I was supposed to get Vikings, straight up. To I win if the Cardinals lose by 10+ points, or only by 10 points…..and if the Cardinals win, regardless of score…do I still win?

  2. Hi great piece by the way so is this correct then if the bet is say Oklahoma thunder v rockets and och lose by 1 point but I bet them +5 to cover
    does this mean the bets a winner ??
    need to clear this up

  3. This is a really good video. However, math sometimes makes me feel dumb. I just have one question… when placing a bet on a team with – X.5 or X.5 as in the example on the video, why does the team with +3.5 all of a sudden cover the spread when 14 – 11 is a flat 3?
    This also brings me to my next question of how to determine which pick is the best with these types of spreads when looking at the spread lines that sports books put out ?

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  5. This video isn’t realistic. The favored team always has a negative point spread and the underdog has positive. Not like this video where you’re giving points to an already favored team.

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