What is Magic: The Gathering?

Hi, I’m Jimmy. And if you’ve ever wondered What is Magic: The Gathering, then I’m here to answer that. In Magic: The Gathering, you take on the role of a Planeswalker. A powerful mage that collects the magical energy from the land around you and uses that mana to summon mighty creatures. Creatures that fly. Creatures that breathe fire. Creatures that kill anything they touch. And cast devastating spells. Spells that destroy your opponent’s creatures Spells that make your creatures more powerful. Even spells that tip the whole game in your favor. So how do you play? Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game You buy cards, play with them, collect them, and trade them. There are five different colors of Magic cards and each color handles things a little differenty, so you can choose what kind of Planeswalker you want to be. Maybe you like smashing your opponents in with giant creatures. Or maybe you like controlling what your opponent can and can’t do. Or maybe you want to burn it all down and run away with a devastating victory. Magic is customizable to how you want to play the game. Magic is also constantly evolving. It doesn’t just take place on one world, it spans a Multiverse filled with rich environments and diverse inhabitants. Each new card set visits one of these places. And as your collection grows, each new set also adds more creatures and spells to your arsenal, and gives you new strategies to fight your opponents. Check below the video for more info on the best way for you to start playing Magic.

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57 thoughts on “What is Magic: The Gathering?

  1. I have been playing this game for 2 years and still don't exactly know the answer to the question in the title.

  2. These are really well made, and Jimmy is a good face for new players to see. I like these better than the older videos, even if the others were more in depth.

  3. OMG I NEED TO GET THE NEW JIMMY WONG, HES SELLING FOR OVER$ 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 at my Local game store! Man has this card spiked!

  4. good old time you were just a casual wizard on dominaria, now it's planeswalker everywhere, so boring …

  5. The only problem I'm having with the game is math I'm bad at math but that won't stop me from playing the game tho 🙏🏾apollo

  6. Just for fun, I decided to pause the video when it was flashing through cards to see what would happen. I got Felidar guardian and smuggler's copter… Well, apparently i like OP and busted cards that can't be played, lol.

  7. Wow thanks my boyfriend who used to judge magic couldn't take the time to explain this to me… even though he plays it in front of me with his friends until my phone dies. So inconsiderate I really appreciate the description. (He's listening to one of your podcasts now)

  8. This game is interesting but too bad it has no series like Yugioh or cardfight Vanguard, there’s nothing in the internet that can let me play this game, NOT EVEN FREAKING PS4

  9. ОК… пришел с эпицентра, а это карты сраные, ахахах

  10. Good job Jimmy for being in the anime division show ep2 the stolen Yu-Gi-Oh but why were you playing Yu-Gi-Oh? Lol

  11. i guess jimmy is a 2/2 for 2 and a red with double strike and when he enters the battlefield draw a card. wow he’s not even a mythic.

  12. In my opinion

    White is ok

    Black is is a good idea

    Green is good

    Red is a very good bet

    Blue just isn’t my type

    But this is just my opinion

  13. Nice game but very creative in pay to play… and of course Oko great game ruiner! A real good job of R&D! Me and tons of people really enjoy it!

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