25 thoughts on “When to Surrender in Blackjack | Gambling Tips

  1. This video shows that even Blackjack and Poker are is all numbers and probabilities. Thanks for the lesson.

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  3. I don't think that surrender is a good thing to do unless you are betting $100 or more, I used to play $25, 50 depending how the table is. 

  4. Too many hidden racism on you ppl commenting,what does his clothes or color got to do with the subject of the vid,God don't like ugly and white or black we r all Gods creation use ya brains

  5. Excellent response Shawn!  In fact, aren't Casino's dark too.  Just sayin'.  It amazes me how people choose to respond to things they don't like.

  6. first video I found that I agree LOL only surrender 16vs 9 10 A or 15 vs 10 A I see donks surrender 13 vs 7 or 12 vs 2 its just so funny it makes me puke sometimes I see people play

  7. I play Virtual Reality at the casino but i feel like it fixes i had two 20 hands and she caught 21

  8. your video is so true…i surrender only if i have 15 or 16 against the dealer ten up card..some guy got so mad at the table at me telling me that we are here to gamble what are you doing!..lol in the end i surrendered 6x 5 of which was the right move i would of broke..the guy who refused to surrender because it wasnt the macho thing to do lost all of his money!…i say if casino allows you to surrender do it if you have 15/16 against a ten!…goodluck

  9. Thank You Shawn! I thought I had my cheat chart all set (The casino I plan to visit soon has the Surrender feature and actually allows the player to have/use a cheat chart.) After watching many videos on YT for playing BJ I thought that I finally had my cheat chart all set, except for the times when I should "Surrender". I just realized that I should add the SUR in my chart, or, rather, change some from "ST" to "SUR". I am doing this to help me when I go to the casino as I have very little experience playing and don't want to have to take too much time thinking when I'm at a table. There is so much conflicting advice on YT about BJ but I have my cheat chart the way I think it should be and I'm hoping to at least break even. I have no illusions of getting rich as I have very little for a bankroll to begin with. Your advice is great. God Bless You.

  10. I'm not highly impressed with this 'explanation', as you don't really explain anything. You said "basically, 16 vs a 10 is a classic example of that. If the player were to hit, he's really weak right now with a 16 vs a dealer's 10. And if he were to stay, he's still way behind the dealer's 10."

    You need to explain what 'weak' and 'behind' mean! Try this:
    "If a player is holding 16, the odds of breaking 21 are pretty high, as there are only a few cards he can draw (basically, A-5, which is less than a third of the deck). Meanwhile, with a 10 showing, the dealer has every card in the deck available to him, and the odds are that he already has 20 so the player is even more limited (drawing ONLY a four to tie)."

  11. I played a strategy of surrendering often and never taking a card if it could bust me. Over three years I never left a casino with less money than i came in with. Not once.

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