When You’re Trapped with a Set of Queens

Hello everyone and welcome to the new installment
of View on Poker. Our hand today is taken from the Cash Game
Festival 2018 in Bulgaria, a hand where action is guaranteed. Watch the hand and try to think if you could
have played it differently, maybe better, or if there was nothing else that could have
been done. So, let’s watch the hand and then analyse it. Enjoy! the hand begins with Jesus folding his 92, Scandy of
course raises with pocket queens to increase the pot and make other players fold, as you
want to play against one player or two tops with a big hand, not allow all kind of junk
hands in the pot that can somehow beat your big pocket. Youness wisely 3-bets the pot, also to increase
the pot and eliminate mediocre hands. Rutkai who called before the raise with his
85 folds, not sure why he called in the first place, even if he had the best position in
this hand, you have nothing to hope for with 85, maybe a slim chance for a possible, yet
not probable straight. Scandy calls the 3-bet of Youness and we go
to the flop that guarantees action, as Youness flops the set of aces vs Scandy who flops
the set of queens. Now, this is a tricky had to play, more for
Scandy then Youness. Youness needs to know how to get the most
value from Scandy with his set of aces, but that’s actually easier to do in this hand,
since Scandy flopped a monster as well. Scandy on the other hand is sure that his
hand is the best one here and kind of blinded with his set of queens. But, how many players, even pros, would have
put Youness on a set of aces? You know action is coming, but you also know
that Scandy will not be able to fold his hand. What’s amazing that you expect to see some
fireworks after the flop, but for some reason both players check. Both are sitting with monster hands, yet decide
to check the flop. Let’s say Youness who is first to act checks
in order maybe to do a check-raise, but why didn’t Scandy bet after his check? What was his plan and strategy here? Show as if he’s weak and then surprise with
a bet on the turn? I don’t know, that’s the only logical
thought I can come up with to explain this check-check move, if you think otherwise,
please write us a comment below and let’s talk about it. So, we go to the turn that comes up 4 of spades,
which helps no one in this hand. Action is on Youness who decides to bet and
Scandy only calls. Now, why does Scandy only calls and not raises
here? He checked the flop, turn card is insignificant,
so a raise here can be a great move (again, it doesn’t matter that he can’t win at
this point, we are analysing the hand from his perspective and play). Again, the only real thought I can come up
with to his call is trying to make his final move on the river, because he is 100% positive
that he has the winning hand here, so he wants to keep Youness in the game as much as possible,
and that means making the final move after the river. River comes jack of clubs, which bring a possible
straight, yet unlikely that Youness 3-bet with K10 or that Scandy would call a 3-bet
with K10 either, so no one should be afraid of a straight in this situation. Youness goes all-in, and of course Scandy
instant calls him, only to see the cooler and bad beat that he suffered from. Again, I don’t know how many players if
any could have folded a set of queens in this hand or lose less. We have seen some amazing folds over the years
from top pros like Ivey, Negreanu, Antonius, Dwan and others, but in this hand only the
set of aces wins the hand over the set of queens. The straight is very unlikely here and there
is no flush, so it is a bad beat for Scandy, but I think all in all there was nothing he
could have done to avoid this loss, even if he would have played the hand differently. Do you think differently? Have something to add? Leave us a comment and reply with your thoughts
and insights and let’s open it up for discussion. Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed
the hand as well as the analysis and would love to hear your own thoughts and insights
about the hand. For more interesting and entertaining videos,
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2 thoughts on “When You’re Trapped with a Set of Queens

  1. I dont see how you get away from the set of Queens..there was no flush and straight only appeared on the river and it would very hard to put the guy on K 10 at that point

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